Cell Salt Series: Open a Window or Consider Kali sulph

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We’re almost to the end of my cell salt series. This week it’s Kali sulph. I want to share with you how it provided great relief to me personally when I was pregnant, but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

Here are a few basics of Kali sulph:

I most often think of Kali sulph when someone feels they are in a confined, stuffy, encapsulated space: think classrooms, hospital rooms or small, tight offices.

Anytime one feels an extreme need to get into fresh, cool air — whether caused by a pathology (such as asthma) or by environmental factors — Kali sulph aids in the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the blood to the cells in the tissues, providing relief.

Kali sulph can be a marriage-saver! There are many cases in which the husband prefers to sleep in a closed, warm room while the wife craves fresh, open air (perhaps even sleeping with her face toward a slightly open window).

Kali sulph can be her salvation! (And it’s much less expensive than separate bedrooms. Wouldn’t you agree?)

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, Kali sulph 6X can be taken every hour. However, if feeling stuffy and closed-in is a good general description of the person — instead of their experiencing acute symptoms caused by something environmentally specific — then I would recommend taking it twice daily.   

I promised you a personal story of how Kali sulph came to my rescue when I was pregnant. With my third son, I was, shall we say, very pregnant. This particular son was a BIG baby — and I do mean big — born at ten pounds!

Now, I’m not a very tall person; I top out at about five feet (on a good day). So, add a big baby into the mix, and there was very little room at all for my internal organs to function properly, especially as he encroached on my lilting lungs. I found it hard to get enough air.

My solution? I would often lie down on the floor in front of my sliding glass doors, cracking them slightly and putting my mouth right by the opening so I could suck in the cool, fresh winter air.

It never dawned on me my homeopathic medicines held the answer to this issue. To me, my symptoms seemed like a natural occurrence because I was small and he was big.

This not only raises an excellent point but also provides a teachable moment: Sometimes when we’re in the thick of things, we don’t fully comprehend what is going on with our own bodies and therefore, don’t always make the proper assessments. It happens to all of us, me included!

In my case, carrying a big baby didn’t necessarily translate to my extreme need for cool air despite it being a certain possibility because, at the time, I was too close to my own situation to actively (and accurately) consider it.

Once I figured it out, I turned to Kali sulph 6X as needed. I certainly still enjoyed breathing cool air from outside, but the Kali sulph was tremendous in alleviating the feeling that I just couldn’t get enough oxygen.

(And don’t worry; like any clever mother, I make sure to remind my son of what I went through while I was pregnant with him. It’s always good to keep the upper hand!)

My suggestion is to incorporate the cell salts into your collection of remedies. You never know when you might need one! I also encourage you to read my entire cell salt blog series to familiarize yourself with an overview of some of the conditions each one addresses. Here are the links for your convenience:

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And, as always, pass on the good news of homeopathy!





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