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Podcast 66 – Moms with Moxie: “Whoa, you’re ordering pizza?”

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

January 14th, 2019  |  7 Comments

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podcaast 66


05:47    Bovista and gut issues

10:01    Thyroid and more gut issues

12:45    Success stories

15:12    Resources to use


Gateway to Homeopathy: A Guided Study Group Curriculum.

Good Gut, Bad Gut


Cell Salts: The Easy Homeopathy

The Antibiotic Alternative

Gateway to Homeopathy II (Only available for purchase through your resource page, after having taken the prerequisite Gateway to Homeopathy I as referenced above)

Weston A. Price Foundation

Joette’s blogs

Students of Joette Calabrese on Facebook (A closed group for students only.)


Kate:  This is the Practical Homeopathy Podcast Episode Number 66.

Joette:  Each day from my office, I get to see how homeopathy is transforming lives all over the globe, and I want to share them with you. Some of my students have really caught my eye. Some of you have done all you can to learn how to cure those around you using homeopathic medicines, and your successes inspire me. They’re glorious and powerful, and I can’t keep these successes a secret any longer. So, with help from my roving reporters, we bring you a mini-podcast series that I call “Moms with Moxie.” Sometimes we even interview “Dads with Audacity.” See how regular mothers and others, average people who want to cure those around them, have gone from freaking to fabulous with homeopathy.



Kate:  Today, I want to welcome Rose to the podcast. Rose has some amazing experiences to share with us about how she has used homeopathy very successfully with her family. So, welcome, Rose, to the podcast.


Rose:  Thanks, Kate. I’m glad to be able to just kind of share what I’ve gone through in my journey.


Kate:  Yeah! It sounds like you have a lot of incredible success stories with homeopathy. So, I’m looking forward to hearing them.


Let’s start off first by getting a little sense for who you are, maybe where you live and your family, things like that.


Rose:  We have five boys. We’ve been homeschooling them for about 10 … 12 years now. I’ve been on a quest — really since my oldest was born — for health because he had a lot of issues medically, anaphylaxis and things like that. So, I’ve been into natural things.


It was about the spring or summer of 2016 when a friend of mine locally said, “Hey Rose, I found something,” (because we were doing essential oils at that time). She knew I’d been doing different diets and stuff for our kids. She said, “I found something even better.” She had actually found Joette first.


Kate:  So, she’s the one that got you pointed in the direction of homeopathy. Had you ever heard of homeopathy before that?


Rose:  No, I just thought it was a generic term for home remedies. Right? So, no, I had not heard of it. Of all the digging I’ve been doing over almost 20 years, I couldn’t believe that I never stumbled upon it before.


Kate:  I know! This is such a common story that I hear over and over again … that they’ve tried all different things, healing with food, with oils and herbs. Why is it that we have to find homeopathy last?


Rose:  I don’t know. I just wish that … and believe I had to be on the journey I was to appreciate where we’re at now. But I would have certainly taken the help 20 years ago!


Kate:  Right. I know. Oh well, we’re going to teach our kids.


Rose:  That’s right. Well, it’s great because I’ve got little ones yet, and they are learning very quickly on what to take. So, that’s fun.


Kate:  Yes. So, why don’t you give us a little bit of information about the courses that you’ve taken, or how have you come to learn more about homeopathy?


Rose:  Sure. So, this friend of mine said, “I want you to take a look at this.” She was doing the cell salts at that time, but we started together with about three other ladies meeting every other week over that summer in the first Gateway I course. And I was hooked.


By that fall — I remember starting September 1st — I was going to fix my thyroid. I was going to fix every single person in my house and get better and be done with the way we were living. So, I started with that class. And then the very next one I took — because I knew we had gut issues — I went right into Good Gut, Bad Gut.


As soon as that one was taken care of (Renee and I chomped at the bit), and I went that next spring and took Allergic — because the boy that homeopathy helped the most took the Allergic class with me. He took the cell salt class with me. I did the Antibiotic class on my own. Then I’ve also … I’ve just found other things to just continue overall learning … just I think it’s supportive.


Kate:  I think some of the listeners may want to know, how did you get your son to take the class with you?


Rose:  This was the trick. We homeschool, and he wasn’t doing very well in Advanced Biology at home with me. I didn’t like it either. I said, “Tell you what. We did one semester of the book.” And I said, “If you listen to these courses with me online, and if you can start memorizing protocols and learning how remedies work and all that, we will call this Advanced Biology.”


We did supplemental things. It wasn’t just the book and then just listening to Joette. We did other things as well. But ultimately, that’s what learning is about. I mean, schooling and learning is knowing how to take care of yourself. So, that was totally advanced biology, because how do these remedies work and how did we get to where we’re at?


So, he took that, and to fulfill the rest of the semester requirement, we did the cell salt class, too.


Kate:  Oh nice! That’s wonderful! I also have incorporated that into schooling. I think that has been a key. So, I love that tip. Thank you for sharing.


Rose:  Well, he much would rather listen to Joette than read the dry textbooks. So …


Kate:  Right. Joette’s easy to listen to, for sure.


Rose:  Yes.


Kate:  Okay, so, you’ve taken the courses. You’ve done the Gateway I … or have you done Gateway II?


Rose:  I have not done Gateway II. I just hadn’t made it a priority yet, but I hope to get that scheduled as well.


Kate:  All right. So, I’m anxious to hear more about how you’ve used homeopathy with your family because you have some pretty exciting things to share. So, go ahead and tell us about your son.


Bovista and gut issues


Rose:  Okay, actually, the son that was doing the schooling with me and learning homeopathy, he had a vested interest. He was in sports and in football, and all the sports that he was in, they would be traveling on buses. He just can’t really take salad with all these other football players on a school bus. He was kind of teased. He was well-respected on the team, but he was teased because of his sad, little diet. He had to just be so careful. He had so many issues. If he ate something wrong, he would just get so sick every time, and it was never worth it. But he so wanted to be a teenager, a normal teenager.


So, starting homeopathy that fall (after I took my intro course), we stayed on the diet, but we started on Bovista, for example, and some of the gut protocols for healing up the gut. It took from September of that fall until March of the next spring. I decided after hearing Joette once say, “How do you know if you can tolerate any more without trying it?” We decided to go for it. After six months of being on some gut healing protocols, we tried real pizza outside of the house. It was full of gluten, full of dairy, full of … I’m just going to say “junk,” and we all survived.


Kate:  Wow!


Rose:  It turned my husband’s head, who said, “Whoa, you’re ordering pizza?” (after years of not). So, my son (was his head turned), he’s like, “Okay Mom, I didn’t really get too sick.” Now again, we still are dealing with the acne and some other issues, but the fact that he didn’t have significant issues after eating it — that he would have had six months prior — it was miraculous!


Kate:  Wow! Yeah, that is life-changing. I want to step back just a minute. When you’d say, “We’re taking the protocols for gut issues,” what you’re saying is that those gut issues really manifested themselves in the forms of food allergies. Is that so?


Rose:  Yes. He wasn’t anaphylactic, but yes, he was definitely sensitive. So, he had food intolerances such that we needed to address.


Kate:  Yeah, it was affecting his life.


Rose:  Totally affecting his life. So, our goal was to be able to eat college food on a college campus. That was our goal. I just launched him this past fall on a college campus, and he’s eating their food. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the food he’s eating, but he’s able to eat and live a college life!


Kate:  Wow!


Rose:  So, I sometimes let him know, I hang it over his head. I say, “You know, you wouldn’t have been able to do this had we not done homeopathy.” He said, “I know mom.”


Kate: In fact, you sent him to college with something.


Rose:  He took a kit, kind of a prep kit to have because he was two hours away from me. I have another son in college who’s only 40 minutes away. So, if he needs something, I can get to him fast. But I can’t get two hours fast. Well, he took the kit, but we did have to be very specific: it had to look more like a pencil case. So, if anyone saw it, they would just think it’s a pencil case!


Kate:  Oh, my gosh!


Rose:  It’s black so it’s masculine, and he keeps it in his drawer. But, I had made a little cheat sheet of note cards of what he has and what they’re used for if he needs anything.


Kate:  Okay. So, how did you make that cheat sheet? Just you wrote it on a piece of paper? Did you like laminate some cards?


Rose:  I just took index cards and wrote them in ink and just tucked them right in there and told him what he had. I tried to walk him through it, but he was a boy, a college kid. Thinking about homeopathy, he could care less what was in the kit. But he knew that if he needed to look something up, it was laid out for him. He’s been able to navigate this on his own.


Kate:  Yay!


Rose:  Yay!


Kate:  Now, when we were talking earlier, you told me that you didn’t see the changes right away, that it did take some time. So, just talk a little bit about that and tell me how did you know when to try pizza?


Rose:  Well, we weren’t actually seeing any change. After the eight weeks, I haven’t seen any difference, and neither had he per se. But I was so new at it, too. But the reason why we decided to go for it, I thought, “Well, we know what could happen. We just need to stay close to home if we eat pizza and play it out over the next day or so.” But after hearing Joette in one of the courses — I can’t remember which one. I want to say Good Gut, Bad Gut — she had said, “You just need to try it, and you shouldn’t have to stay living a restrictive life.” I thought, “Well, six months has been long enough.” So, I gave it a shot.


Thyroid and more gut issues


Kate:  I know you have some other things to share, as well.


Rose:  Yes. So, at the same time I started him on healing his gut and helping him eat some different foods again, I started working on my thyroid, as well as my gut issues because I knew I was now sensitive to dairy and gluten, as well. So, it wasn’t just my kids that had trouble with the foods. It was myself. I knew gluten was a problem, and my thyroid was a problem, and sometimes they can be linked, I think.


So, I started working on my thyroid, and I had been gluten-intolerant. So, by March when he had that pizza, I had some, too, and I didn’t notice any major effects. I thought, “Okay, we’re onto something for me, as well.”


That spring when we started the gluten and dairy again, I had decided that I’d been on the protocols long enough for my thyroid that I was willing to start shifting down off of my thyroid medication. So, again, at about the sixth-month-mark — that’s when I had started weaning myself off of my thyroid medication very slowly and just seeing, “Okay, am I symptomatic going down?” — I continued to be able to wean myself off. That took about nine months then, and I was able to get off all of my thyroid medications.


Kate:  Yay!


Rose:  Yay. Yes, very yay. But I still needed to go longer. I wasn’t completely done yet, but I was definitely seeing improvement. So, I just kept going and looking for my markers.


Kate:  Are you still taking those protocols for your thyroid?


Rose:  No. I’m pretty much now just kind of in a maintenance zone of acutes that come up … things like that. I’m eating gluten. I don’t eat it every day just because I’ve tried to kind of follow more of a Weston A. Price diet, loosely. But if I want to go to a restaurant, we go to a restaurant.


Kate:  Nice.


Rose:  Yes, it is.


Kate:  It sounds like your lives had a lot of restrictions before, and now you have so much more freedom.


Rose:  I was spending my days preparing so much of the food to work around eating traditional foods — or not traditional but more like … how do I say it … today’s “standard” foods. I didn’t want to eat like that anyway, but there are conveniences to be able to just whip up something quickly.


Kate:  Or when you go to a family event or a birthday party.


Rose:  Yes, that’s what’s really freed me up because I was taking an entire meal for all seven of us to any family event, and my boys hated it. We were taking a big cooler just to eat at a family event. They couldn’t eat what their cousins were eating. The first time we showed up to an event without a cooler, we turned heads!


Kate:  I bet.


Rose:  “What did you do?” And I started telling them. But then they just like shut down; they really didn’t want to know that I had done something different. Then it was almost misbelief like, “Well, maybe you guys were never sick to begin with.”


Kate:  Of course.


Success stories


Okay. So, you’re healing; your family members are healing. What other stories would you like to share with us?


Rose:  Well, something funny about the same son is that all of his brothers didn’t like it that he never had to wash the egg pan because every time he did, he would hive up. They’re like, “He’s getting out of work, Mom!” But it was visible he would have a rash (hives) from washing the egg pan.


This boy then now? Two days ago, I made him eggs for breakfast. So, that’s nothing short of miraculous as far as I’m concerned. So, that’s a pretty cool addition to him, and his brothers were happy, too.


Kate:  That’s all they cared about.


Rose:  That’s right. That’s right. Again, this same boy, we just had so much healing. He had mold issues, chemical sensitivity issues. He couldn’t tolerate hair sprays or gels from even me in the house, and I was not wearing high-perfumed things. Now, he’s wearing his own commercial gel on his hair. So, he went from not smelling mine to putting it directly on his body!


Kate:  Oh, my gosh!


Rose:  Yeah. He would come home from basketball on a Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening just coughing and coughing and hacking and nagging. I figured out, “Oh my gosh, that’s Ipecac: nag and gag.” I would give him that one or two times as soon as he got home from basketball. So, there’s something about the gym that he was going in. After three Sundays of this happening, we were done. He would come home pretty much symptom-free. We didn’t need any more Ipecac.


Kate:  Did you use Ipecac 30 or 200?


Rose:  Ipecac 30, and the first time he needed it three times. The second week, I probably needed another two or three times. By the third week, it was like, “Do we even give it? Let’s see how he does.”


I never at first initially thought it was nagging and gagging. Like, “Wait a minute. Yeah, that is!” So, my perception was off a little bit on what “a nag and a gag” was. But as soon as I gave it, you could clearly see his symptoms diminishing.


Kate:  Wow! This kid has really had some major successes with homeopathy.


Rose:  Yes. Well and I just think priming him with the good diet prior to that helped him — got him a certain point. Then homeopathy kind of cleared everything else the rest of the way. He’s also had wisdom teeth under my care. From the time he came home from the oral surgery, we did only homeopathy for his recovery. So, that was huge success as well that we managed it all — all of his pain, his recovery — completely with homeopathy.


Kate:  Wow! Good for you! I have a question that I wanted to ask you. How did you learn what protocols to use for your son who had all of these allergies?


Resources to use


Rose:  Sure. So, Joette’s blogs and the student forum on Facebook were invaluable. Then there are a couple of friends that I met that are from the same state as me. She, in particular, had helped me in the middle of the night or whatever. Just, I kept digging and digging and kept asking and kept trying to ask a different way. I wasn’t giving up. I reached out to a lot of different people. Everyone — Joette’s students — were just so helpful. If they couldn’t help, they said, “Well, I’ll see if someone else does.” Or, “Try this.”


So, the forums, the blogs, and the classes … and I had to re-listen to Good Gut, Bad Gut. I had to re-listen to Allergic. I didn’t get it the first time. I just couldn’t absorb it all at once.


So, as far the student and learning, you can’t stop! You just have to keep going. You hear it once, and you might need to hear it again and click something else because new symptoms have arrived or something like that. So, I would say as even just words of encouragement if you’re just starting out, just be patient with yourself! Just don’t give up! There’s an answer. You’ve just got to keep digging.


Kate:  Yeah, that’s what I like to say too. There is an answer; just keep searching for it.


Rose:  Yes, yes, I agree.


Some other just quick successes: We’ve had bedwetting success. When I know somebody personally has gotten off their antidepressants. We’ve had the eczema clear up, the acne clear up, bumps, bruises, that kind of normal “Mom stuff.”


The more you use it, the better you get at it.


Kate:  You’ve had injuries as well.


Rose:  Yes, we had. One of the football players again got really hurt on the field. We healed him up. Again, same boy, homeopathy just really worked well with him. They told him he was going to be done for the season because of what happened to his shoulder. They said, “You’re done.”


We got him back on the field two weeks sooner than the season over. As a captain in a Senior year, he got to play the last two games.


Kate:  Oh! That just gave me chills!


Rose:  Yeah. Sport meant everything to this boy. He was a captain. In fact, I kept giving him Arnica on the field. He wouldn’t go to the emergency room, because he said, “Mom, I’m a captain of this team, and I’m not leaving until my team leaves.”


So, we went to ER very late that night because he sat there, and I kept popping Arnica to him nonchalantly on the field. Most boys don’t let their mommas come down on the field. He did, but he was healed two weeks sooner than the doctors had even imagined.


Again, that was all homeopathy.


Kate:  So, I have to ask the question. Did you use Arnica 200, or did you use a higher potency?


Rose:  On the field, I only had 200 with me, but after we got home and got him on to ER, we used 1M. I believe I probably used Ruta, as well, but it definitely was Arnica for the swelling and the pain.


Kate:  You felt like that kept it under control?


Rose:  With frequent dosing, yes, because he was in a lot of pain. But he’s also strong, and he handles pain pretty well, too. People have different tolerance levels.


Kate:  Okay. Well, it sounds like you have really done miraculous things with homeopathy in your family. I’m really thrilled that you could share that with us because I know that there are so many people who have these food intolerances and different issues and are trying to figure out what’s the best way to learn these protocols. So, you’ve given us some great information and great tips.


So, anything else that you want to share with us as we depart?


Rose:  I don’t think so. That it’s just been great, and it’s been life-changing. It has been a game-changer for my family. We’re moving forward in seeing how else we can improve our health.


Kate:  Well, thank you, Rose for being with us today. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.


Rose:  Yes, thanks so much, Kate.


Kate:  You just listened to a podcast from PracticalHomeopathy.com where nationally certified homeopath, public speaker, and author, Joette Calabrese shares her passion for helping families stay strong through homeopathy. Joette’s podcasts are available on iTunes, Google Play, Blueberry, Stitcher, and TuneIn radio.

Thank you for listening to this podcast with Joette Calabrese. To learn more and find out if homeopathy is a good fit in your health strategy, visit PracticalHomeopathy.com.

These Moms with Moxie podcasts are designed to be inspirational, not specifically educational. No Remedy Card is p


Joette laughingI am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 66 – Moms with Moxie: “Whoa, you’re ordering pizza?””

  1. I am loving the Podcasts

  2. Mayda says:

    Wow… I mean wow. Rose I could sit and talk with you for the whole day about your experience with homeopathy and what you’ve done. Joette, thanks again. These podcasts are invaluable.

  3. Mary says:

    I’d love to order your healthy gut, but can’t drop $480… is there any way to get this info cheaper

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Join my study groups, Gateway to Homeopathy. Once you complete the course and join with a group of 11 others in a purchase, you’ll be able to purchase any course for 35% discount.

    2. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      If you join or start a study group (“Gateway to Homeopathy”) at the end of the 8 week session, you may purchase any of my courses for 35% discount when you do so with a group of 11 others.

  4. Dinyar M. Dalal says:

    Dear Joette,
    I have food sensitivity (to Green Bell Pepper, MSG and Pizza). I love Pizza But I have a big problem with the tomato sauce. It gives me the Agita.
    My question is what potency of Bovista do you recommend?
    Thank you.
    Dinyar Dalal

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Given what you’ve described, you’ll need to utilize more than Bovista. I urge you to consider my course, Good Gut Bad Gut where you’ll find a schedule of specific medicines using a 3 prong approach. We use not only the diagnosis (food intolerances) but how it presents (symptoms).

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