Eleanor Pigby

Eleanor the Pig, Joette Calabrese

Hi! Buster the Bad Office Dog here.

I have a new friend! I have a new friend!

She is so cute. She’s about my size, but somehow, she doesn’t seem quite like me. She’s very, well … very pink and some might say a little porky. She doesn’t bark much either. But that doesn’t bother me; I really like her.

Her name is Eleanor Pigby.

(Mom laughs at her name every time someone says it. I don’t get it. She told me it had something to do with The Beatles — whoever they are.)

Anyway, Eleanor’s mom, Audrey, took her to the doctor to get her fixed. I don’t really understand why. Eleanor didn’t seem broken!

But I guess they decided to fix her anyway. I overheard it had something to do with her getting too aggressive when she was in heat. I’m not sure why. When I get too hot, I just get sleepy. But it must be different with Eleanor Pigby.

Apparently, this “fixing” thing is quite a process. Eleanor, who is usually full of energy and rarely stops moving, was suddenly quiet and kept to herself. It was weird! She normally follows her mom around everywhere, but when she got home from the doctor, she just wanted to be alone.

I think she was in pain.

The doctor gave her some allopathic pain medicines. But Audrey works with my mom, so you can bet those allopathic pain meds went right in the trash! Mom reminded Audrey about her blog post on remedies for people-surgeries, and confirmed that homeopathic remedies for animals are the same as homeopathic remedies for people!

Mom said if Eleanor Pigby was in pain, Hypericum 200 every few hours would help. If the pain seemed to be the actual surgical wound, adding Staphysagria 200 every few hours as well would help the more specific incision pain. (If you don’t believe me, Mom wrote a whole blog post on Staphysagria and surgery.)

The doctor had warned that Eleanor might get constipated after the “fixing,” so Mom also mentioned Nux vomica 30, twice a day, would address that.

Audrey wisely had all the remedies she needed on hand. (I think it’s so smart that she stays prepared for any health issues that confront her family.) Eleanor is obsessed with eating, so she would just gobble up the homeopathic pellets her mom gave her right off the floor!

By the evening of the next day, Eleanor was back to her old self. She was playing, jumping on the couch, and acting normal, all with no allopathic pain medicines! She had a wee bit of constipation (probably from the drugs they used at the veterinarian’s), but the Nux vomica resolved that in short order. See? Mom’s protocols do work as well on animals as they do on humans.

So, as Mom would say, “Pass on the good news of homeopathy!”

(I’m so lucky she’s my mom, aren’t I?)

Buster  &  Eleanor



P.S. If you want to start learning how to care for your family (four-legged ones included), from what I hear, Mom’s Gateway to Homeopathy I is the perfect foundation to get started. Or if you’ve already used homeopathy, it’s also a perfect refresher. (And guess who will mail you the curriculum? Eleanor’s mom! Eleanor herself might even oversee the process — if she isn’t too busy running around the house.)

You can start your own study group with other moms you know or join a group that is currently forming. Either way, learning with others provides an inquisitive, supportive environment. Study group members generally stay together and continue learning with Gateway to Homeopathy II, Mom’s free blog posts and podcasts or taking one of her courses. It’s a great way to forge an exciting, dynamic, homeopathic community!









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