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A Tale of Two States: from Frostbite to Bug Bites

Mosquitoes Homeopathic solution

Don’t get me wrong — I love living in Florida! But when we moved, I had no idea I would be trading New York’s frostbite for Florida’s bug bites. (more…)

What Time Is It??

Daylight Savings Time, Homeopathy

Spring forward, fall back.

Or, wait … is it … no, that’s right. Isn’t it?

It’s that confusing time of year again when we realize time is even more relative than Albert Einstein thought. (more…)

Nine Rules For Raising Your Family Without Drugs

9 Rules for raising your family without drugs


I’ll admit it — I like lists. I enjoy writing things down. The very act of writing something down helps to solidify the thought in my mind. (more…)

Cell Salts: The Basic Building Blocks

Homeopathic Cell Salts

Cell Salts: The Basic Building Blocks

It’s only human nature that when we possess so many of something, we start to organize them into groups or categories. Right? (more…)

The Eyes Have It: Chronic Dry Eyes

Imagine having red, dry, burning, painful eyes. Every day. All day. For years.

It’s unbearable to even think about, isn’t it? But such was the life of a client of mine. (more…)

To Stretch or Not to Stretch


To stretch or not to stretch? As Shakespeare’s Hamlet notoriously declared, “That is the question.”

Sometimes stretching is great! For instance, stretching your major muscle groups before running? Excellent.

Sometimes, stretching is bad. I mean, no one condones stretching the truth!

But then again, sometimes stretching is, well — complicated.


When a Cold or Flu Hits Hard … Hit Back!

Cold or Flu


It’s cold and flu season.

Wow. Talk about stating the obvious! Stories on how particularly hard-hitting this flu season is are all over the newspapers and television here in the U.S. (more…)

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