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Ditch the Gatorade and Make My Sons’ Homeopathic Electrolyte Drink


A few years ago, I posted a blog on my alternative to Gatorade.  Since that time, two of my sons work in landscaping during the summer months. I’m reposting this recipe for my homemade version that is a variation on a recipe that a friend shared with me years ago.

Dehydration is a threat when the mercury spikes into the 80s.

And since Gatorade is loaded with questionable ingredients like dyes and artificial flavors and plain old water just isn’t enough to prevent electrolyte loss.

This drink is a replenishing and tasty alternative. (more…)

Good Turkey: Get Out the Stockpot and Make Broth!

nouishing broth

This book is a winner. My friends Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel have written a new book, Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World. Whether you’ve not yet discovered the wonderful pleasure of feeding high-quality soups and broth to your family or you’re an old hand at it, I think you’ll love this book.

I’ve been making broths since 1973 when I read about their use in French and Italian cooking. (Anyone remember the old Time-Life Cooking Series? They were my mainstay.) Yet in this new book, I’ve found useful tips I never considered, like adding eggshells to the pot while simmering to add more minerals.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is no better time to start! Turkey bone broth is one of the most nourishing and delicious concoctions that can come out of this holiday. (more…)

Good Gut, Bad Gut: Most Common Questions

Joette passing the torch

Good Gut, Bad Gut: FAQ

“Read the Science. Raise Your Hand. Ask Your Questions. Learn the Facts”

Many of you have asked very good questions, so I know you are learning the facts.



1) I can’t see my insides … how do I know if my gut is good or bad?

 he relationship between digestion and overall health is much more far-reaching than simply experiencing frank gastrointestinal symptoms. Various mental and physical ailments, such as ADD and autoimmune diseases, have been observed to have their origins in poor digestive health. The way you might know if an illness is related to the gut is if there are chronic problems that began after a gastrointestinal event, even years previous. Also,  if foods seem to be bothersome, even if the symptoms present in remote areas such as on the skin, the respiratory tract or neurologically, it can potentially mean the gut is disturbed and is worth investigation. (more…)

Whoa Baby, It’s Hot! Homeopathy and Smart Nutrition Handle Heat with a Healthy Sports Drink

Feel the mercury climbing? You don’t need to stay cooped up in the A/C just to make it through summer. Thanks to homeopathy and smart-mother sports drinks that incorporate homeopathy and sound nutrition.

Symptoms of heat exposure, such as languidness, headache and flushing, respond remarkably well to the cell salt Nat sulph 6X. I like to add it to my water bottle and sip it frequently when outdoors in the heat. This actually may prevent these unpleasant symptoms from ever happening when dosed in this manner.

Forget sports drinks that promise to provide the salts and electrolytes your body needs (along with artificial dyes and high fructose corn syrup, of course). Cell salts are the real deal! (more…)

Shabby Synthetic Ascorbic Acid Gussied Up to Look Like Vitamin C

How can you tell a lady from a tramp? You can tell by the stuff from which she’s made.

Vitamins have been resorted to for nearly a century. But oh, how carefully we must interpret who they’re pretending to be!

For decades the public has been led to accept that products manufactured in a test tube are the same as those that naturally occur in food. A promiscuous pretense.

Vitamins are not separate molecular combinations but biological intricacies whose actions depend upon the entire complex functioning with integrity. Like a fine Swiss watch, they can only act fully when the co-factors of the intact vitamin complex are present and running in intelligent harmony. (more…)

Ice Cream: A Perfect Breakfast Food

In my e-book Secret SpoonfulsI share the insight I accumulated as a “sneaky mom” trying to get my kids to eat nutritionally dense foods that taste great.

One day, it occurred to me that ice cream, when made from raw cream and milk along with raw free-range organic eggs plus a touch of honey, was a great food. And as breakfast was the most trying meal, I began incorporating ice cream into our daily fare. Suddenly, I had no problem convincing them to eat their breakfast. (more…)

4 Strategies for a Perfect Grin



1.) Bones, Fat and Cream:

Build and maintain healthy teeth by keeping a plentiful amount of calcium-rich and high-fat foods in your daily diet. For robust bones, drink raw milk daily. High-quality cheese is another good source; go for raw cheeses whenever you can. Yogurt and kefir are two superb dairy foods, and they’re even more digestible thanks to their live enzymes and probiotics. Skip the reduced-fat version, and if you’re ambitious, make your own.

Foods cooked, baked and fried (yes, I said fried) in coconut oil, butter, tallow or lard provide high fats, as does the skin of chickens, nitrate-free ham and bacon. Don’t forget to include marrow bones in this equation too.

I teach my students and clients that it’s always best to get your nutrients from foods … or superfoods … not vitamin pills. Not only are nutrients in their original food source easier for the body to access and absorb, but they are also found in conjunction with other vitamins, minerals and fats that help the body utilize the food to its fullest potential.

In short, don’t short-change yourself with pricey supplements; they’re frequently made of questionable ingredients, such as soy, and can lead to an excess of a given nutrient. That can lead to vitamin toxicity, which is highly unlikely if you eat your nutrients instead of taking them. (more…)

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