Podcast 34 – Dads with Audacity: These Fathers Know Best!

Gerd, Acid Reflux, Sports Injuries

In this podcast, we cover:

03:35  Casey’s journey with homeopathy   

16:10  Broken shoulder, colds, poison ivy, headaches, and food issues

27:06  Mark’s belief in homeopathy and self-healing

32:48  What is bursitis

43:06  Life without homeopathy for Levi and his family

52:36  Iris ver and Mag phos for acid reflux

57:20  Who is Levi

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Podcast 33 – New (and Not So New) to Homeopathy Part II

In this podcast, we cover:

04:15    Differentiating between homeopathy and natural medicine

18:30    All About Dosing

26:20    Aggravation

30:45    Proving

36:50    The Banerji Protocols


Podcast 32 – Moms with Moxie: A Nutritionist Mom on Diet and Homeopathy


In this podcast, we cover:

03:20    Starting Homeopathy

09:06    Success stories with Arnica, Ruta, Symphytum, and Nux vomica

15:36    Implementing Joette’s teachings & protocols into the practice of proper nutrition

24:49    Using moderate diet with the remedies


Podcast 31 – Dads with Audacity: Empowering Wives — and Husbands — with Homeopathy!


Dads with Audacity


I’m especially excited about this month’s Sunday Podcast. First of all, I’m excited because we’re introducing a new series: Dads with Audacity. We hope that this series can encourage more husbands into the fold, by giving voices to the many men out there who are already supportive of their wives’ use of homeopathy in the family. And, I’m especially excited about this particular Dad with Audacity — because he is my husband, Perry! Maybe your husband will also enjoy meeting him, and getting a glimpse into how important homeopathy has been in our life together. Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript of Dads with Audacity: Empowering Wives — and Husbands — with Homeopathy!In this podcast, we cover: (more…)

Podcast 30 – Moms with Moxie: Success Stories and Avoiding the ER!

Moms with Moxy Avoid the Hospital with Homeopathy

In this podcast, we cover:

04:39    Finding Joette’s homeopathy

10:00    Organizing Joette’s blogs

12:25    Success stories and others

18:33    Failures encountered

25:29    Avoiding the ER


Podcast 29 – Lyme Q & A


In this podcast, we cover:

03:30     Lyme disease, its origin and remedies

08:31     Joette shares her take on Lyme disease

17:37     Treating the symptoms like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, leaky gut

22:20     Symphytum and Rhus tox for joint pain

24:13     Coinfections, Lyme testing

29:19     Some more Q&A


Podcast 28 – Allergies & The Power of Properly Assessing What’s Happening



Along the way, I learned to not just throw a homeopathic medicine at the condition.

Be smart. Keep tight notes. Assess properly.

Today's podcast will give you some of my best tips on how to stay on point when treating allergies. (more…)

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