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11 Ways to Get Whole Foods into Your diet; Make Your Own in a Jiffy

What do I mean by whole foods? I mean pure foods….. Those foods that are not adulterated by pasteurization, homogenization, preservatives, denaturing and manipulative processes.

I mean foods as they are and as God intended. True, there are some methods that we’ve come up with, to enhance beautiful and whole foods, but it’s only to add an extra spark of vitality and never to take it away. I don’t recommend eating any product that’s been so far removed from the original, that there’s practically nothing of the original left in it. Instant mashed potatoes? Dried cheese powders? Breakfast cereals? 1% milk? Abominations, every single one.

Try these 11 ideas instead:

•  Make your own calcium-rich Vinegar: Place several eggs (still in the shell) in a canning jar, and cover with raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. After a day or so, the shell will have dissolved, discard the eggs, and strain the vinegar through cheese cloth. What you have left is a calcium-rich vinegar, which you can use in cooking and in your next Salad Dressing.  Better than any calcium tablets on the market..and free!

•  Make your own Salad Dressing. Easy and edifying. Use your calcium-rich vinegar and cold-pressed olive oil. Add some spices, onion powder, Celtic salt and pepper.

•  Make your own Bone Stock. This is the easiest way to get calcium. Minimal effort produces a nutrient dense source of gelatin and protein and a delicious start to any soup or grain. Use it for soups, casseroles, sauces and the liquid for cooking your rice, beans and pasta.  (Check out my CD, “Secret Spoonfuls” for this and other great recipes)

•  Make your own Thick Homemade Crockpot Yogurt. An ancient food, delicious on its own, in smoothies, in dips, or even added to bread recipes.  Remember to use whole fat milk.

•  Make your own Pickled Cucumbers. Great as a snack, on the go or on the side. Long lasting and packed with healthy enzymes  (Check out my CD, “Secret Spoonfuls” for this and other great recipes)

•  Make your own Kombucha. Easy to make, refreshing but more importantly, great for you.

 •  Make your own sweets, like my…Moose Mounds and In-the-freezer-Cookies (Check out my CD, “Secret Spoonfuls” for this and other great recipes). Wait ‘till you taste these

•   Make your own Breakfast. Start your day with proteins like eggs and bacon fried in bacon fat (nitrate free and free range, of course!). Try this instead of cereal, toast or bagels.

•   Make your own Breakfast Smoothie. (Check out my CD, “Secret Spoonfuls” for this and other great recipes) Fast, delicious and easy.

•  Make your own Mayonnaise. Use raw eggs, olive oil, mustard and lemon juices. Avoid soybean, corn, safflower and canola oils and instead use almond oil.  Inexpensive, quick, gourmet and nutritious.

•  Find your own Dairy Farmer and drink local raw milk! Ask around at Farmer’s Markets and small farms.

Thick Homemade Crock Pot Yogurt

Did you know that making delicious, nutritious yogurt could be as easy as prepping a few ingredients and leaving them in your crock pot for several hours? Here is my easy to follow method for making crock pot yogurt.

  • Start your crock pot to get it a bit warm for about 10 minutes.

  • Pour 1-2 quarts of whole, raw milk in your crock pot and keep it at the low setting for 3 hours.

  • Turn it off and allow the milk to sit for 2 hours or longer.

  • Add 1 (2 if you’re making 2 quarts) cup of whole, plain yogurt into a bowl and add an equal amount of the warmed milk.

  • This should be mixed well and when added to the pot, mixed well again.

  • Wrap the crock pot in a beach towel and put aside in the warmest corner of your kitchen until the following day.

Now it is ready to be eaten or put in the refrigerator where it will thicken even further.

Please note: some crock pots do not have a low enough setting to keep the milk warmed without actually cooking it.  If your crock pot has a “warm” setting, that setting would probably work well for making this yogurt.

Homeopathy Useful for Motion Sickness

Summertime brings family vacations and with them often comes motion sickness, whether the travel is by car, plane, bus, train or boat.  Over the counter medications often cause drowsiness, affect cognitive function and can interfere with other medications.  Homeopathy offers safe alternatives that address the discomfort of the symptoms and often avert them.  Doses of the chosen remedy may be given every twenty to thirty minutes for up to three doses for severe symptoms.  If the symptoms are relieved, use the remedy only if symptoms return.  If there is no relief after 15 minutes of the third dose of a remedy, try a different one.

Nux Vomica is a commonly used remedy that may fit many of the symptoms of motion sickness.  Nausea seems constant with a severe headache.  Sometimes there may be a ringing in the ears.

If motion sickness symptoms don’t point to any one remedy, Cocculus is the recommended remedy to try.  It addresses the common symptoms of dizziness, vomiting and nausea.  The person feels better lying down and craves quiet.  The smell, sight or even the thought of food often make nausea worse.

Petroleum will be useful for the person who gets nauseas and dizzy from riding in a boat or car.  There may be much salivating, he becomes pale and faint, and breaks out in a cold sweat.  There may be a headache and eating often relieves an uncomfortable, sometimes painful, sensation in the stomach.

Tobacum should be considered for one who exhibits symptoms of extremely intense nausea and suffers from severe vomiting made worse from movement.  There is cold perspiration and he is pale and cold. Symptoms are better in open air with closed eyes.

If you or a loved one is troubled with motion sickness, give homeopathy a try for safe and effective relief.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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