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Outdoor Allergies


Joette Calabrese

Happy Father’s Day! We say a loving thank you to the men who keep our families safe, secure and loved. You mean the world to us.

Now, please go mow the lawn.

Only kidding. Today is your day. The lawn can wait until tomorrow. (more…)

Hives. Apis or Urtica urens?

Joette Calabrese



When we hear “allergies,” many people think only of hay fever in the spring.

But allergens are year-round. Some present as minor annoyances, while others can be downright dangerous.

Are you or a loved one Allergic?! (more…)

The Hidden Dangers of Disinfection

Joette Calabrese


A woman’s work is never done … or at least that’s how the old proverb goes.

There’s no better example than cleaning. Am I right? We no sooner have dusted our shelves than we can see the dust falling yet again.

But do we burn down the house to prevent more dust? No! That’s just silly. (more…)

Diastasis Recti: Separation of the Abdominal Wall Muscles

Joette Calabrese


Pregnancy causes numerous changes in the mother’s body — some beautiful and celebrated, some … not so much.

Diastasis recti is a fairly common condition experienced during or after pregnancy in which the muscles in the abdominal wall separate. Some say as many as 60% of new mothers experience this complication. (more…)

Using Homeopathy While Breastfeeding


Joette Calabrese


Mother’s Day was last Sunday.

While it may be over for some, I still have mothers on my mind. In fact, I’ve decided to devote the entire month of May to the unique needs of moms. (more…)

Choosing When to Become a Mother (Without Hormonal Tinkering)


Joette Calabrese


Happy Mother’s Day!

There is nothing — and I do mean nothing — more rewarding than being a mother. We care for our young. We teach them to care for themselves. We protect. We nurture. We love, and we are loved in return.

But choosing when to become a mother involves careful decision making.

Perhaps we need to assess our stability — financial or situational. Maybe we have a big enough brood already, and we don’t want to add more children to our family. (The more ducklings you have, the harder it is to keep them in a row!)


Tongue Tumors (They’re No Match for Homeopathy)


Joette Calabrese

Hi Folks! Buster, the Bad Office Dog, here again.

Stop what you’re doing!! I have important news!

Did you know that today marks the beginning of National Pet Week? (more…)

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