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One Wednesday morning while cleaning, I experienced a very fast, thumping heart beat. It was quite scary!

After speaking to Joette, we decided it was a result of eating too much chocolate on Sunday and Monday. Since I am not accustomed to caffeine in that quantity, my heart was freaking out.

Within minutes of taking one dose of Nux vomica 30, my heart returned to its normal beat. If Joette had not been available, I probably would have ended up in the emergency room being put through many expensive and unnecessary tests along with prescription drugs.

My family has used no prescription or over the counter drugs for the past 5 years, thanks to Joette’s classes and consults.

Dianne Franz, Eden, NY

I’ve seen many people benefit from working with Joette Calabrese, including me and many of my patients.

When my beloved aunt was in her mid 80’s, and her lifelong robust health began to slip, I called Joette. She reminded me of what she had taught us in class years before. And upon using the homeopathic techniques, my aunt’s vitality returned within a few days or so.

A few years later, my aunt became nervous and fretful (most atypical of her). I realized that her mind was slipping and she couldn’t grasp what was going on around her.

Another discussion with Joette and another miracle. This time I gave her Baryta carb. Within a short time of taking it, my aunt was her normal, poised self. Her mind was fine. Even though her body did eventually wear out, she remained alert and oriented.

Nancy Leone, Advanced Certified Rolfer

Based on Joette’s recommendations, my family has changed many of our eating habits in addition to using remedies throughout the course of the year and we are healthier because of it. My husband and I had to recently tabulate our medical expenditures for the past year and the previous year.

I noticed that we were in the doctor’s office A LOT in 2006 and hardly at all in 2007. Next year, I expect a greater decline in medical and pharmacy bills.

A higher cost in the beginning has paid off throughout the year. The change in our health in one year was awesome. Our hope has turned to commitment to this life style.

Karen Sagan, full time home schooling Mom, Cheektowaga, NY

Joette committed to teaching me how to help my son, Cameron. She was determined to help us get to the bottom of it. and although it took some time, her amazing love and devotion to our problem panned out. She believed from the very beginning that we could do it and we did!

Today he is free of medical problems because of Joette’s devotion to homeopathy and to our family. She is a true blessing. God Bless Joette and homeopathy.

Carolyn Cole, Lockport, NY

The body aches I was experiencing yesterday and today were so intense that it was hard to find a comfortable position. Not even sitting in the hot tub relieved the tremendous aches. I dissolved a capful of the homeopathic remedy in pure water and took a small sip.

I was so sick I could barely keep my head up and went to bed. When I woke up about an hour late, the pains in my low back and hip were 85% gone! Even though I am a true believer in homeopathic remedies, I was truly amazed. So I took another sip of the remedy. Although I still have some residual pain, the pain has subsided about 90% since I started the remedy, two sips ago!
Joette always hits it right on the nose!

Donna Jamison, Kingston, NY

I have to share this: My daughter began to not feel well with a fever and extreme tiredness. She went to lie down and looked real pale and threw up. I gave her Nux vomica, but there was no change. Joette’s newsletter with info on Gelsemium had just come. I read it and the symptoms matched, so I gave Gelsemium to her. In 10 – 15 minutes, she sat with us eating, laughing and playing. Her eyes were brighter, she was up and around and her face had color. This is incredible!

Cathy Mahley, Houston

We are all healthy, especially Rowan, who is no longer getting sick every month like she was last winter. Pulsatilla works!…….. And I wouldn’t be where I am today with my health if I hadn’t been able to talk with Joette time and again. Joette is always generous with sharing her knowledge because she wants others to have it too.

Anna Grettenberg, Boston, Massachusetts

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