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Elizabeth had conjunctivitis (eye infection) that was recurring twice yearly until we were told about Joette.

The remedy I learned about not only got rid of the present infection, but removed the possibility of its return in the future. Joette explained much to me and Elizabeth hasn’t had another infection since. This was over two years ago.

It is refreshing to put a medicine in my child’s mouth that doesn’t have side effects or cause a new illness.

Cyndi Prattt, Amherst, NY

The arthritis in my shoulder hardly hurts now. I am doing all of the Curves exercises and they don’t bother my shoulders any more.
Now I can do my needlepoint and no longer feel crippled in my fingers, either. I took Rhus tox 200 four times in one day for several days.

And the doctor had me on steroids!! I tell everyone about what I’ve learned from you.

Jan Smith, Stewart, FL

The sharp pain in my right knee was gone the evening I started the remedy. I’m starting physical therapy this week to strengthen it

Kevin Kegler, Daemen College, Buffalo, NY

After surgery to correct a bone problem, my foot got an infection that lasted over a year, even though I was diligent with caring for it and took antibiotics daily.

The infection, however, became gangrenous and I had surgery to remove a toe and a side of my foot.

Still, the infection didn’t end. It was at this time that I learned about Joette Calabrese. She educated me to the homeopathic remedies to be taken daily and a dressing to keep the area clean. She told me how a medical doctor in England used certain remedies for such situations. It was interesting, but I didn’t believe it.

Within a few days, the pain subsided and the wound started to gain better color. Two or so days later, the black discoloration of the wound was gone and the outer edges began filling in with new vigor.

When I went to the doctor for a check up, they remarked on how well I was healing and gave me another prescription for antibiotics.

I told them I didn’t need it because I didn’t use the last one! They were flabbergasted. This was a year ago and I can happily report that the wound healed as it should have within a few weeks.

I didn’t believe it at first, but homeopathic remedies are real. I should have talked to Joette right off, as I lost my toe, months of income and quality of life from wasting time with antibiotics.

Bob Gielo, carpenter, Miami

I have used homeopathy for more than 10 years and am amazed at the effectiveness. If the imbalance or acute condition gives a clear picture that points to one particular remedy, that remedy works with such speed and efficiency that you know it’s right.

No side effects. No complications.

Just a robust regaining of health and well being. With safe medicine like homeopathic remedies, I have found that I can help my family through illness without a trip to the doctor.

Working with Joette as a guide, I can feel confident that whatever situation arises, we have a strong alternative therapy that can effectively help us stay healthy and strong.

Joette’s dedication and knowledge is invaluable to the well being of my family.

Deb Ritchie, Native Offerings Organic Farm, East Otto, NY

My son’s body was covered in hives after an accidental ingestion of peanuts. I was able to address any anaphylaxis immediately with the remedy Joette had taught me about and the hives were gone completely within two hours.

Karen Sagun, full time home schooling mom, Cheektowaga, NY

For about five consecutive months, I was getting a yeast infection along with each period I had. It was so uncomfortable I couldn’t go to class or even leave my bed for five days out of each month. No medications or home remedies for yeast infections were working.

I finally consulted Joette.. I skeptically took a homeopathic remedy on the last days of a painful period. I am happy to say that the next period I had was the first to be yeast infection free and I haven’t had another since….Nor has there been ANY PAIN !

Madalynn, Amherst, NY

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