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The Eyes Have It: Chronic Dry Eyes

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

February 11th, 2018  |  51 Comments

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Chronic dry eye Before

Imagine having red, dry, burning, painful eyes. Every day. All day. For years.

It’s unbearable to even think about, isn’t it? But such was the life of a client of mine.

Carla’s eyes had been painfully dry for years. Unrelentingly dry. Nothing had helped. Including prescribed meds.

She was understandably at the end of her rope. Carla sent me the un-retouched photo above during our initial consultation, hoping homeopathy was the solution.

I immediately knew that Argentum nitricum 200 is universal for many, many eye conditions — not all, but many.

It is very specific for chronic conditions that present with dryness and burning discomfort. It is not, however, generally used as an allergic SOS. (Don’t forget to scroll down to download free remedy cards detailing these medicines.) Carla took it twice daily.

Euphrasia officinalis 30 is also considered universal for eyes that are painful, burning and bloodshot. It was easy to see Euphrasia certainly fit when I saw the picture of Carla’s eyes and met with her on Zoom. She took it twice daily.

Another remedy, Ferrum phosphoricum 3, also addresses bright red, inflamed sclera. As you can see from the whites of her eyes in the photo, Carla’s symptoms certainly called for Ferrum phos as well (also taken twice daily).

It only took a few months to see results.

After everything she had been through and everything she had tried (both prescription and OTC drugs), homeopathy worked!

But don’t take my word for it; here is her un-retouched “after” photo:

Chronic Dry Eyes AFTER

This case is a perfect example of how the homeopathic approach differs from other healthcare modalities.

Perhaps a naturopath would have endeavored to find the cause of Carla’s eyes’ inflammation and tried to treat that.

A conventional doctor might have tried to alleviate the symptoms — prescribed something to get rid of the redness and an analgesic for the pain. But in homeopathy, we do not treat symptoms; we use the symptoms.

Now, I don’t want to make a sweeping statement for every condition (in some situations, knowing the cause can be helpful), but, in a case like this — regardless of the cause — we use symptoms to determine which remedies most fit the condition and enlist the protocols.

Without investigating the underlying cause of Carla’s chronic dry eyes, within a few months, her eyes were greatly improved. Actually, the condition halted.

As a reminder, in the homeopathic method I employ, generally, we use remedies until very much better, and then we stop — waiting to see if the symptoms return.

We might need to restart the remedies again in two months, six months or a year. Or, we may not need the remedies again at all! We use the symptoms to make that determination.

When you think about it, it’s similar to conventional medicine. Let’s say someone took Midol to treat menstrual pain. They would take it until the cramps went away and then they would stop.

They wouldn’t keep taking it long after the symptoms were gone, thinking, “Oh, what the heck! Why not?” No.

It’s the same in homeopathy — generally (and there are exceptions) you would not continue to take a homeopathic medicine after it has completed its work.

(Now again, this is generally the way it is done. For instance, in allergic conditions, we know we’ll continue our remedies for a longer period because it’s often a deep-rooted issue.)

I encourage you to learn how to use symptoms and know the name of the condition to determine which homeopathic medicines best fit your or your family’s conditions.

My free blogs and podcasts hold a wealth of information. Don’t forget to utilize the search bar at the top of all of my web pages to find articles addressing your specific concerns.

And, don’t forget my new Facebook Live events held in my Joette Calabrese Facebook Group on Monday nights at 8 PM Eastern. It is a wonderful experience for me to interact with you in real-time, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. If you’re not able to attend the event while it is live, not to worry! I post replays of previous events on my Video page.


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P.S. If you decide to go further in your education of using Practical Homeopathy® to provide healthcare for your family, answer some brief questions on this flowchart to determine which of my courses would be most beneficial for you.



Joette laughingI am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

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51 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It: Chronic Dry Eyes”

  1. Sylvia Tavares says:

    I have a blocked oil duct in my eye. And I have the red sclera, hot, burning, itching eyes. But I also have burning tears that flow. And I’ve had allergies that have affected my eyes as long as I can remember.

  2. Sara says:

    Joette when I saw this article I did a double take I couldn’t believe I was seeing you focus on something that has been my problem for 35 years! I’m hoping I can find relief as well! I would like to say that my problem has mostly been chronic dry eye, and my eyes do look like the first picture most of the time, although in the last 5 years or so since my eyes are so inflamed by the dry eye that now they water and burn ALL THE time where I am constantly wiping my eyes and I look like I’m crying. I still have some periods in between the watering where they are dry and gritty, but otherwise constant burning watering. Would I use the same protocol you mentioned above? Could you help me? Would do anything to stop this condition!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Without taking your case specifically, all I can offer is this information so that folks can have a reference and an idea of how these protocols work.

  3. Usha says:

    Hi joette
    How are you
    Your articles are very nice

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Usha, Did we meet at the PBHRF in Kolkata?

  4. Sandy says:

    Great data! How about folks who have scar tissue in the eyes from surgeries? And glaucoma?

  5. Cherie says:

    I am so glad you wrote on this topic! My two year old has this condition and I didn’t want to give him any allergy medication so the poor little guy has just had to suffer! We will employ this immediately! I have him on Calc Carb and Bovista for long-term allergies. Thanks so much for all your free info! It has saved us thousands of dollars in avoided ER trips and doctors visits!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      That’s the idea. ‘Happy to hear.

  6. Dinyar Dalal says:

    Hi Joette, I have constant tearing of both eyes, more left eye. I went to several eye specialist, tried all prescription drops but no help. I have to keep dabbing with tissues every few minutes. PLEASE Help.
    Thank you.

  7. Shaylynne says:

    Hi Joette, I’ve only been a member for a very short time – but I love it here. Thank you for this article. I plan on taking most of your courses, starting with the allergy one to help out my family. I have been looking for a teacher of homeopathy in Michigan without luck, and I think I’ve now found something even better. 🙂

    Back on topic, have you heard of conjunctivitis medicine (erythromycin) causing dry eyes (especially at night when sleeping), when there was no prior issue of dry eyes? From the reading above, it sounds like Argentum nitricum 200 might work for something like that.

    Thanks, and I look forward to your classes soon.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Side effects are the most pernicious effects of drugs.

  8. Tina Wirth says:

    Hi Joette. My daughter is having the exact problem you describe. She works for an eye doctor who has not been able to cure her. Are the three remedies taken together or separately from one another?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:


  9. Susan Moore says:

    I have a client with whose eyes will feel as if they are burning and itching. This happens all year round, with the fall being the worse time. But not red, inflammed or bloodshot. Just very dry. Sounds like Arg-n 200C may be in his future! Thank you Joette!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I hope it helps.

  10. Narendra says:

    Joette All your blogs are unique to read and learn how to approach to the conditions of the patient and decide the remedy. It is simple and logical, because you have digested Homoeopathy. It is a great pleasure to read all your blogs. Thank you very much.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Well, Thank you.

      Pls show others how to use homeopathy.

  11. Galina Krasilnikova says:

    Joette, what do you usually recommend for strained eyes (after reading too much on a mobile phone)? Ruta? Thank you for your work!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Good choice.

  12. michelle says:

    Would any of these three help would burning and redness from cat allergies?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Yes, but you still want to get to the underlying condition as well.

    2. michelle says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately, the underlying condition is the cat allergies, which I can’t cure. Which of the three do you think is best? I have bloodshot, burning eyes.

      1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

        I have done so and teach how, using homeopathy. ‘Not that difficult.

        1. michelle says:

          Well that’s promising! But out of the three treatments that you mention, which do you think would be best for my bloodshot, burning eyes? Thank you!

          1. Michelle says:

            Well that’s promising! But out of the three treatments that you mention, which do you think would be best for my bloodshot, burning eyes? Thank you!

  13. michelle says:

    Well that’s promising! But out of the three treatments that you mention, which do you think would be best for my bloodshot, burning eyes? Thank you!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I can’t tell you what you personally need, but if you read the post carefully and then read up on each of the remedies in a materia medica, it will likely be clear to you.

  14. michelle says:

    But, which do you think, in your professional opinion, is best for allergies? Thank you.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      No matter the cause, we use the way the condition presents. However, uprooting an allergic state ought to be included and is not discussed in this blog. I teach it extensively in my course “Allergic”.

      1. michelle says:

        Hmm you don’t think the cause should be addressed? I have already tried Euphrasia (my symptoms are bloodshot, painful and burning eyes) but it didn’t work. And I used it for months. My symptoms have been going on for over a year. That is why I am curious if you have a different solution. One that would help for allergies. Thank you.

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          Yes, allergies should indeed be addressed, but not with the remedies discussed in this blog. This article doesn’t touch on allergies. The allergic state is a more in-depth subject and needs an additional consideration. Meanwhile, the remedies I discuss in this article are often useful regardless of the etiology.

          If Euphrasia didn’t help, it means it wasn’t the correct medicine.

          1. michelle says:

            I understand. Do you know of any remedies that address allergies?

          2. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

            Yes, but I don’t offer info on them on this blog because the subject of allergies is too large to tackle in a short article. Instead, I use them in my practice and teach how to use them in my courses.

          3. michelle says:

            So you do know of something that could help, but won’t tell me? I have been suffering for over a year and would appreciate any insight. Thank you.

          4. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

            Allergies are deep, the entire case needs to be taken and I don’t take cases on this forum. You may meet with me or take a course but an allergic state is not possible to teach in an article.

            I work with allergies in my daily practice and have seen excellent results, but it’s not one remedy; its a process of using a few depending on the case.

          5. michelle says:

            Oh I understand. And how do I meet with you? Thanks.

          6. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

            You may go to https://joettecalabrese.com/consult-with-joette/

  15. Gabriele says:

    Hi, Joette. A couple of years ago, you mentioned that you planned to write about remedies for eye floaters. I’ve searched your site and cannot find anything specific to that. Could you provide a link, if possible? Thank you!

    1. Ronda Rupp says:

      I am also interested in hearing more about eye floaters. Is there information somewhere?

      1. Lyn says:

        I am also interested.

        1. Martha says:

          Me Too!!!!

          1. Alexia Casper says:

            Me as well and Strabismus.

    2. Pamela says:

      Yes! I agree with all the others…please write about floaters.

  16. Jackie Owens says:

    Hi Joette. Does Banerji have a protocol for Dry Macular Degeneration?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      When it comes to certain chronic conditions, it’s not as simple as just knowing a protocol. One must take the case fully and consider other conditions as well.

  17. Cindy says:

    Is that Ferrum phosphoricum 3 or Ferrum phosphoricum 30? It says 3 but links to 30. Thanks!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      FP 3. The link must have been corrupted.

      1. Kelli says:

        There is NO Ferrum Phos 3c listed on Boiron’s site, so why link it there?

        Aside from having to pay to become your student in order to order this remedy, where else can non students purchase the 3c?

        Hopefully you will see my post and reply. I was unable to send a new reply because your reply box area is covered up by your web page’s bottom border info.

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

          You’re welcome.

  18. Olena says:

    Would Argentum Nit also work for the painful eye muscles?

    Thank you kindly!

  19. Kara says:

    Are these the first medicines you try for dry eyes? Does this help about 80 percent of people you see? Mine are not as red as the lady on the picture and not normally itchy but dry, gritty, and hurt. Especially my left eye just hurts-doesn’t itch. I think I should just start with argenticum since that’s the one for chronic dry eyes and this has been going on for a long time?

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