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Thanksgiving Relief

If you eat or drink too much… and feel unwell from it….here are my top 3 picks for quick comfort:

• Nux vomica 30 from your homeopathy kit, every 2 hours up to 4 doses


• Nat phos 6x from your cell salt kit, every 30 minutes or so until improved

• If you don’t own a homeopathy kit, then 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda plus lemon juice of ¼ lemon in 4 ounces of cool water. Drink it down as the mixture fizzes.


May you have a happy, restful and meaningful Thanksgiving, Joette

Homeopathic Tips

Over the years I have been taught by my Homeopathic Master Teachers these and more little tips that I call Homeo-tips.

I share these and more with my ezine subscribers. http://homeopathyworks.net/newsletters.cfm As well Nutri-tips – fun and helpful Nutritional tips for kids meal ideas – How to get healthy meals into your family.

Enjoy and get healthy!

1)      Sleeplessness?  Arnica Montana 6 x and Calc phos 6x in half glass of H2O and sipped every 30 minutes. Homeopathyworks

2)      Hate humid weather? Nat sulph 6x every half hour often helps folks deal with the heat and humidity.me too. Homeopathyworks

3)      Too much alcohol?  Too much fast food? Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours for  up to 1 day. Homeopathyworks

4)      Menstrual cramps?  Mag phos 6x in half cup of hot H2O and sipped every few minutes while still hot.Homeopathyworks

5)      Injury to the eye? Aconitum 30 every 30c minutes until improved, but no longer than 2 days.

6)      Babes with diarrhea?  Podophyllum 30c every 3 hours until better.  No longer than 2 days. Homeopathyorks

7)        Anxiety before the surgical operation?  Aconitum 30c  every few hours the night before and day of Homeopathyworks

8)      Injury to nerve rich areas, such as finger tips….Hypericum 30c every few minutes until pain subsides.Homeopathyworks

9)      Puncture wound? Ledum200 every 2 hours.  No more pain nor infection.Homeopathyworks

10)  Insect bites? Ledum 30 every 30minutes if painful.  If not then every 3 hours. Stop when better. Homeopathyworks

11)  Sprained ankle? Ruta 30 every 2 hours for 2 days. Homeopathyworks

12)  Long lasting black and blue? Sulphuric acid 30, 4 times per day, for 4 days.Homeopathyworks

13)  Injury to soft parts, like calves or thigh? Arnica Montana 30 every few hours for first few days.Homeopathyworks.

14)  Ragged wound? Calendula applied directly to the wound and dressing.  Emergency rooms in Europe know.Homeopathyworks.net

15)  Food poisoning with coldness and vomiting?  Arsenicum album 30 every hour until better.  Homeopathyworks.net

16)  Baby with very high fever? Belladonna 30 every 3 hours. Stop when improved.  Most  fall asleep right after. Homeopathyworks

17)  Nausea after ice cream and other fatty foods? Pulsatilla 30 every 2 hours stop after 4 doses.Homeoapthyworks

18)  Baby with croup?  If caught in the 1st 24 hours, then Aconitum 30, every 2 hours. Stop when better.Homeopathworks

19)  Irascible teething baby?  Chamomilla 30 every few hours.  Stop when better.Homeopathyworks

20)  UTI? Nat phos 6x every hour for few days then frozen cranberries, H2o and raw honey to make a slush.yum Homeopathyworks

21)  Sunburn? Cantharis 30 every 2 hours. Stop when improved. Homeopathyworks

22)  Muscle strains due to overexertion?  Rhus tox 30c every 3 hours for 2 days or sooner. Homeopathyworks

23)  Deep muscle injury?  Arnica montana 30 . if no better after a day, then Bellis perennis 30 every 3 hours. Homeopathyworks

24)  Torn or wrenched ligaments?  Ruta 30 every few hours, as it gets beter, then every 4-5 hours.Homeopathyworks

25)  Fractured bone? On the way to hospital try Arnica 200 every 2 hours for up to 5 doses.Homeopathyworks.net

26)  Hard, long  labor? Arnica 200 every hour for up to 4 doses. Then after the birth to ease mom.Homeopathyworks

27)  Fractured rib? Bryonia 30 every few hours for  a few days.Homeopathyworks

28)  Indigestion? Arsenicum Album 30. 3 doses usually does it.Homeopathyworks

29)  Heat exhaustion? Veratum album 30 every hour until better. Homeopathyworks

30)  Jellyfish sting?  Apis 30 every hour until better. Homeopathyworks

31)  Hemorrhoids?  Nux vomica 30 is the one that works for most. Twice per day for up to 3 days.Homeopathyworks

32)  Extreme nausea? Ipecac 30 every 2 hours for up to one day.Homeopathyworks

33)  Eczema?  Nat mur 6x thrice daily helps some. Homeopathyworks

34)  Allergic reaction to insect bites?  Urtica urens 30 every hour. Stop when better.Homeopathyworks.

35)  Cramping clutching colic in baby? Colocynthis 30 every 3 hours for up to 2 days.Homeopahyworks.

36)  Chicken pox?  Rhus tox 30 every 3 hours if restless and itchy.stop when better. Resume if needed again. Homeopathyworks

37)  Conjunctivitis?  For early stage only: Belladonna 30 every 4 hours for up to 2 days. Homeopathyworks

38)  Sinus Infection?  Most folks respond to Kali bich 30 every 2 hours. Stop when imporved. Homeopathyworks.net

39)  Flu? Influenzinum 6 or 30 every 4 hours.Homeopathyworks.net

40)  Blocked tear duct? Silica 6x twice daily for up to 2 weeks. Homeopathyworks.net

41)  Feel shocked after bad news?  Aconitum 30, 4 times daily for up to 3 days. Homeopathyworks.net

42)  To avoid dehydration from fever: Coat bottoms of hands and feet with olive oil and insist on liquids, even ice chips.Homeopathyworks

43)  Abdominal cramps  but clutches the area for a modicum of comfort: Colocynthis 30 every  2 hours.Homeopathyworks.

44)  Hair loss?  For some Silica 6x thrice daily helps.Homeopathyworks

45)  Motion sickness accompanied by copious saliva? Nux vomica 30 every 30 minutes.Homeopathyworks

46)  Mom overwhelmed with mom-duties? Sepia 30 4 times per day for 2 days. Repeat in one week.Homeopathyworks

47)  Sinus headache form barometric pressure change?  Kali bich 30 every 2 hours for up to 4 doses.Homeopathyworks

48)  Headache of very irritable person? Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours for up to 4 doses.Homeopathyworks

49)  Headache of person with digestive problems? Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours for up to 4 doses.Homeopathyworks.

50)  Overeaten again? Nux vomica 30 every 3 hours for up to 4 doses. Then stop that! Homeopathyworks

51)  Some think there’s no difference between a health tactic and strategy.  I think otherwise.A health tactic is to incorporate organic foods  in the diet. A strategy is to have a long term plan.Homeopathyworks.net

52)  Leg cramps? Mag phos 6x and Calc phos 6x in 4 ounces of hot water and sipped I teaspoon at a time.Homeopathyworks.net.

21 Top Remedies You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Family

Want a quick reference for the uses of the main homeopathic remedies for injury cases? For the sake of those who aren't clear on homeopathy's role in medical practices throughout the world, allow me to declare its sterling reputation. Homeopathy was counted upon by American Civil War surgeons, WW1 and WW2 camps and is the mainstay of homeopathic emergency rooms throughout the world.

The following remedies, used in medium to high potencies, work best for those who are familiar with homeopathy. They should be repeated every 15-30 minutes in severe situations and more infrequently as the pathology becomes less serious. There is nothing wrong with continuing the course of action for a week or even longer, as long as symptoms remain. Here is a short list of the best remedies and their indications to have committed to memory and to have on hand:

1. Bitten Ledum 12. Infected Arsenicum iodatum
2. Bled Vipera 13. Inflamed Ferrum phos
3. Burned Urtica urens 14. Lacerated Hypericum
4. Bruised Arnica montana 15. Punctured Ledum
5. Contused Arnica montana 16. Poisoned Arsenicum
6. Dislocated Arnica montana 17. Suffocated Carbo veg
7. Exerted Rhus tox 18. Shocked Aconitum
8. Electrocuted Phosphorus 19. Stung Ledum
9. Fatigued Bioplasma 20. Over indulged Nux vomica
10. Impaled Hypericum 21. Slivered Silica
11. Incised Calendula

The more serious the situation, the higher the potency needed of either Arnica or Aconitum. For example, if someone has had a concussion of severity, on the way to the hospital, a 1M potency would be advisable. Offer it every 15 minutes or more until consciousness is restored. If instead, it's only a mild head injury Arnica 30 will often do the trick when offered every 15 minutes or so. You would use a 200 potency for a moderate injury.

The less experience you have, the more important it is to stay with lower potencies such as 30c or 30x. Homeopathy is safe when and only when utilized properly. So I entreat you to learn as much as you can and when you're finished, learn a little more. If you're unsure, call us for a consultation. We're always in the ready.

Twenty-one fine remedies, each with its unique ability to address their corresponding ailments. If you want to learn more of these and how to own, use and know them cold, go to “Perform in the Storm; A Homeopathic 1st Aid” download.

The homeopathic treatment of injuries is rational, intelligent and safe. There are no side effects, no addictions and best of all; they get to the essence of the crisis. Get a handle on your understanding of the use of homeopathy. It could be the solution you're looking for when life's calamities get too big. Tiny pills, miniscule dilutions, hefty results…homeopathy.

Ask us about our homeopathy kits. We have a first aid kit, a general home use kit in 30 potencies as well as 200 potencies available at our office. Then get started!

Our Week at the Chautuaqua Institution

On the weekends, our boys join me at the Chautauqua  Institution, while I teach during the weekdays.  Chautauqua Institution is a not for profit, adult educational  enclave dating back to the early 1800’s.  Situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Chautauqua, it’s one of the several Finger Lakes in upstate New York.  www.ciweb.org Here we are on our way to the shore to do some  “manly” boating.  Having  a family with only boys has taught me to go with the flow.

July 4, 2010

Sometimes we hear folks condemn the U.S. I’ve been guilty of it myself. Certainly, there is much we can improve upon,  but it’s clear that America has a capacity for heralding good in many corners of our world.

When my Sicilian grandparents stepped onto American soil a century ago, they were overwhelmed by gratitude and hope having found the country of their dreams.  Here is where they would have a chance……an opportunity to develop their independent and triumphant spirits.

Where else might they have gone where a  country was actually founded on the principles of freedoms and opportunities that would carry them to great personal and cumulative heights?

My Mama and Papa Calabrese and Mama and Papa Giangreco, if alive today would join me

In the  spirit of this Independence Day.

And so I entreat you, let’s champion choices: the freedom to choose our foods, our education, even our medicine, Sometimes it’s an uphill battle, but it’s worth our perseverance for ourselves and generations that follow.  And perhaps more importantly, to establish fully that this is where freedom rings vigorously.

From all of us here at Homeopathyworks we wish you a healthy, happy and victorious 4th of July Holiday.

With Love,



A Wonderful Tonic & Natural “Soda Pop”


· Kombucha mushrooms (can be purchased online by googling “buy Kombucha  mushroom.”)

· ¾ – 1 cup white sugar

· 5 tea bags of conventional tea ( such as Lipton)

· Boil 3 quarts of water

· Add ¾ cups of sugar (once the mushroom works on the white sugar it transforms it to good food, including lactic acid and a potent detoxifying substance called glucuronic acid). Don’t use maple syrup or whole sugar, since it’s difficult to insure consistency. More sugar may be used for added sweetness

· Simmer for 5 minutes or less to dissolve the sugar

· Remove from heat & add 5 tea bags (remove paper labels first)

· Remove tea bags after 10 minutes

· Allow the tea to cool to room temperature

· Pour the room temperature tea into a 4 quart glass or plastic container such as a bowl. This allows the mushroom lots of room to grow. The mouth of the bowl should be as great, or greater than the depth of the tea.

Kombucha mushrooms are alive so certain conditions need to be followed

· Gently place the mushroom into the room temperature tea with your fingers. Sometimes it sinks sometimes not. It will right itself within a few days.

· Do not use any metal on or around the mushroom; for example, metal tongs. Even a small contact can cause trouble for the mushroom.

· Cover the bowl with cheese cloth or a cotton or linen dish towel. Secure with clothes pins and place in undisturbed rather comfortable warm room for example the laundry room.

· Place the date you made tea, stated on a note card on top of the cloth and the date you expect it to be completed. (Usually one week or more) if it is summer it often ferments before that time. If you want it less sweet, keep it covered longer. It should be fizzy a bit, sweet and sour and have no taste of tea.

· To taste it don’t use a metal dipper, use a coffee cup, ect. that has no metal on it.

· After the Kombucha is completed a week (sometimes less, sometimes more) remove the mushroom. Look on the underside of it and you’ll find a second mushroom attached to the bottom. Pull it apart from the “mother” and make two batches next time or pass on to a friend. The same mushroom can be used again and again.

· Refrigerate the tea in a capped glass pitcher. The mushroom can also be refrigerated in a class bowl and kept for several months. Kombucha beverage will lose its effervescence within one week.

· Four ounces is usually best amount to drink daily. (Your body would have told you this because of its powerful flavor and sensation). For a child ½ that amount is advisable. It is a good idea to work up to four ounces slowly over a period of 1-2 weeks.

· For animals dilute 50% with water

· Most people with yeast allergies tolerate Kombucha but it is best to start with a very small amount first, then build.

· An excellent variation (especially to aid in digestion) is to add 1-cup freshly peeled ginger, coarsely chopped to brewing Kombucha. Serve in a delicate stemmed liqueur glass to honor your work

· Enjoy!

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free  Banana Bread


Makes 2 loaves

4 cups  raw almonds

8 T coconut oil (preferably  Green Pasture’s)

8 bananas (the more ripe, the sweeter the bread)

10 eggs

2 teaspoons baking soda

½ teaspoon salt (preferably Celtic salt)

2 teaspoons vanilla

½ cup coconut flour this is not necessary, but adds protein.

1 cup raisins or other dried fruit, such as apricots, cherries, prunes, sultanas, etc.

The almonds: The most nutritious method of making this bread is to soak and then dehydrate the almonds so that they are more easily digested.  If you chose to follow this method, place the almonds in a large bowl, cover  with an extra inch of water and set on the counter for 12-24 hours.  The following day, strain the water and arrange the nuts on a few cookie sheets one layer in depth and allow to dehydrate in a 120 degree oven for 24-48 hours. They’re done when crispy inside.

Put all the ingredients in a food processor and grind.

Pour the batter into bread pans and place in a 350 degree oven for 50-60 minutes.

Slather with cream cheese or butter…maybe both!

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