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I’m not sure your email could have come at a better time.

I overworked my glute muscles after discovering my son’s Oculus (a virtual reality device) has the MOST FUN exercise app. I played way too many rounds and could barely keep up with my clients taking my boot camp this morning (I’m a personal trainer).

After reading this email I ran…okay, limped…upstairs to my homeopathy kit. I had just invested in a handful of “must have” 1M remedies and Rhus tox just happened to be among the suggestions given to me in the Students of Joette page on FB. Thankfully, I also have Symph 200.

I kid you not…in a mere 5 minutes those overworked glute muscles started to relax and I can now squat, side lunge and reverse lunge without my muscles seizing up and halting my movement! 

Woohoo!  Thank you. I looooooove homeopathy so much. 

Laura P. from Atlanta, GA

Like you often say, most people who end up at the doorstep of homeopathy do so because everything else has failed them.

I was completely broken after a very traumatic medical event, I went from an exceptionally healthy 33 year old mother of 4 children, to bedridden and in and out of the hospital.

My journey to homeopathy began when I started my own search for treatment. I was suffering from extreme depression and anxiety as a result of the medical trauma. Including PTSD. My sister directed me to your website, and after coming across an article in your blog called “When the elevator flies to the top” I knew that was me.

I then purchased your Mindful Homeopathy course for even more help. I started the protocol of coffea 200 2D, along with aconite 200 SOS for panic attacks. I would think I was having heart attacks my chest would hurt so much. I also took Ignatia 200 2D for the grief and sadness of the situation. After a week, I rarely needed the aconite, and by about a month of the protocol I was able to stop!

I was myself again! I was happy, and felt like I wanted to live again.
My circumstances hadn't changed, but my mental shift did.

I then wanted to cure my daughter's situational depression and with the help of Lycopodium 200 2D, and then later a little gelsemium 6 2D, it has been such a blessing. Even her teacher remarked that she was “back to the same Lettie”.

I then heard you mention in the class that Aveena Sativa is used for central nervous system addictions and weaning off conventional meds. 
Up to that point, I had been struggling to get off a certain medication, stemming from the medical trauma, that had created a dependency. The weaning process was agony. It had been going on for months.

I was worried I was going to either be on the medication for life, or have to check myself in somewhere to get off it. Nausea, vomiting, extreme head pain, delusions, anxiety, sweating, and nightmares. When I heard you mention Aveena Sativa I knew I had to try it, and I did….IT TOOK EVERY WITHDRAWL SYMPTOM AWAY!!

At the time of this writing, I have gone from 3600 mg's/day down to 400 mg's/day! I am almost off! It is all I can do to pace myself because I am just so excited to be off!

All my friends in my gateway group as well as my friends and family are blown away. They can't believe it. My withdrawl struggle went from a level 10, down to a 1 with Aveena Sativa.

I am forever in your debt. We are a 100% homeopathy family now.

Thank you for your dedication, your work, and your crusade for our health.

Hopefully this brings you as much joy as it does me. GOD BLESS YOU!!

 Nita C. Columbia, Maryland

Michael is a 16 yr old athletic youth, who loves all sports especially football and basketball. 
He unfortunately often has allergy attacks when he's outside. 

His parents are first generation legal immigrants from Haiti. 
They do not always have the means to get medical care. 

He happened to be visiting a friend, Brian, from school, and while they were out playing basketball he suffered an allergy attack.  It was extreme, worse than he's had. 
He kept sneezing and his eyes were itchy, then he was having trouble breathing.

Brian knew from his mother teaching him practical homeopathy what remedies he needed.  He got the remedies and gave it to his friend.  He gave a second dose 5 minutes later.  Michael was fine in 15 minutes. 

Michael then spoke to Brian's mother and left with a plan on how to treat his allergies. 

He now doesn't suffer from allergies and loves playing on his high school football team.  

Beth Summers from Cody, WY

I have to say that the Allergic course is one of my favorite courses that Joette has offered.

It was the first course that I took live when she launched it on zoom.
It was a springboard to my falling in love with homeopathy.

I have been able to overcome many allergies within my immediate family, including dog allergies and seasonal allergies.
I have even overcome lifelong asthma for myself and my son.

I was so excited about this course that I got together a bunch of ladies from our Gateway to  group and went through it again.

Thank you Joette for sharing.
It truly was a gift to myself and my family

Michele K. from Boston, MA

Cold sore remedy is SPOT ON. 

I get them from what you said – sun, chocolate or stress.  It matters not! 

Antimon Crud. 6 works perfect every time from the first “tingling” (and those who get them, now what I’m talking about), to 100% GONE within 24 hours. 

THANK YOU Joette Calabrese.

Patricia H. South Bend IN

I have loved both Gateway l and certainly Gateway ll!

I have learned so much along with the blogs  and tips you are always giving us.
I have read and reread them and have taken the two Gateway courses a second time and am learning still!
I am so curious and hungry for more!

Forever a homeopath person, no antibiotics!!!

Lovingly, Geri N

Back Surgery Cancelled !!

After suffering from sciatica intense pain due to a herniated lumbar disc and a L4 compression fracture for 5 long months both my orthopedic and neuro surgeons agreed that Surgery is necessary after exhausting all other options Medrol 6 pack, 2 epidurals, chiropractor, massage therapy and physical therapy .. nothing worked.

My dearest neighbor suggested to try homeopathy, she said “ what do you have to loose ? “ . She sent me Joette’s blog, I carefully followed Joette’s protocol : Taking Symphytum 200 together with Calc Phos and Hypercurum 200 twice a day.

After 3 weeks the pain started going away and after 4 weeks the pain was totally gone..  

Next step was to cancel my surgery. Homeopathy works !!!

Susan Gibbons Arcade, NY

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