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Podcast 44 – Americans for Homeopathy Choice

American Constitution with US Flag




03:28    The latest FDA draft guidance for homeopathy

08:24    Americans for Homeopathy Choice, CPG

12:08    Combination Remedies and Nosodes

15:57    Withdrawing the compliance guide

21:33    The probable reasons for doing this

29:23    Copy, paste, and send


Podcast 43 – Becoming Unstoppable!

Becoming Unstoppable



01:24    Joette shares some advice for the New Year

07:03    Pulsatilla

16:34    Goals or tips for the more experienced

20:06    Listen and observe

27:42    Choosing between Aconitum and Ignatia

37:04    Know the homeopathics that your family needs


Podcast 42 – Moms with Moxie: Sharing Successes


Moms with Moxy - Sharing Successes


03:54    How Gina started with homeopathy

08:50    Allergy: Apis and Carbolicum acidum

14:42    Dislocations and cell salts

16:09    Gout

18:53    Tools/Resources to use

25:15    Migraines


Podcast 41 – Joette’s Holiday Traditions and Remedy Tips

Homeopathic Traditions and Tips from Joette Calabrese

In this podcast, we cover:

01:16    Joette talks about Christmas traditions    

12:09    Little tips from Joette

20:14    Being relevant in your kids’ life

26:24    To take or not to take remedies


Podcast 40 – Moms with Moxie: Don’t Panic!


Reacting versus responding: Don’t panic



03:51    Courtney’s story: being an herbalist, using remedies for breech birth, and being a doula

11:40    Bursitis, arthritis, food allergies and their remedies

22:19    Nola’s story with the vole: Ledum and HyperArs for an animal bite

27:30    Reacting versus responding: Don’t panic


Podcast 39 – Blue Is The New Black!


Michele Boiron, Christophe Merville

In this podcast, we cover:

01:08    Introducing Michèle and Christophe

08:34    Homeopathy in France and the US

14:54    Boiron’s role in the growth of homeopathy   

20:50    Boiron in India


Podcast 38 – Study Group Questions for Joette

Joette Calabrese


In this podcast, we cover:

02:09    Study group and its importance

08:37    Joette talks about poison, toxicity, and curative aspect

14:14    When would we see results

26:10    When it’s not acting as quickly

34:05    Homeopathic resources available


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