Don’t Forget Sepia for Headaches!

Joette Calabrese


Hello, my fellow moms! Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope your family is celebrating you, or you’re celebrating your own mom. There is nothing more heartwarming than having our children surround us.

Did your family give you some new homeopathic medicines to add to your collection? (If not, you know it’s never too late to drop a hint!) In my blog posts this year, I’ve tried to give one must-have medicine each week to help you create a well-appointed homeopathy kit.

So, why don’t we recap the remedies we have covered thus far? If you missed one of these discussions, click on the medicine name to link to its blog post.

  1. ColdCalm®
  2. Ruta graveolens
  3. Symphytum officinale
  4. Arnica montana
  5. Hypericum perforatum
  6. Oscillococcinum®
  7. Arsenicum album
  8. Aconitum napellus
  9. Hepar sulphuris calcareum
  10. SleepCalm®
  11. Pulsatilla nigricans
  12. Ignatia amara
  13. Rhus toxicodendron
  14. Helleborus niger
  15. Euphrasia
  16. Lycopodium
  17. Nux vomica

And today, it’s time to add number eighteen!

In honor of Mother’s Day, it seems only fitting to add Sepia to our list. But truth be told, we’ve covered Sepia quite a bit in prior blog posts.

No matter. I remain undaunted! Some medicines are so essential they deserve repetition.

And since we must include Sepia in any conversation about well-curated homeopathy kits, let’s discuss it again! (Besides, so many new readers and students have joined our ranks, and they need this information, too.)

Sepia 200 is a mainstay for headaches and a stellar medicine for women.

Why women? Because when we think of Sepia, we think of the female reproductive hormones as having been “flexed” in some way. In other words, women who have had children have been shown to benefit from Sepia as well as women who have spent years on birth control pills (the tiny hormonal assassins that they are).

Now, just because you have a whopping headache doesn’t mean Sepia is always the correct choice. Remember that a “Sepia” headache is NOT a sinus infection headache or pain resulting from changes in the weather.

Instead, a Sepia headache’s timing often— although not always — can be related to the cycle. The pain may come before one’s period, during ovulation, or even during menstruation (especially when accompanied by scanty flow). Whenever there is a calendar-like pattern to these often-repetitive headaches, Sepia may be considered.

As I’ve taught previously, we want to be able to defend our medicine choices in court. So, we endeavor to check off all the boxes:

✔️ Headache

✔️ Woman

✔️ Hormonal “flexing” (having had children or artificial hormonal tinkering)

✔️ Calendar pattern (surrounding menses)

And here’s another component I don’t think I’ve written about before. If there is also a thyroid issue at play, we can, generally, hang our hat on Sepia. (Or I should say, “rest our case,” in keeping with our court metaphor.)

✔️ Thyroid issues

Keep in mind that Sepia is generally not utilized as an SOS (meaning as an immediate reaction to a headache). As I’ve written before, as an SOS when the headache strikes, one might consider employing the Banerji Protocol of Picric acid 200 (Picricum acidum) mixed with Belladonna 3, every 3 hours.

However, Sepia 200 might be considered once or perhaps twice a week as a baseline to uproot the chronic propensity for this type of regularly occurring headache, rendering an SOS medicine eventually unnecessary.

Mothers bear the weight of a lot of stress. I know! I am one! So, I want to offer you a superpower — a power so great that it will enable you to embrace your motherhood more fully, develop an even keener ability to care for others, and even contribute to the financial security of your family.

I’ve prepared a short video to celebrate the day with you, and I hope you will take a moment to watch it.   Watch your inbox for my celebratory message.

Until then, have a wonderful Mother’s Day and pass on the good news of homeopathy!



P.S. I discussed Sepia and headaches two years ago in one of my Monday Night Live events. Here’s the archive of that discussion, in case you want to learn more! And if Facebook is not for you, don’t forget that my Mighty Members have their own special enclave in which to watch and participate! The Mighties join me on our private server so they don’t have to deal with social media scrutiny.

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 I hope you’ll join us there.


5/14/23 Don’t Forget Sepia for Headaches!



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