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Farewell, Dear Baba

Dr. Prasanta Banerji

“I do not fear death. I have lived a very satisfying life.” – Dr. Prasanta Banerji (more…)

Homeopathy is a Mother’s Movement!

Mother's Day Celebration Joette Calabrese

Happy Mother’s Day!

I was planning to write about the meaning of motherhood, but when faced with an empty page and a keyboard, This is what I think we can all agree upon:

We are the lionesses of our families. The guardians at the gate. The protectors, the teachers, the nurturers, the healers.

We are mothers. (more…)

The MiraLAX Blues


How is it possible for a doctor to look someone straight in the eye and guarantee that giving their constipated toddler an adult dosage of MiraLAX every day — for possibly the rest of her life — would produce no side effects or harm? (more…)

Cold Sores or Cooties — You Decide


Cold Sore Joette Calabrese

What do chocolate, sunshine, and stress have in common?

They — along with many other things — can all trigger cold sores. (more…)

Get a Leg Up Over Restless Legs

Restless Leg

Endlessly moving legs might be highly desirable … if you’re a marathon runner. But what if you’re lying in bed at night, and you simply can’t stop moving your legs in an effort to get comfortable? (more…)

Hemorrhoids are Party Poopers


Hemorrhoids are absolutely no fun, but sometimes inevitable.

Mothers who have just given birth are particularly susceptible, as are men who drive for lengthy amounts of time on heavy equipment. (more…)

Easter: Faith and Family

Easter: Faith and Family


I want to step away from my usual weekly blog to speak more personally to you, as this weekend is the most sacred time of the year. (more…)

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