Cell Salt Series: Sweltering and Swelling

Joette Calabrese


Not to get too personal, but have your ankles ever looked like water balloons? (And felt like them, too?)

If you have swelling in any particular part of your body — not just generalized swelling but swelling you can press on and leave a dent — that’s called edema. Some call it water retention. Some just call it miserable.

Many times, the build-up of toxins can be the root cause of the edema (for example, too much salt in your body can cause water to build up in tissues). Edema can range between extremely uncomfortable to downright painful.

Last week, I wrote about Nat mur, The Water Distributor. But for water retention — edematous swelling — Nat sulph is called for as a first remedy.

The difference between the two is Nat sulph is all about the liver and gently encouraging its ability to release toxins.

I’m reminded of an old descriptive term you don’t hear much anymore: people used to complain of “liverishness.” This wouldn’t be a typical stomachache right after eating.

No, this would be something that happened in the latter stages of digestion. Just an uncomfortable, ill feeling, as if their digestion wasn’t working properly (and it probably wasn’t).

The term “liverish” eventually became synonymous with someone who was cranky and ill-tempered. No surprise there, right? When someone doesn’t feel well, they don’t always behave well.

If only they’d used Nat sulph!

I probably should have written about this tremendous cell salt a bit earlier in the summer, because Nat sulph is especially called for in those who are adversely affected by hot, humid weather.

In fact, it’s perfect for Florida! They should put it in the water down here!

We’ve been coming to Florida for years, but when we first moved down here, some days were so oppressively hot and humid, I couldn’t even function properly. I took Nat sulph 6X twice a day until I felt like myself again. Don’t get me wrong — I was still hot (it is Florida, after all). But, I could function again!

As you can see, Nat sulph has many applications. Here in my blog, I can only focus on just a few. Keep in mind though, it is also thought of for asthma, especially when it becomes worse in humidity. It also is effective for arthritis that is made worse from humidity.

Simply said: if you’re thinking about oppressive heat and humidity, think of Nat sulph.

So, next time you have friends sweltering in Florida or the tropics or wherever they may be, remember to pass on the good news of homeopathy!


P.S. As I mentioned, there is only so much room in this blog environment to teach the complete picture of a remedy. If you’re intrigued by the amazing powers of these cell salts, you will benefit from the additional information contained in my digital download, Cell Salts: The Easy Homeopathy™.

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