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Hope all is well for you this New Year…..Thanks for suggesting those remedies for the UTI while I was traveling to Florida. Unfortunately, I only had the Mag Phos in my kit and not the other two, but just that alone got me through the night almost painlessly, no more waking every half hour!!!!!

I started experiencing relief within 60 seconds of taking the Tuberculinum remedy!
Paul was with me.
It is just plain miraculous.

From birth, my baby had a raspy, phlegmy sound to her breathing along with a persistent low-level allergy. She also seemed to be falling prey to every respiratory illness that came through our home regardless of breastfeeding and good nutrition. Since we administered Psorinum, she hasn't had another runny nose or respiratory issue. She is quickly approaching her first birthday, and her immune system has improved excellently! Joette, thank you so much!

After working with Joette for the last several years for this or that, I’ve seen a process of health unfolding. When I first contacted Joette, I had just lost my job as a senior executive for a company in NYC due to downsizing. I felt desperate, depressed and unable to face the problem squarely. The homeopathic remedies Joette recommended helped me with this angst. Shortly after feeling well enough, we sold our home in NY and moved to PA, where I began a new position and all was well for some time. Recently, I was again laid off, when my position was eliminated as a result of restructuring at the firm. This time, in spite of having uprooted my family, selling and buying another home, moving to another state and overcoming a myriad of other adversities, I didn’t fall into depression like the last time. In spite of the complex circumstances, my attitude was completely different. I know it’s the remedies I’ve been using for my sinuses and also for my general disposition that have girded me to a better level of health. Psorinum in particular has done marvelous work. And my chronic post nasal drip and watery eyes have also mitigated. I’m still me, but new and improved!

With eight children and Joette’s awesome training, I’ve been treating my own kids for over ten years.

I’d like to share a story about our dog. Since I have many years of experience in using homeopathy, I was particularly grateful for that knowledge when our dog, Aesa recently became ill. I had taken her to the vet who told me that Aesa needed to be given heart worm drugs. I gave her 1 dose of heart worm and she was ok. 2 months passed…not used to giving regular meds to the dog, I then remembered and gave it to her again.

By early afternoon, I found her collapsed on the floor with her heart racing, mouth open, an odd glare to her eyes and quite anxious. Aesa is a tenacious creature when it comes to sniffing out chocolate, so I believe she found some earlier in the day. Not knowing whether it was the drug or chocolate to blame I certainly knew that in either case, Nux vomica was the best remedy.
Upon finding her in this ghastly state, I immediately administered Nux vomica 200 and 2nd dose about 15 minutes later. Shortly after, she looked and acted more like herself and her demeanor became calmer. I actually thought we were going to lose her, but instead, she lay on the floor and wagged her tail. Soon after that she stood up and came to me in her usual affectionate manner. That was the last I saw of this. I’m still in awe of how quickly the remedy righted her. It took only a few hours. No more chocolate for Aesa!

Several months ago I called Joette to help me with my 9 year old daughter who had been diagnosed with P.A.N.D.A.S. when she was 4. If you know anything about this syndrome, it displays behaviors that are OCD in nature and it stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus.

The symptoms are:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Tourettes (Tics, etc.)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Sensory Issues (sensitivity to light, sound, touch, or taste)
  • Mood Swings
  • Separation Anxiety

My husband is a physician, so we certainly followed the prescribed treatment of antibiotics for an extended period and she had I.V.I.G. six times. Krista had been on the GAPS diet and took probiotics and fermented cod liver oil prior to beginning the homeopathic remedies. She displayed all of the classic above symptoms daily. For her, it was compulsively closing doors, struggling with her school work and an inability to read without our undivided attention. She approached her schoolwork with angst and the anxiety in other areas of her life was persistent.

The first remedy Joette taught me about was Streptococcinum and we saw notable improvements within a few weeks. She had had horrible fear of dogs, but after that remedy for a few weeks this fear lessened a little and she’s had positive dreams about dogs.

Tics, thumb sucking, bobbing up and down in church, crying and wishing to be a baby again were still there, but had all improved. I want to emphasize that at this point, the behavior was not gone; just improved. But, we had not seen any improvement with the conventional treatment.

Twelve weeks later, we tried a different remedy and again we saw some further improvement. Yet the underlying issue remained. It wasn’t until 12 weeks after that, when I gave her the last remedy that we witnessed such a shift that my little girl seems to have come home!

We can sit in church with her now. She’s no longer over -active so as to become distracting to the family and herself. The tics are all but gone and even though she is still struggling with dyslexia, it has improved and the important thing is that she is trying harder, too! She has even been more open to a variety of foods.

The change has been nothing less than remarkable.

Joette has guided me in my health as well and for the first time in as many years as I can remember, I have not had spring fever from the trees in our area. The relief it has given me as a busy mother of six, has been a blessing to me as well as my family. I wish there were more hours in the day so that I had extra time to learn homeopathy from Joette.

As a Catholic homeschooling mom, we have found this medicine, called homeopathy to be the solution we had been searching for.

Thank you Joette, your work has made a big difference for our Krista, the entire family and me.

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