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Homeopathy can turn the day around for someone who is sick. All it takes is a well chosen homeopathic remedy. Take Bella, for example. She came home from 4th grade feeling woozy. Within minutes of entering the warmth of her house, she began vomiting and it was down right relentless. She was weakened, cold and frightened. Her mom had recently taken a seminar on using homeopathy to treat ailments at home. She quickly paged through her new book and found the remedy that most closely resembled Bella’s symptoms. She gave her Arsenicum album and within 15 minutes, Bella fell asleep on the bathroom floor. When she woke an hour later, the vomiting had passed and now she just wanted something to drink. Although the nausea was still present, she and her mom were grateful for the end of the violent response. The nausea passed an hour later after her mom gave her another dose of Arsenicum album. “Wow”, thought Bella’s mom, “this worked like a charm”. She was convinced. Never again did she consider anything but homeopathy for her family’s ills. It was homeopathy for Bella’s family from then on. Homeopathy. The intelligent medicine. No side effects, low cost and, of course, effective.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

Injuries and Accidents

There is no better way to treat the physical and emotional shock of accidents and injuries than with homeopathy. Whether for a mild injury or one that requires medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb the shock, minimize and often remove bleeding, reduce fear, anxiety, pain and put the sufferer in a better state. If the emergency room seems to be the only way to care for the injury, give the
best remedy you know on the way to the hospital. This is reason enough to keep a small emergency kit in your purse. Even after a trip to the emergency room, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy will often hasten recovery and reduce pain. Pain medications can even be omitted with the correct usage of a remedy. Swelling and healing will often be hastened by 1/2 the time.

Cuts & Abrasions
Arnica montana

Arnica Montana

Puncture Wounds
Arnica montana

Kali bichromium

Heat Prostration

Insect & Animal Bites
Arnica montana

Muscle and Bone Injuries

Over exertion and deep injuries
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Bellis perennis

Arnica Montana

Fractures & breaks
Arnica montana
Calc phos
Bellis perennis

Dislocated Joints
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Arnica montana

Four Leading Remedies for Ear Infections

1.) Belladonna

  • Most common for early stages of earache
  • Good when earache comes on quickly
  • Bright red ear but eardrum is still normal shape
  • Sudden high fever with earache
  • Pain down into neck
  • Sore throat

2.) Ferrum phos.

  • Use in early stages of earache with no pus formation
  • Onset not as sudden as Belladonna and symptoms not as intense
  • Can give if Belladonna is not working

3.) Chamomilla

  • Mostly indicated by the mood, less by particular symptoms
  • Extremely irritable
  • Earache comes on slowly but severe pain
  • Improves with warmth
  • Watery, runny nose

4.) Silica

  • Later stages of cold with ear infection
  • Mild whimpering, but less interested in affection
  • Physical weakness, tiredness, worn out
  • Chilled
  • Sweaty head, hands, or feet
  • Intense ear pain but not extreme
  • Occurs at night
  • Irritated by noise
  • Pain is behind the ear
  • Itching in ear
  • Stopped up sensation in ear
  • Pus formation in ear, may have drainage
  • Nasal discharge

Homeopathic Remedy

To take a homeopathic remedy, pour the pills into the cap and count out the number without touching them, if possible. The concern here is that perfumed hand soap or another strong odor may be present on your hands and could antidote the remedy. Holding remedies in one’s hand can release their ability, so if the remedy is intended for you, then holding it could be of value.

If a pill falls on the floor, do not return it to the bottle. Instead, discard it or use it immediately if the floor is clean enough. After the number of pills has been counted, simply drop them directly from the cap into your mouth and let them dissolve.

I urge my students not to give an entire bottle of a remedy away when someone else is in need. Our remedies are precious and are often needed just after lending the bottle to someone. Instead, put the needed dose in a clean envelope and label it. It will last for some time in paper, but not indefinitely. Glass is the only sure way to store for long periods of time.

Don’t transfer remedies into bottles that have held other remedies unless you boil the bottle for at least ten minutes.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are substances that have been highly diluted. These extreme dilutions of the original substance make for “infra-toxic”doses, which means the remedy is stripped of its toxicity due to the potentization. What remains is the curative action.

Homeopathy is legal and official in the United States and has been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration since the early 1940’s. The remedies are strictly prepared according to the standards of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). All pharmacies throughout the US and the world prepare their homeopathic remedies in the same strict manner.

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