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Wartime Suffering

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

February 19th, 2023  |  9 Comments

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Joette Calabrese


When the conflict in Ukraine became more evident, I began making notes for this article. But the optimist in me hoped the conflict would be short-lived, so I never sat down and completed the post.

It’s hard to believe that this has been going on for a year.

Observing violence and atrocities — even by watching from afar— can be a significant shock to the nervous system. As a result, sensitive individuals (and even those not so sensitive) can be thrown into an “Aconitum state,” meaning anything along the spectrum from aghast shock to full-blown panic attacks.

For this condition, Aconitum napellus 200, twice daily for a few days, has been shown to restore balance.

In fact, Aconitum (Aconite, for short) is this week’s must-have medicine to add to your well-stocked homeopathic kit! There’s always a tube of Aconite 200 in my purse. We never know what life will throw at us when we least expect it, so I never go anywhere without it. (You can read more about this in Emergency Remedy Series: Aconite in My Purse.)

But shock and panic attacks are not the only conditions that can arise during wartime. Often, individuals who have witnessed violent atrocities can internalize the event so profoundly that they experience violence in another way.  Perhaps their thoughts become more violent, or they experience violent dreams. Children may become more violent in their play. 

Homeopathy, as always, offers a countermeasure to gently and politely assist the body in naturally restoring equilibrium. It’s Stramonium 200, generally utilized twice daily until very much better.

I have discussed this subject before in Podcast 94: Stramonium and The Swiss Family Robinson and, more recently, in The Angry Child. But this homeopathic medicine is equally applicable to adults as it is to children.

Men and women who have served in the military and witnessed atrocities — or even had to commit one themselves — have been helped with this medicine. It’s a terrible burden to the healthy psyche of a soldier to feel forced to follow orders to do something unthinkable. Even though they generally have no choice but to comply, now they have to live with what they’ve done.

This medicine may be important for bystanders as well. Observing something shocking and egregious can affect the central nervous system to such a degree that the witness cannot cope. It throws them off in such a way that they manifest violence as though they are looking for parity against potential continued aggression.

Remember the old expression, “Practice random acts of kindness”? The implication is that kindness begets kindness. Well, in like manner, violence begets violence.

It matters not if one is enmeshed at ground zero of a conflict or watching hellacious videos from the relative safety of home a continent away. Experiencing violence can create emotional upheaval in any individual.

But Stramonium has been shown to counter this turmoil whether nearby or remote. (And by remote, I mean remote in time as well as physical distance. Veterans have often reported success with Stramonium well after their time in service has ended.)

Look, my friends, watching the news is an invitation to fall down a rabbit hole of emotional chaos these days. Endless news coverage of the spy balloon and other objects shot down in our airspace can make even level-headed folks consider the fragility of peace and the horrors of war.

But our homeopathic medicines stand at the ready to counteract wartime suffering — both real and imagined.

So, pass on the good news of homeopathy. And consider sharing these valuable medicines with all those who suffer — whether at home or abroad! We must keep our faith strong, yet always know that at times when our faith might waver, homeopathy has our back.


Joette Calabrese

P.S. Another excellent coping mechanism for concerns about war and disaster is preparation. That’s why I wrote The Survivalist Guide to Homeopathy.” The Survivalist Guide is my magnum opus — a homeopathic reference book that can be utilized even if the internet infrastructure has failed. In it, not only do I cover first aid, shock, radiation and chemical exposure and epidemics, but I also teach how to address many common systemic illnesses and conditions if the hospitals and medical facilities are no longer available. Homeopathy allows us to deal with our family’s health, even if support from the outside world is no longer available.

But the time to learn is now — before anything happens! If you wait until you need this information, it will probably be too late. That’s just the nature of emergencies, right? So, I urge you to learn more about The Survivalist Guide by clicking on this link. The homeopathic competence and confidence you will gain will offer true peace of mind.

And remember — all of my Mighties (Joette’s Mighty Members) qualify for a 10% discount on course purchases. If you need assistance getting your discount, email contact@practicalhomeopathy.com for more information.

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2/19/22 Wartime Suffering



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9 thoughts on “Wartime Suffering”

  1. Janine Ruch says:

    Do you have anything that can help battle the brain based war on Eating disorders?

  2. Peg says:

    In addition to the wartime suffering that you have covered here, some would say that humanity as a whole is also suffering from psychological warfare. Social media narrative wars, inaccurate news reporting, censorship, societal manipulation on a large scale, etc. has many experiencing fear, confusion, and disillusionment. Would Aconite and Stramonium help in the current war on/for our minds or are there other remedies that would be more fitting?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, PHom M says:

      I’ll be discussing this tonight on Facebook Live but to answer your question, a resounding yes! …as long as the symptoms fit.

  3. Edina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have no stramonium in my emergency kit! Going shopping….

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, PHom M says:

      I love shopping.

  4. C Colleen says:

    I evacuated the Paradise, CA wildfire 30 minutes before our home of 30 years burned to scorched earth. The whole town was destroyed, 85 souls were lost that day. We moved to another state. Counseling afterward helped initially, but 4 years after I am always on alert to danger of every kind. Traveling on freeways or even smaller roadways I am startled by cars coming at me, I gasp audibly thinking we are going to collide. I’ve learned to breathe through it and pray, but is there a way to settle down the subconscious?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, PHom M says:

      Did you read this article?
      If not, do so.
      If you have, read it again and again.
      It’s all there.

  5. Heather T says:

    I have family who are still dealing with the stress and fall out of all the garbage from 2020. Lots of emotions. I think I am going to see if these help. Thanks!

    1. AL says:

      Lots of us continue to deal with the stress and fall out of the last three years, so know that your family members are not alone. Personally I have found several homeopathic remedies, including Aconite, to be very helpful at tipping my equilibrium back toward normal. I’m not there yet, but it’s improving over time. Best wishes for you and your family.

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