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Podcast 13 – Why Homeopathy Trump’s ‘Em All


In this podcast, we cover:

1:35 Acute vs. chronic conditions

6:58 Drugs are antithetical to true health

16:10 Drugs suppress while homeopathy cures for the long-term

23:16 Rousing the sleeping giant

24:13 Learn homeopathy to cure diseases

Just last week on the phone, Skype and through emails, I met and spoke with over 80 people in my practice.

What I heard from mostly moms and grand moms is that they have used homeopathy for their family’s illnesses from their collection of homeopathy books they’ve purchased from health food stores and online, but they can’t seem to treat the eczema their son or grandson has.

They can’t seem to get a grip on food intolerances or chronic constipation, arthritis, asthma, ovarian cystic disease, or severe acne etc., because they can’t find anything on these chronic conditions.

In this week’s Podcast I can tell you why and more…

  • I explain the difference between chronic and acute illness

  • The good news and the bad news

  • The solution; a real life solution you busy moms and grand moms can use immediately

It’s not good enough to strive to be the best in the world, you must be the best FOR the world. Join me and change your world first, then the rest by spreading the message.


Joette (more…)

Podcast 12 – Why You May Be Disillusioned With Homeopathy

drug free Joette

In this podcast, we cover:

0:36 Keep copious notes for future reference

9:13 Antibiotics act like a bulldozer

10:59 Always compare using previous notes

14:56 Joette’s headaches and how she got rid of them permanently

24:47 Pass on the knowledge and help others

Once they are over, we humans don’t generally ponder all of our previous sufferings. Soon we let them go, otherwise we’d be  doomed to chronic thoughts of misery.

Hence, it is the duty of the homeopath/mom to keep careful notes.  This is the only way clear comparisons between past and current symptoms can be drawn when assessing a chronic condition.

Without this information, you might be tempted to think (on the sufferer’s recall) that the remedy did not work.  And this could lead to premature abandonment of the remedy that simply wasn't used long enough.

This ability to draw clear comparisons of the symptom picture is vital.

For this is where too many people become disillusioned with homeopathy because they don’t understand that it often takes time for a remedy to fully act.

There is a practical way to approach this and how to interpret the remaining symptoms that I teach it in my classes.

One story I tell in this podcast is a personal one.

Learn the remedy Kali bichromium 30 that cured my chronic, sinus headache. Over 25 years ago…and never returned. (more…)

Podcast 11 – Essential Oils and Homeopathy



In this podcast, we cover:

0:48 Using essential oils

5:25 The healing powers of homeopathy

6:34 Essential oils that are also used in homeopathy

9:03 Differences between homeopathy and essential oils

12:53 Rules in using homeopathy with essential oils

15:17 A protocol using homeopathy and essential oils

22:58 The Banerji protocols

Before I learned homeopathy 29 years ago, I used whatever means I had at the time.

When someone got sick, I employed botanicals. I wild crafted herbs from around my property, like St. John’s wort, coltsfoot, nettles and such and made them into tinctures so I always had a store of quality homemade herbal medicines.

Listen to today’s podcast where I answer the question, “So if you know that essential oils have therapeutic value, why don’t you use them in your day to day work?”

I know you are going to like the answer.

And don’t miss today's new protocol to add to your growing homeopathic tool kit.

Ultimately it comes down to you having the tools to buck the system when necessary…transforming meek moms into mighty moms!



PS I recently gave an interview as a participant in an on-line summit called The Essential Oils Revolution Summit. Erica, of Homestead Bloggers Network, introduced me to Dr. Eric Zielinski, one of the two organizers of the Summit. Check it out as I discuss the subject of essential oils and homeopathy. (more…)

Podcast 10 – Defiant Mother


In this podcast, we cover:

0:36 Joette on pediatricians: “Yikes!”

2:17 How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor

7:54 Examples of drugs that are dangerous to us

12:04 Trust in your ability to mother

18:07 “I’ve had enough!”

22:12 Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa believed in the powers of homeopathy

25:26 Be a defiant mother 

Today’s podcast is a bit more personal than previous ones.

I offer no apologies. I am a defiant mother.

While raising my children, my thinking went something like this: If I was going to bring children into the world, I ought to be able to identify whether they were well or not.

In fact, not unlike any of you mothers reading this now, I checked my baby (who was generally in my arms anyway) pretty much by the minute so I felt pretty capable of conducting my own well baby check-ups.

I also read unceasingly.

Additionally, I put a lot of time into homemade, organic, pasture fed foods, so it seemed stupid (excuse the sophomoric word, but it’s so fitting!) to forget all that when the baby got a common illness and defer to someone with whom I fundamentally disagreed.

I hate drugs, he loved ‘em. Ultimately you have to be willing to buck the system. Listen to the podcast for more reasons why mothers need to be vigilant and defiant.

And why my parting word is NO! (more…)

Podcast 9 – The Worst Kind of Pollution


In this podcast, we cover:

0:45 Joette as an anti-pesticide activist

2:32 Medicines: The worst kind of pollution

7:52 Don’t rely on your doctors to tell you the harmful effects of medicines

11:05 Transitioning from conventional medicines to homeopathy

Today's podcast is about pollution, but not the first kind that comes to mind. Years ago, I was an anti-pesticide activist. I met with local hospitals and school boards in my community and got them to stop spraying dangerous pesticides on their lawns and school grounds. We are all too familiar with that kind of pollution, and the ability of grass roots activism to create positive change.

This podcast, I want to talk about one that may be much more important than the sprayed kind.

It actually might be the most vicious, as its overuse has become the number one killer in the U.S. today. Remarkably, we not only willingly accept this kind of pollution, we agree to it, so it’s not enforced like taxes. Instead, the public is convinced to respect it enough to pay for it! It’s even bold-facedly standing in your medicine cabinet every morning. (more…)

Podcast 8 – Stopping and Changing Direction

Sleeping child with his toy bear.

In this podcast, we cover:

1:09 Conditions that take longer to treat

2:11 Antimonium crud mixed with Arsenicum album for itchy eczema

7:41 Petroleum for eczema that’s worse in the winter

9:22 Use camphor in between the wrong protocol and the new protocol

10:16 Coffea helps with sleep

12:08 Food intolerance, the root problem

Herein I finish the three-part series What to Expect When Using Homeopathy.

In my previous two podcasts (and blogs) I covered acute illness, general guidelines for selecting dosage and chronic illness, what to watch for (the three magic markers) to determine whether the remedy was well chosen.

Now in Part 3, I cover what to do if you recognize that the remedy is not the best selection for the case. (more…)

Podcast 7 – Treating Chronic Illness


In this podcast, we cover:

1:01 Length of time needed to treat a chronic condition

5:00 Take copious notes

8:58 Homeopathic remedies for vomiting

10:13 Take note of the improvements

16:21 Joette’s magic markers of improvement

“Being able to take responsibility for your family’s care in such a meaningful and committed way is the substance that makes for a life well lived.”

This week’s podcast is about starting and using homeopathy for your family’s chronic conditions. (more…)

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