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After reading an article recently about the increase in illness in American children due to modern medical practices such as overuse of vaccinations and antibiotics, it confirms what I see in my own children. While so many families around us struggled so much with illness this winter, my kids remained pretty healthy. Especially Sophia who, when she got a cold a couple weeks ago, I calculated that it was the 5th time she's been sick in over 5 1/2 years of life, and all of those sicknesses have been minor; no more than a couple of day incidents.

She was so funny when she was sick this time. She'd been feeling badly for maybe 3 hours and she looks plaintively at me and says, “Mommy, am I ever going to feel better?” I chuckled – she has no idea what so many other kids/ppl go through. To her 3 hours of feeling sick is a lifetime! Thanks for helping me give my kids this marvelous health! It is indeed amazing.

As an employee of Johnson's Village Pharmacy, I've worked closely with Joette professionally. I was especially thankful to have access to her expertise last month when one of my family's dairy cows was paralyzed and on the floor with milk fever after calving.

Unfortunately, with this condition, if the cow remains unable to stand up after some time it must be put down.
Our cow Suzie, had been down for several days after many doses of calcium and other methods. We had given up hope when I contacted Joette. Since it was a dire situation, Joette responded immediately with her timely information regarding Suzie's situation.

 I gave Suzie two doses of Calc carb that evening and after an additional dose the next morning, we found her standing up in the barn that morning! She had also been given a mixture of calcium, potassium and phosphorus in an IV, but she had been getting that for a day or so before the remedy, so it was definitely the remedy that worked so quickly.

And the next day, she was able to be led to pasture! Within a week, Suzie was back with the rest of the milk cows and has regained her strength thanks to homeopathy and Joette's knowledge!

Just wanted to let you know that the Lachesis worked! The first 24 hours were AWFUL, the pain got worse, but then it rapidly got better over the next 8 hours and 90% of all symptoms were gone by day 3. Thanks!!

Thank you for your help last week with my mastitis. The pain and soreness are entirely gone now!

While babysitting my precious 1 ½ year old niece, I decided to take her on a walk. It wasn't until we were well underway, however, until I realized that I had been a little too ambitious. The wind was biting and whipped her blonde hair out from under her snug cap. By the time we reached home, we were both thoroughly chilled and snuggled up with a blanket, milk and cookies.
But I wasn't convinced that we could get off so easily. I didn't want to wait until she got sick to give her a remedy, so I quickly chose Aconitum 30, the way Joette taught me. I remembered, among some other factors, that it was good for illness that came on after being exposed to cold winds. I thought it would be worth a try.

So, prophylactically, my brave little niece took her dose. When my sister came home, I confessed having taken her little one on a chilly walk and that I'd given her a remedy, in the hopes that she wouldn't be left with a sick baby.

What happened was quite the contrary and this is where my sister's account picks up….

That night I went to give my daughter a bath, but dreaded it as it was always a source of anxiety for both of us. I had taken a chance when she was a baby and brought her into the shower with me once, but it did more harm than good. She had been scared of the bath ever since, and for the seven months that followed, she would scream, tense up, and sob the entire time.

She would stand but never sit in the water, and she couldn't handle any water being poured on her at all – heaven forbid I attempt to wash her hair. She would hold onto my arms and ask to be all done. It was so stressful.

That night, I began the bath very slowly as usual, but my daughter's behavior shocked me. She actually helped undress herself and climbed into the tub! She immediately sat her little self down and began playing with toys. Within a few minutes, she was using a cup to pour water over her head!

I believed the dose of Aconitum was the reason she so peacefully overcame her fear of the bath. I was right. When I read my sister's Materia medica, anxiety is eliminated by the use of Aconitum! I am so thankful for homeopathy!

I'm not a believer or a disbeliever of homeopathy or modern medicine. I'm just one who needs to see results.

Two months ago, I was sick with a doosey of a cold/flu. And I finally started to feel like myself, except for one thing.

I had a plugged right ear that started when I got the fever. I couldn't hear anything out of it; even a month after the flu was over. I tried everything, but nothing made a difference.

Then I talked with Joette. She told me that Kali sulph 6x has a reputation for unplugging ears, particularly after an infection. So I took it every few hours and in 24 hours my hearing was 90% back! A few more days of the stuff and there's no plugged feeling and I can hear again!

Now what did I hear about placebo?

I started using homeopathy 16 years ago as an alternative modality for a sick kitty. Recently, I found myself looking for its healing powers for myself. Two years ago, I injured my back, while trail running. The pain was becoming progressive and debilitating as the days, weeks and months passed.

I tried different alternatives including chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. All seemed to offer some help, but I always quickly regressed. I had to find a homeopath, because I knew homeopathy was the only way I could truly finish the pain.

While searching through Homeopathy Today and Wise Traditions, I found a homeopath that had the proper education and experience to help me. I found Joette. I especially liked reading her articles, as it seemed that we were on the “same page” about things.

My first appointment was 2 months ago and after suffering for 2 years, I am approximately 85% healed and more than just my back was healed! I am confident that within the next couple of months, I will be more than completely well.

I will be forever grateful for the accurate remedy and homeopathic information given by Joette.

Being able to bend down to tie your shoes should not be a luxury, yet the remedy has brought a simple luxury back to me. For that, I am even more sold on the strength of homeopathy and all the vitality it can offer.

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