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Homeopathy is

Homeopathy is instant gratification. Is it what we want we really want or is it best to plan for the future? When it comes to health, there’s no beating a strategy that brings good health in the long haul. So, if we get a headache, is it better to take Tylenol and put off the pain for another time? That is the decision. Because according to the laws of health, the propensity for the headache is not gone, only the immediate pain. This means the headache will likely return again and again until the terrain is addressed. Our terrain is depleted every time we suppress it with drugs. Try homeopathy the next time you have a headache. You’ll be building the ground work for your future to reap big dividends.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy has a reputation for uprooting illness. It is a world recognized form of medicine that is used by 40% of medical doctors in Europe, South America and India. Homeopathy is making a strong comeback in the U.S. because it is gentle, effective, non-addictive and will not interfere with conventional medications or procedures. Working with a certified, homeopathic consultant is best seen as an opportunity to resolve health issues. The scope and range of homeopathy are wide and varied. Peer into the world of homeopathy by considering it for your and your family’s care.

Teenage Acne and Homeopathy

Because acne is such an important subject in the life of a teen, the pressure to use antibiotic treatment looms. Topical creams suppress the body’s ability to complete its function. What is applied to the skin is readily absorbed into the body. A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it. Daily antibiotics at such a tender and developmental time would set the stage for future problems, so it’s prudent to find a natural solution. By far the most reliable treatment for recalcitrant acne is homeopathic constitutional care provided by a homeopath. This will unearth the propensity for the problem often in spite of diet or lifestyle.

Homeopathy Tips

Tip: It is vital for the health of those who live in cold regions to eat a diet high in good quality fats such as butter, whole raw milk, whole cheese and cod liver oil.

Tip: Ferrum Phos 6X is a wonderful cell salt for colds and flu when there is inflammation. I've always taught that it could be used at the onset of any inflammation, but it can also be used prophelactically. That is, before the need arises. Used in this way, it has proven effective again and again. 4 pills = 1 dose, taken 2 -3 times daily until the flu season is over. Homeopathic remedies are quite safe in 6X potency as long as they are used judiciously.

Tip: The best way to keep from getting any acute illness such as the flu or colds is to keep your constitutional care current. A visit to your homeopath every 6 weeks (if problems remain) is a good rule of thumb.

Homeopathy Tips

Herbal tip: Echinacea angustifolia has a worldwide reputation for enhancing the immune system. If you are blessed enough to have it growing in your garden, harvest its roots and make your own tincture, following the instructions in a good herbal book. If your closest source is the health food store, then buy the highest quality liquid. Liquid preparations are usually fresher than capsules so they don’t lose their strength. I like the brands Gaia and Herbpharm. It has been shown that drawing up 20-25 drops in the pipette, putting in water and sip 1-2 glasses per day. The recommended use is ¼ of the amount for children. Echinacea is recommended as a preventative for only a few weeks and during a cold or flu. Prolonged use causes its ability to diminish. Some people are allergic to Echinacea, so watch for allergic signs after trying a small amount. It has been shown that most people have only positive results.

Nutri-tip: Minimize or eliminate your sugar intake. It creates an acid/alkaline imbalance that is fodder for viruses.

Homeo-tip: For the cold and flu season, the best way to boost your immune system homeopathically is to get the correct constitutional remedy. That is a remedy that takes the entire person into account, including, perhaps, susceptibility to colds and flu. This is found by working with your homeopath. Short of constitutional care by a homeopath, the next prophylactic technique is to purchase the remedy Oscillococcinum, sometimes wisely named “Flu Solution”. Most health food stores and some large grocery stores carry it. One dose taken before you get the flu and taken 1 time each month until the flu season has passed is the most efficacious method. The dose is the same for an infant as for an adult. I suggest, however, if you are presently under constitutional care and already taking a remedy, that you not do this unless the flu presents a serious threat to you or you’ve checked with your homeopath.

Injuries and Accidents

There is no better way to treat the physical and emotional shock of accidents and injuries than with homeopathy. Whether for a mild injury or one that requires medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb the shock, minimize and often remove bleeding, reduce fear, anxiety, pain and put the sufferer in a better state. If the emergency room seems to be the only way to care for the injury, give the
best remedy you know on the way to the hospital. This is reason enough to keep a small emergency kit in your purse. Even after a trip to the emergency room, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy will often hasten recovery and reduce pain. Pain medications can even be omitted with the correct usage of a remedy. Swelling and healing will often be hastened by 1/2 the time.

Cuts & Abrasions
Arnica montana

Arnica Montana

Puncture Wounds
Arnica montana

Kali bichromium

Heat Prostration

Insect & Animal Bites
Arnica montana

Muscle and Bone Injuries

Over exertion and deep injuries
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Bellis perennis

Arnica Montana

Fractures & breaks
Arnica montana
Calc phos
Bellis perennis

Dislocated Joints
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Arnica montana

Four Leading Remedies for Ear Infections

1.) Belladonna

  • Most common for early stages of earache
  • Good when earache comes on quickly
  • Bright red ear but eardrum is still normal shape
  • Sudden high fever with earache
  • Pain down into neck
  • Sore throat

2.) Ferrum phos.

  • Use in early stages of earache with no pus formation
  • Onset not as sudden as Belladonna and symptoms not as intense
  • Can give if Belladonna is not working

3.) Chamomilla

  • Mostly indicated by the mood, less by particular symptoms
  • Extremely irritable
  • Earache comes on slowly but severe pain
  • Improves with warmth
  • Watery, runny nose

4.) Silica

  • Later stages of cold with ear infection
  • Mild whimpering, but less interested in affection
  • Physical weakness, tiredness, worn out
  • Chilled
  • Sweaty head, hands, or feet
  • Intense ear pain but not extreme
  • Occurs at night
  • Irritated by noise
  • Pain is behind the ear
  • Itching in ear
  • Stopped up sensation in ear
  • Pus formation in ear, may have drainage
  • Nasal discharge

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