Cell Salt Series: Grab Your Mug; It’s Mag Phos !


It’s time for another in our series of posts about the cell salts. This week? One more of my favorites: Mag phos. Truth be told, don’t be surprised if you hear me say each cell salt is one of my favorites. I love ‘em all!

Magnesia phosphorica is more commonly called Mag phos. But I like to call it “Mug” phos because of the method I generally employ when I use it. You see, magnesium is more effective in heat.

So, when cramps are present, I reach for a very special mug — aptly labeled, “Mug phos.” One Mag phos 6X pellet is dissolved per one ounce of hot water in the mug and sipping is commenced; it is often quick acting in providing relief.

(I would love to call this remedy “Thermo” phos, but that would just ruin the pun, right? However, in lieu of a handy mug, a thermos would indeed be an excellent container to keep the liquid warm throughout the day.

Plus, when feeling unwell, how convenient — and comforting — would it be to have the thermos right there at the bedside?)

But I digress … back to having cramps. You may be asking, “What kind of cramps, Joette?” Well, a variety, actually. Whether menstrual cramps, leg cramps, gut cramps, writer’s cramp, or even growing pains, a mug of diluted Mag phos 6X is often a good choice.

A picture of a mug pops into my mind with any kind of muscular spasm — even relentless hiccups!

When using a mug, the liquid is sipped quite often — at least often enough so the healing fluid is still warm by the last sip. The greater the suffering, the more frequently it ought to be sipped!

One might consider this remedy as an SOS with a shorter duration, so sipping as often as necessary is allowable — as long as one is experiencing the need for it. In other words, if symptoms were to last for hours, then so would the sipping — until very much better.

Once the symptoms subside, there is no longer a need to continue the remedy. Obviously, it’s not the only medicines in our repertory that’s used for such conditions, just one of the first to think of. If there’s no improvement within a mug or two worth of sipping, it’s probably time to move on to another choice.

I’ve written about Mag phos several times in the past, including a memorable story from the days when I was a newcomer to homeopathy and a podcast episode of how I utilized it for my father’s angina  (yes, that's a cramp of sorts as well) while sitting outside the emergency room.

But the wonder of this simple little medicine bears repeating because a mug of Mag phos has successfully served me, my family and many people in my practice more times than I can count as an outstanding answer to cramps and muscle discomfort/pain.

P.S. Mag phos (and all the cell salts) has other applications requiring more time to explain than we have in these blog posts. If you want more information, I have produced a CD/digital download entitled, Cell Salts; The Easy Homeopathy™ to help you get a firm grasp on all of the cell salt remedies. Because there are only twelve of them, they are much easier to get started with than the entire materia medica.

Plus, I present the information to you using the same system I used myself when memorizing over 300 remedies for my certification exams. It works!


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