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Joette Calabrese, Pain



In that one nanosecond, Belinda’s life changed.

Jeremy, the husband she loved so much, would no longer be the same carefree, active, robust man she had married. 

The years that followed broke her heart. Belinda helplessly watched Jeremy suffer in pain and consequently, become more and more demoralized and emasculated. (more…)

Not Tonight, Honey

Joette Calabrese

“Not tonight, Honey … I have a headache!” 

A bad headache can stop us dead in our tracks.

The pain can keep us from wanting to do anything: make dinner, go to the movies, watch TV, sit outside, play with the kids, watch the sunset, or … well, that either. (more…)

Anxiety: When the Elevator Flies to the Top

Joette Calabrese


There it was again.

Jeanine woke up each morning to a smoldering rumble of both anxiety and depression.  (more…)

How Much Is One Dose?


Joette Calabrese

You hear this word all the time in my podcasts and Facebook Live events. You read it on my blog posts and in the Facebook groups

What is it? 

The word “dose.” As in, “I took one dose twice daily until very much better.”  (more…)

The Nano Dose and Other Small Things

Joette Calabrese

I’m five feet tall. That makes me practically nano-sized compared to the rest of the world.

But from my standpoint, I figure there are some unique advantages to my size. One of which is it makes me ideally suited to doing what I do: teaching, writing and consulting on the subject of homeopathy.  (more…)

Vertigo: As the World Spins

Joette Calabrese, Vertigo

Round and round and round she goes.

Lisa woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed. Literally. Every time she moved her head, she would spin; the bed would spin; the room would spin. (more…)

Emergency Remedy Series: Keep Calm! (Cold Calm, That Is.)

Joette Calabrese

Ahhhhhh, fall. 

Children are back in school, temperatures are cooling, leaves are turning, football referee’s whistles are blowing, pumpkins are appearing … and cold season strikes.

There’s always something to spoil the fun, isn’t there? (more…)

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