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Birthing Part Three: Baby Is Born, but You’re Not Done Yet! Neither is Homeopathy

Baby Is Born, but You’re Not Done Yet! Neither is Homeopathy

Your baby is here. But you’re not done.

Next is the placenta as part of the afterbirth. (more…)

Birthing Part Two: The Premier Remedy for Childbirth and a Few More


The Premier Remedy for Childbirth and a Few More

If only I had known about this one during my first birth years ago. It likely would have been a game-changer. (more…)

Birthing Series Part One: Turning a Breech Baby

Breach Baby

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

Hmmmm…I think that line’s already taken, so, let me be more specific. (more…)

Mothers of Yesteryear



Take off those ghastly hats worn at the Women’s March. Put down the signs that declare our taxes ought to pay for someone else’s birth control, and cut it out that killing an unborn child is a woman’s right. (more…)

Ouch! My Back, Joint and Bone Pain is Killing Me!


joint, muscle, back pain

If you never experience pain in your back, joints and bone don’t read this. (more…)

Get Ready, Get Set … STOP Smoking!

Stop Smoking


Confession: In my late teens, on and off, up to about 30, I smoked.

At one point I was smoking a pack a day. It was stupid.

But I know how difficult it was to stop, even having smoked for just about 10 years. (more…)

Ditch the Drugs and Use Homeopathy for Insomnia

Insomnia Homeopathy


You’re sleepless. Again. Lying awake. All night. And whoever suggested counting sheep is on your last nerve right about now.  (more…)

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