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Podcast 17 – Homeopathy Can Help Mothers Care for Their Children – New (and Not So New) to Homeopathy Part l


   I share in this podcast the harrowing experience I had with my firstborn child and how that changed the way I raised all of my children. 

     I explain that Homeopathy is more than home remedies, herbs, and vitamins; how it used to be prevalent in the US and is still widely used in Europe, South America, and India.

     Homeopathy is a simple – yet intelligent and elegant – way to physically help your family.  


Podcast 16 – Shut UP! How Taking drugs shut up symptoms and cause new, more sobering ones later on


In this podcast, we cover:

0:46 A Taking prescription drugs starts in the pediatrician’s office.

3:06 B Statin drugs on lowering cholesterol.

19:40 C Rooting out cardiac problems with Arsenicum album.

35:14 D Lachesis for heart problems during menopause.

40:30 E Heart conditions could be symptoms of other health conditions.

46:10 F Learn to say no.

Shut UP! How Taking drugs shut up symptoms and cause new, more sobering ones later on;

Cardiac Disease Can Stem From This Abuse While Homeopathy Can Resolve It 


Podcast 15 – You Must Fail

In this podcast, we cover:

0:50 Joette failed 17 times on a real estate exam

7:43 Don’t eat defeat

12:29 Perseverance and commitment in treating your family

17:30 Antibiotics and why we should avoid them

27:23 Change your way of thinking when it comes to treating common diseases

This is my favorite subject: how to defeat failure.

It helps to know when somebody else can (or has) overcome something, no matter how big or small, because only then can you start to believe you are capable of doing so, too.

Failure is not a shameful word. In fact, we must fail in order to find the right path to success. Stopping or giving up before you reach success is what separates the mediocre from the mighty.

I invite you to listen to/read my story and hopefully gain some inspiration from it.

Here’s the Banerji Protocol take- away from today’s podcast:

Lycopodium 200 mixed with Arsenicum 3, twice daily for bloating and a belly that’s distended.




Podcast 14 – Question, Defy, Compartmentalize

In this podcast, we cover:

0:59 Question, challenge, defy accepted ideas and practices

6:55 The mother’s role in her child’s life

17:54 Convincing your spouse on the wisdom of using homeopathy

19:48 Joette becoming accomplished in homeopathy

23:17 Arm yourself with knowledge to decide for yourself what’s best for you and your family

I realize I am going to receive some staunch differences of opinion regarding this blog for the position I take and the philosophy I espouse, but I offer no apologies.

This week I talk about a lifestyle change; one that takes courage. I personally have a set of rules, and have found that if I abide by them, they rarely fail me.

Listen to learn about the sense of self-satisfaction you will experience once you understand how to take charge of your family’s health and well-being.

With this podcast, I will be introducing a new feature; a full transcription providing more reasons than ever to listen, learn and pass on to others.




Podcast 13 – Why Homeopathy Trump’s ‘Em All


In this podcast, we cover:

1:35 Acute vs. chronic conditions

6:58 Drugs are antithetical to true health

16:10 Drugs suppress while homeopathy cures for the long-term

23:16 Rousing the sleeping giant

24:13 Learn homeopathy to cure diseases

Just last week on the phone, Skype and through emails, I met and spoke with over 80 people in my practice.

What I heard from mostly moms and grand moms is that they have used homeopathy for their family’s illnesses from their collection of homeopathy books they’ve purchased from health food stores and online, but they can’t seem to treat the eczema their son or grandson has.

They can’t seem to get a grip on food intolerances or chronic constipation, arthritis, asthma, ovarian cystic disease, or severe acne etc., because they can’t find anything on these chronic conditions.

In this week’s Podcast I can tell you why and more…

  • I explain the difference between chronic and acute illness

  • The good news and the bad news

  • The solution; a real life solution you busy moms and grand moms can use immediately

It’s not good enough to strive to be the best in the world, you must be the best FOR the world. Join me and change your world first, then the rest by spreading the message.


Joette (more…)

Podcast 12 – Why You May Be Disillusioned With Homeopathy

drug free Joette

In this podcast, we cover:

0:36 Keep copious notes for future reference

9:13 Antibiotics act like a bulldozer

10:59 Always compare using previous notes

14:56 Joette’s headaches and how she got rid of them permanently

24:47 Pass on the knowledge and help others

Once they are over, we humans don’t generally ponder all of our previous sufferings. Soon we let them go, otherwise we’d be  doomed to chronic thoughts of misery.

Hence, it is the duty of the homeopath/mom to keep careful notes.  This is the only way clear comparisons between past and current symptoms can be drawn when assessing a chronic condition.

Without this information, you might be tempted to think (on the sufferer’s recall) that the remedy did not work.  And this could lead to premature abandonment of the remedy that simply wasn’t used long enough.

This ability to draw clear comparisons of the symptom picture is vital.

For this is where too many people become disillusioned with homeopathy because they don’t understand that it often takes time for a remedy to fully act.

There is a practical way to approach this and how to interpret the remaining symptoms that I teach it in my classes.

One story I tell in this podcast is a personal one.

Learn the remedy Kali bichromium 30 that cured my chronic, sinus headache. Over 25 years ago…and never returned. (more…)

Podcast 11 – Essential Oils and Homeopathy



In this podcast, we cover:

0:48 Using essential oils

5:25 The healing powers of homeopathy

6:34 Essential oils that are also used in homeopathy

9:03 Differences between homeopathy and essential oils

12:53 Rules in using homeopathy with essential oils

15:17 A protocol using homeopathy and essential oils

22:58 The Banerji protocols

Before I learned homeopathy 29 years ago, I used whatever means I had at the time.

When someone got sick, I employed botanicals. I wild crafted herbs from around my property, like St. John’s wort, coltsfoot, nettles and such and made them into tinctures so I always had a store of quality homemade herbal medicines.

Listen to today’s podcast where I answer the question, “So if you know that essential oils have therapeutic value, why don’t you use them in your day to day work?”

I know you are going to like the answer.

And don’t miss today’s new protocol to add to your growing homeopathic tool kit.

Ultimately it comes down to you having the tools to buck the system when necessary…transforming meek moms into mighty moms!



PS I recently gave an interview as a participant in an on-line summit called The Essential Oils Revolution Summit. Erica, of Homestead Bloggers Network, introduced me to Dr. Eric Zielinski, one of the two organizers of the Summit. Check it out as I discuss the subject of essential oils and homeopathy. (more…)

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