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Cell Salt Series: Grab Your Mug; It’s Mag Phos !


It’s time for another in our series of posts about the cell salts. This week? One more of my favorites: Mag phos. Truth be told, don’t be surprised if you hear me say each cell salt is one of my favorites. I love ‘em all! (more…)

Swimmer’s Ear? “Let’s Time It!”

Swimmers Ear


Ahhhh, summertime: the warm days of playing outdoors, swimming until your fingers prune and otitis media.

Wait, what? (more…)


With freedom comes responsibility

Happy 4th of July!

Or, more appropriately, I should say, “Happy Independence Day!” This day commemorates the gift of freedom in the United States of America. We’re incredibly fortunate to live in a country of like-minded citizens who value freedom above all else. (more…)

Cell Salt Series: Never Forget Ferrum Phos

Cell Salts - Joette Calabrese

“But, Joette! There are over 6,000 homeopathic remedies! I can’t remember all of them!”

Well, of course. (more…)

My Libido? She Was Sent Packing Years Ago — The Homeopathic Fix



“I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care.”

Sometimes, we women catch ourselves saying these things more and more often.

It may seem like a big part of us is missing. (more…)

Flying: A Pain in the … Ear


Ear Pain

 “There is nothing worse than a screaming baby on a plane!” I’m willing to bet many people say that because they feel the baby is interrupting their peaceful flight, right? (more…)

No Joy: Postpartum Depression


Postpartum Depression

Cecelia was so excited for the birth of her first child.

She had painstakingly renovated a spare room for her baby’s nursery with soft, springtime colors of pale greens and soothing blues. In Cecelia’s daydreams, however, she didn’t envision her child sleeping alone there but rather, right next to Cecelia and her husband in a crib next to their bed. (more…)

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