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Address the Pain! Avoid the Knife!

Joette Calabrese

There’s an old saw in carpentry (pardon the pun): Measure twice; cut once.

However, when it comes to our bodies, it’s better not to cut at all!

Many people immediately turn to orthopedic surgeons when they experience intense joint pain. But surgeons are trained to cut! (more…)

So, Your Gym Is Finally Open

Joette Calabrese

Calling all husbands and sons!!

Here is a little-known exercise concept I’d like to introduce to you:

If you haven’t worked out in a while, ease back into it!

 “No pain; no gain” is passe. (more…)

Role Reversal: Taking Care of the Elderly

Joette Calabrese


They fed us; they bathed us; they diapered us; they strolled us around in the fresh air.

Now they need us to do the same for them. (more…)

Eye Floaters

joette calabrese

No. Not those kind of spots!

I’m talking about the kinds of spots in your eyes that look like little black specks “floating” through your vision. (more…)

Look What You Can Do for Free, Folks!

Joette Calabrese

I never think to share the successes I see in my daily work because I don’t want to capitalize on my clients’ sufferings.

But this is different. (more…)

It’s the Apocalypse!!

Survival Medicine, Joette Calabrese


That title, folks, is an example of “clickbait.”

Never heard that term before? Clickbait is when internet sites use sensational, inflammatory, or frightening titles to compel you to click through to their articles. And it’s not just a tool used by illegitimate sites. Mainstream media is just as guilty. Actually, they’re the leaders in this tactic. (more…)

Mammogram Pain

Joette Calabrese

October: the month of the year when the color pink occupies every corner of our consciousness.

Now, I happen to love the color pink: my clothes, in my kitchen, my office … particularly since I moved to Florida. But I’m not fond of the ubiquitous pink ribbons we see so much of during this time. (more…)

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