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Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH

May I share my tale with you? At first it will sound like a litany of complaints, but stick with me. There's a bountiful ending that I hope you'll profit from.

Some thirty years ago, I was a very sick young woman. I had chronic fatigue, headaches, asthma, arthritis and anxiety attacks. As if that wasn't enough, my body was sensitive to every chemical, toxin and unnatural substance imaginable, and some not so imaginable.

Protecting myself from these toxins was nearly a full time job. No problem. I was so sick, I finally couldn't work anyway! I was forced to leave my successful position as an account executive for NBC. I no longer could work on the many community boards for which I was a director. I became chronically sick nearly overnight and it turned my life topsey turvey.

Sitting in a room of perfumed clients or executives was enough to send me into a debilitating asthma attack that sometimes lasted for days. One whiff of cigarette smoke would make my skin crawl with hives and paint fumes swelled my lips..no, not like Bridget Bardot, like me, only distorted. I suddenly couldn't wear nail polish or make-up. I couldn't eat anything processed. I couldn't go to weddings, parties, restaurants. In short, I had to remove myself from modern society.

Most folks who get sick go to doctors. In those days, I did too. But to be honest, not only were the doctors baffled, but the drugs they tendered only made me worse. Antibiotics, steroids, hormones, analgesics, inhalers. I was going downhill faster with the drugs than without them.

I reasoned that if I was sick with the drugs and I was sick without them, why buy more problems in the name of side effects? So I quit all meds. This was the proverbial tipping point.

The rest of the story is what I did to regain my health.

First stop: A health food store.

There I learned about herbs, vitamins and such. I bought books….lots of them, and studied. I learned about vegetarianism. Health food stores are keen on this modality. Later, I learned this was adding to my problems.

Nonetheless, a little here, a little there and my health improved ever so slightly. This was done by not taking meds eating homemade foods and staying away from offending toxins as best I could.

Then, there was a special day that changed my life and subsequently the life of others who are close to me.

I attended a lecture offered by a homeopathic physician. He discussed the curative ability of homeopathy, particularly in regards to toxins. What!!? Someone might know how to how to cure my illness?

However, the good doctor was retired and wouldn't take my case. But I subsequently found a homeopath in my area who had studied in Europe.

Within months, she cured me.

Did you hear me? I said I was cured! I spent years dealing with, not only the local doctors, in my own city of Buffalo, New York, but also with those to whom I especially traveled, namely doctors at the Yale University Hospital and a myriad of other clinics. After waiting in waiting rooms, submitting to invasive tests, and swallowing nostrums of questionable safety, I was finally cured by a lay homeopathic practitioner. She used a polite, gentle, intelligent and surprisingly effective group of selected remedies.

Because I was so smitten by my transformation, I organized a group of friends and we studied homeopathy first in my living room, then in others' homes. We met every Thursday night for four years. We studied. We learned. Our knowledge deepened.

But that still wasn't enough. Around that time, because of my improved health, life was normalizing for me. I married and began a family. I studied, and studied and started to take cases. My dog's, husband's, our kids, and here's what happened………

what I saw was one cure after another.

I treated my infant son of vaccination damage within mere minutes. My next son, of life threatening anaphylaxic bee sting reactions. Our third son's fevers and our dog of chronic ear infections. Our cat of repetitive abscesses. I witnessed my cousin's years of suffering from anxiety disappear after I gave her the correct remedy. A friend's lifelong suffering from migraines was permanently halted. (She subsequently went on to become a homeopath herself.) My aunt was nearly free of crippling arthritis as a direct result of my care. My father's chronic angina…gone even after the doctors told him it was an impossible cure. My husband's old ski injuries…a thing of the past. I halted a stroke my mother was experiencing right before my own eyes and my family's eyes, too! My brother no longer suffers from achy joints. I cured our small flock of chickens of deadly fowl cholera and later one chicken of a tumor. That chicken actually lived the longest of our entire flock by two years! Mastitis, strep throat, burns, insomnia, depression, hemorrhaging at birth, ear infections, colitis, eczema.

Shall I go on? I can.

The miracles this medicine performed in my humble hands was and is today downright life reforming. Not just for me today as a practitioner, but for those with whom I've worked.

To say that homeopathy altered my life sounds pale. I went from an account executive, single-kind-o-gal to a mom and homeopath on a mission. I grew from a sickly, broken young career girl, to a robust and healthy mother and homeopath.

And then I was hooked. I took more advanced courses and finally after 5 additional years and numerous exams later, I became a certified classical homeopath.

Now I help others. But more importantly, I teach others how to help themselves.

And it became sparklingly clear who needed and wanted it the most….

Why moms, course!
And so here I am.

A mom. A seasoned homeopath. A committed teacher and guide.
Let me show how it's done.

Let me hold your hand through this journey towards freedom from drugs, from unsafe medical practices, from that awful anxiety and from the fear that plagues when you just don't know what to do.

I've taught classes to moms for over 20 years. I know exactly what you'll be asking me.

I know exactly what you need to know to get your family well again.

Yes, well..and you will do it.

Look, I'll be honest. Homeopathy is a vast subject. It's not easy. It took me years to master it. Even today I continue to read and take post grad continuing-ed courses.

But I am, if I might be so bold, a master at distilling what's key for you to learn.

Why? Because I'm a mom, too.

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH is certified classical homeopath who teaches and consults with folks the world over via phone and Zoom.

For a FREE download of 11 Toxins and How to Antidote Them With Homeopathy go to JoetteCalabrese.com/free-downloads-and-articles. Then, consider contacting my office for a conversation to see if homeopathy is a fit for you or your child's health strategy.

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