The Quarantine Quintet

Joette Calabrese


How many times have we heard someone say, “It’s unprecedented!”?

I’ve said it myself … because these times ARE unprecedented! There’s no other word to describe what we’re living through. (more…)

The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul


Stye, Joette Calabrese

Our eyes.

Be they blue, brown, green or hazel; the tasks they accomplish for us is unparalleled.

Through them, we distinguish our loved ones, recognize danger, appreciate art and accumulate knowledge. (more…)

Homeopathy and Pandemics



Joette Calabrese, Covid-19Everything old is new again; pandemics and their associated panic.

Compared to the age of civilization, we are mere “youngsters.” So, this first pandemic in generations somehow feels unprecedented.

However, while the all-encompassing global reaction to COVID-19 has been unheard of, this is most assuredly not the first epidemic humanity has experienced. (more…)

The World Needs Mothers Now More Than Ever.

Joette Calabrese


Some 30-plus years ago, I witnessed something that changed the course of my life.

Forever. (more…)

Welcome to My World


Joette Calabrese

Hi, Folks!

Buster the Bad Office Dog, here.

The world seems topsy-turvy to me these days.

When I’ve gone out for my walk, I’ve noticed many humans are wearing muzzles across their faces … and I don’t think they’ve even bitten anyone! (more…)

Don’t Go It Alone!

Joette Calabrese

Thank goodness for the internet. Although we may be socially distanced, we don’t have to be socially isolated.

Sharing experiences — as well as sometimes even sharing medicines — is vitally important as we all face this unprecedented time together. (more…)

Easter — A Day of Hope

Joette Calabrese

Today is a special day.

You may be asking yourself, “what actual day is it?” (more…)

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