For Veterans: A Thank You and a Homeopathic Medicine

Joette Calabrese, Practical Homeopathy

I want to say thank you to all the veterans among us. And I don’t mean just a quick, little “thanks.” I mean, THANK YOU. All caps. Full stop.

Your work in the armed forces gave me the freedom to pursue my mission of bringing homeopathy to families across our great nation and the globe! In other words, the health freedom my readers, students and clients receive is a direct result of your sacrifices in keeping our country free. I can speak my mind because of you.

So, I’ll say it again, thank you.

Being in the military is far from easy, and it’s certainly not for everybody. Some people are made for it. Others? Not so much. Some people who enlist are simply too young to realize what they’re getting themselves into.

Indeed, in the service, you must suppress your own feelings in deference to those of your superiors. You must keep your personal opinions to yourself and do what you’re told. Lives depend on that level of discipline and subjugation.

And let’s face it, when you join the military, the government owns your body. You must go where they want you to go, eat what they want you to eat, and allow them to inject what they want to inject.

So, for some, suppressing their individual free will results in feeling as though they have given up their sovereignty. Some folks can develop deep-seated frustrations over the inner contradiction of desperately wanting to comply yet still yearning for independence.

But keep in mind, in and of themselves, those feelings are not a pathology. Most soldiers manage the dichotomy effectively and efficiently.

However, suppose those feelings give way to physical or emotional conditions — a pathology, such as headaches or inability to sleep. In that case, we can turn to a homeopathic medicine that has proven reliable to right the ship. Employing Staphysagria 200 twice a week has been shown to gently and politely make the needed correction so the suffering service person can perform at the top of their game again.

But remember, homeopathy is not a supplement or a vitamin; it’s medicine. That means it should be taken only when it needs to be taken, not willy-nilly because it “sort of” fits. Please read your materia medica before deciding to use homeopathy — not only in this situation but in all cases.

I’ve discussed Staphysagria on many occasions for similar conditions: apathy after a profound embarrassment, such as being fired from a job, anguish from demoralization and upset from stifling emotions.       

But this sweeping medicine deserves a place front and center in our well-curated homeopathy kits. It has also been shown to help folks who are a magnet for mosquito bites, for the pain of surgical incisions, a specific type of dental pain, chronic styes, and male urethral stricture.

If you don’t already own this impressive medicine, get cracking! You never know when you or someone dear to you may need Staphysagria 30 or 200.

If you are a veteran suffering from pathologies related to the emotional difficulty of your years in service, again, I urge you to read up on Staphysagria in a homeopathic materia medica. Whether your conditions arise from relinquishing your sovereignty, feeling bullied by harsh reprimands, or just feeling beaten down by your duties or your superiors, Staphysagria may meet your needs.

If you don’t have the depth of knowledge to get the hang of the detailed, professional materia medica, you may benefit from A Materia Medica: Practical Homeopathy® for Busy Families.

I wrote my materia medica with the layperson in mind. It contains a summation of over 150 homeopathic medicines written in easy-to-understand language with keynotes and stories from my practice.

Again, veterans, my team, and I appreciate your service. We honor your dedication and accomplishment. And if you find Staphysagria to be helpful, by all means, pass on the good news of homeopathy to others from your unit!

Warmly and with gratitude,



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11/12/23 For Veterans: A Thank You and a Homeopathic Medicine



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