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Allergies & The Power of Properly Assessing What’s Happening



Along the way, I learned to not just throw a homeopathic medicine at the condition.

Be smart. Keep tight notes. Assess properly.

Today’s podcast will give you some of my best tips on how to stay on point when treating allergies. (more…)

Podcast 27 – Moms with Moxie – Escaping Life-Threatening Allergies

If you have allergies, remember that modern medicine has written you off. The CDC itself will tell you: “There is no cure for allergies.

Strict avoidance of the allergen is the only way to prevent a reaction.” I lived decades living in a bubble, dealing with my allergies. Things improved when I stopped taking prescription drugs and changed my diet, but I was not cured

So, I kept searching until I found the thing that changed my life forever: homeopathy. Want to learn the same homeopathic steps I took to clear myself of allergies?

Learn them today and use them tonight with my newest course: Allergic?!: http://allergies.joettecalabrese.com/allergic/ and download a free infographic, and start learning what remedies could help uproot your allergies.

In this podcast, we cover:

01:30  The anaphylaxis reaction

07:15  Meeting with Joette and starting homeopathy

13:38  Elevated liver enzymes

16:58  Chelidonium 6 and Carduus marianus (milk thistle) for damaged liver

21:22  Food allergies and Apis

35:35  Joette’s courses

37:53  Sharing homeopathy with others


Podcast 26 – Chicken without a Head

In this podcast, we cover:

05:23 Facing fears through education

11:55 Sticking with the chosen remedies and respecting the protocols

20:40 Being organized, consistent, and having distance

25:47 Homeopathy is relatively safe

29:56 Classical training and combination remedies

36:10 A case of suppression


Podcast 25 – Moms with Moxie – Meet the Arnica Mom!

In this podcast, we cover:

Barb’s introduction to homeopathy and the Arnica basket

14:10 Joette’s influence with Kali carb for asthma

21:09 More Arnica experience: uterine fibroid

24:51 Using remedies on horses and tips on how to administer them

31:51 Childbirth and labor


Podcast 24 – Subjects that Bear Repeating

In this podcast, we cover:
02:58 Getting a conventional diagnosis and some examples
18:11 Hencing/theorizing: stop trying to answer the whys
24:42 Homeopathy and the concept of baking a cake
28:21 Neophytes and the study of classical homeopathy
34:00 The importance of repetition (more…)

Podcast 23 – Moms with Moxie Snap! Broken Bone.

In this podcast, we cover:

02:00  Kate’s Favorite Remedies

08:08  How homeopathy cured her daughter from her illnesses

14:28  Sharing some amazing homeopathic experiences   

23:23  Kate’s accident and how Arnica and Hypericum helped a lot  (more…)

Podcast 22 – Picking Apart a Chronic Case


In this podcast, we cover:

03:22  Writing down information and fine-tuning them

13:48  Homeopathy transcends other methods of medicine

18:50  Assessing the case  

27:05  How long before a remedy acts

34:59  Figuring out the conditions 

41:30  The importance of note taking to determine one’s improvement


Paola:  It’s podcast number 22 at joettecalabrese.com. Here’s what’s coming up.

Joette:   Dig around a little bit but if it doesn’t come up, don’t theorize. “Oh well, then it must be mercury. Oh well, you still have amalgams in your teeth. It’s got to be that.” Not really, it could be a gazillion thing and then you listen more. I have joint pain, all of those things you want to actually jot down but at the top of the page, you’re jotting down the ideas of the medicines that come to mind. The message is that homeopathy transcends the other methods of medicine.

Paola:  The goal of today’s podcast is to walk you through the case taking process for a chronic condition. At the time of this recording, Joette is in the middle of teaching the Allergic?! course and this podcast is turning out to be a homework assignment for the students taking that class. But this podcast really also benefits all of Joette’s listeners.

So, the steps we’ll explore begin with listening to the case and taking notes on the person’s ailments. She emphasizes that it’s important to even write some of the exact verbiage that the person uses to describe their ailments. Joette recommends that we write down to what degree the person is suffering like on a scale of 1 to 10. Then as you’re listening to the person express themselves, you may think of protocols that might fit their conditions. So, while you’re hearing them and while you’re taking notes on the case, in the corner of the page, you’re supposed to be writing down what protocols might apply to them. So this is a brainstorming process. Then after you’ve completed taking the case, you take some time to look at those potential protocols and edit them down to the most important ones that you want to prioritize. Finally, once you’ve set around four protocols for that person, you need to commit to them to them for six to eight weeks. So that’s the Reader’s Digest version of what we’re going to discuss in today’s podcast. Joette is going to really take some time to tease apart each of those steps so that we can understand them more deeply. (more…)

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