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Edematous Swelling and Apis

Joette Calabrese, Practical Homeopathy

There you are! Let’s add another medicine to our well-curated homeopathic inventory, shall we?

A few weeks ago, I discussed the swelling of extremities from heat and humidity in my blog post, Having a Swell Summer, focusing on the cell salt Nat sulph 6X. However, you may recall I mentioned that we also find Apis mellifica strongly suggested as a medicine for edema in the homeopathic repertory. (more…)

Cuprum vs. Spasms

Joette Calabrese


I’ve written about Cuprum metallicum before. So, perhaps you remember its history of usefulness for restless legs, strabismus or colic. But today, I want to stress Cuprum’s ability to address spasms. (more…)

Calling All Nurses

Practical Homeopathy, Joette Calabrese

People trust nurses.

And they should! Nurses are in the trenches. (more…)

Uh-Oh, I’m Estrogen Dominant

practical homeopathy, Joette Calabrese


I hear it from women all too often. “Uh-oh, Joette! I found out I’m estrogen dominant!”

Well, that sounds quite ominous, but in truth, estrogen dominance is not a true conventional diagnosis. It’s an explanation of the diagnosis.


Having a Swell Summer

Joette Calabrese, Practical Homeopathy


Many schools are back in session, but some folks are still having a swell summer.

By “swell,” I mean that certain people are experiencing swelling in the crazy heat and humidity blanketing the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, one of my reader’s fingers was so swollen he could barely get his wedding ring off! (more…)

Dog Days

Joette Calabrese

Yes, yes … seems as though everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has been perspiring their way through the Dog Days of Summer. (more…)



Joette Calabrese

There’s nothing like a fancy word to make a condition sound exotic. However, bruxism is far from exotic. In fact, it’s pretty common, especially in children. Bruxism is just another way to say grinding the teeth. (more…)

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