Stomach Flu

Joette Calabrese, stomach flu

“Everything on the inside wants to be on the outside.”

That’s how my family describes the adventure of stomach flu. If you’ve ever had it, I’m sure you know exactly what we mean.

Recently, I received a request from a Mighty Member to teach about homeopathy and the stomach flu. As luck (?) would have it, I had just gotten over a bout myself. So, I can speak from recent, personal experience here.

It started with cramps in my upper abdomen — in the stomach area. Then the nausea came … in waves. Every time a cramp hit, the nausea would follow, washing over me like a suffocating blanket. It grew and grew until … well … until I became the human embodiment of a confetti cannon.

Everything on the inside tried to get on the outside in whatever way it could. Exit stage right, left and center!

Now, lest you think this was just some little brush with stomach upset, let me tell you, my friends, I had relentless cramping that resulted in severe vomiting. Indeed, I turned into a pathetic ball of mush, declaring to my husband, “I want to die! No, I think I AM dying!”

It seems almost laughable now. But it certainly wasn’t funny at the time.

Now, you’d think that after all the years I’ve been in practice and have spent researching as an educator, I would immediately employ the perfect matching homeopathic remedy.

I did not.

My mind was reeling with potential possibilities. What on earth did I have? I hadn’t been to a restaurant in the previous days, so it wouldn't likely be food poisoning from an unknown source. Likewise, it couldn’t be food poisoning from our own food. I had prepared our family meals, and everyone who ate the same things was just fine.

Could it be a stomach bug? At the time, we were up north, trapped indoors by the blizzard. I hadn’t been around anyone for a few days to catch a bug. And that colored my thought process.

So, what was the etiology of this decidedly explosive event? Who knows? I couldn’t figure it out. And perhaps in my state, I temporarily forgot that the “cause” really didn’t matter. As is often the case, our struggling brains may emphasize particular symptoms and scenarios more than others. Sometimes we may ignore symptoms altogether.

So, in my misery, I tried several homeopathic medicines, giving each their due time to act. But they did not. It wasn’t until I tried Arsenicum album 3C that I hit the nail on the head! It was miraculous! (Well, it’s not really a miracle, now is it? It is a well-documented homeopathic medicine for vomiting and stomach pain, substantiated by years of clinical use.)

I took one dose, curled up on the sofa, and promptly fell asleep.


Those familiar with homeopathy know that in most acute situations, sleep is a good sign. The body is relaxing into the healing process, signifying (more often than not) that the correct homeopathic medicine has been administered.

My husband covered me with a blanket. To my great surprise, in the morning, it turned out I was going to live after all! I woke up feeling fine, ready to meet my responsibilities of the day! What a difference a few hours — and the correct homeopathic medicine — made!

However, as they say, “Your mileage may vary.” Not everyone will respond as quickly as I did. Resolution after just one dose is pretty spectacular and certainly not always to be expected.

A similar sufferer might require one dose every 15 minutes or so during the first hour. Then they might back off in frequency to perhaps once every one to three hours (depending on severity) until very much better.

While we’re on the topic of my story, I should say that Arsenicum album 3C is not an easy remedy to find. You’re not going to pick it up at Whole Foods, Wegman’s or Walmart. My clients and students can order it through OHM Pharma, a non-retail homeopathic manufacturing pharmacy. But not everyone has earned access to that resource.

As an alternative, quite a few retail pharmacies (such as Boiron, Hahnemann Labs and Helios) carry Arsenicum album in the 6th potency. And, as of this writing, Boiron even carries it in the 5th potency on their website.

Now, before you start writing a comment below, yes, I have seen it sold in a 3C on the internet through unfamiliar pharmacies. But as you know, I do not encourage purchasing from foreign pharmacies where the manufacturing process may be less controlled, professional and meticulous. Instead, always buy from a reputable pharmacy, such as those mentioned in my previous post, Where to Buy Homeopathic Medicines.

But that said, do keep in mind that many of our reputable pharmacies offer potencies that are not visible on their retail websites. So, it’s worth a direct call to their customer service to ask if they can fulfill a request for Arsenicum album 3C.

However, when we can’t get our chosen medicine in the correct potency, we use what we’ve got — the closest potency available.

So, this week, I nominate Arsenicum album for inclusion in the well-rounded homeopathy kit. Perhaps own it in several potencies!

For instance, Arsenicum album 30 acted beautifully for little Buster in Homeopathic Emergency Series: Just One Lick. In a 6X, Arsenicum may be considered one potential alternative for nasal allergies, as mentioned in Water Damage and the Worry of Mold. And Arsenicum 200, as part of a protocol, has been shown to be effective for severe itching, as mentioned in A Fungus Among Us.

Arsenicum album is undoubtedly a versatile and powerful homeopathic medicine to have on hand.

And if anyone you know contracts the stomach flu — or whatever I had — pass on the good news of homeopathy!




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2/12/23 Stomach flu



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