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Podcast 111 – Moms with Moxie: A Conventionally Trained Physician Meets This Beautiful, Elegant, Gentle Medicine




03:12    From Skeptic to Healer

09:39    Experiences with Homeopathy

26:23    Homeopathy Transformed My Life

30:04    Sharing Insights




Good Gut, Bad Gut: A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

Allergic?! Escape Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances, with Homeopathy

Joette’s First Aid chart

Mindful Homeopathy: Practical Protocols for Mental and Emotional Conditions

Cell Salt Series: David vs. Goliath

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Gateway to Homeopathy: A Guided Study Group Curriculum




Kate:  This is the Practical Homeopathy® Podcast Episode Number 111.


Joette:  Joette Calabrese here, folks. I’m happy that you’ve joined me for my podcast today. You’re in for a treat. From my virtual classroom, I’m privileged to see how homeopathy is transforming lives all over the globe. Their successes inspire me. They’re glorious and powerful, and I can’t keep their triumphs a secret. I want you to hear the excitement my students experience, too. So, you can be inspired by their unique stories.


With the help from Kate, my reporter, I bring you a podcast series I call, “Moms with Moxie.” Sometimes we even interview “Dads with Audacity” or “Teens with Tenacity.” See how regular mothers and others — average folks who love healing those around them — have gone from freaking to fabulous by simply applying what they’ve learned using what I call Practical Homeopathy®.



Kate:  Hi, this is Kate. I want to welcome you back to the Practical Homeopathy® podcast. Today, I have a special lady with me, and her name is Rachna. I'm excited because Joette sent me a message and asked me to interview her for the podcast.


When I saw her name come through, I was happy because I met her in a study group. So, I feel like I've known her for a while now. I'm really excited, actually, to get to hear more of her story and for you guys to hear all the ways that she's used homeopathy — because she sent me a really long list of some things that she's done successfully with homeopathy.


So, I just want to welcome you to the podcast, Rachna.


Rachna:  Thank you, Kate, for having me. It's an honor. I look forward to speaking with you.


Kate:  Yes, I'm excited. Let's get started by … if you wouldn't mind just telling us a little bit about yourself?


Rachna:  Yes, absolutely. I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I have a set of twin boys. I am a conventionally trained physician from India. I came to the U.S. for higher education. The plan was to go back, but after I finished school, I was offered a great job at one of the top-ranking cancer hospitals in the U.S. It was too lucrative of an offer to give up, and I decided to work for a few years, get some experience and then go back to India.


But you know things don't always go as planned in life. I ended up staying back here. And the rest is history, as they say.


Kate:  Well, I'm glad that you stayed here. You sent me some notes before this interview. I thought it was really intriguing what you wrote in the last paragraph. I was wondering. Would you be willing to just read a little bit of what you wrote for the listeners? Because I want them to get an idea of how important homeopathy is to you.


From Skeptic to Healer


Rachna:  Absolutely. Well, homeopathy has completely changed the direction of my life. I could never have imagined a year ago that studying this great medicine would be one of the best decisions of my life. It has made my life more purposeful, more meaningful. It's so empowering as a mom to be able to cure my family on my own. It has made me the healer in my household. So, just like Joette says, “This is God's medicine.” I'm just in awe of this wonderful medicine.


Kate:  It's very interesting that you refer to homeopathy and how it's empowered you to be the healer in your home when you actually have a conventional medical background.


I would love for the listeners to hear just a little bit about your process of how you came to feel this way about homeopathy when you had these tools already — which I'm sure like many of us, we’re grateful for the use of those medicines or surgeries when it's needed. But just let me hear a little bit of the background as far as that goes — like, how you came to homeopathy, or how it came to mean so much to you.


Rachna:  Absolutely. Well, being from India, I was all too familiar with homeopathy. It's very popular in India as you probably already know, but I never had any faith. I was very skeptical.


Since I was so deeply entrenched in Western medicine, I never really thought that those little white pills could do anything. I never gave homeopathy a second thought. If anything, I thought it had more of a placebo effect.


But I've had quite a meandering path. With my own health struggles … I’ve come a long way from conventional Western medicine to functional medicine to naturopathic medicine with essential oils somewhere in between and eventually landing on homeopathy.


I feel like I've crawled my way into homeopathy. Whatever I've learned, I give all the credit to Joette — because I knew about it all my life, but she was instrumental in actually making me want to learn more about homeopathy. So, all the credit goes to Joette.


In fact, several years ago, I had heard Joette at one of the summits where she was a speaker. I believe it was the Essential Oils summit. She had talked about various remedies at that time, but I had no interest in those remedies because I had never even heard those names. I didn't know where I could purchase them, how to use them.


But something that caught my attention and stuck with me was when she mentioned how she had raised her three children all the way into adulthood without any drugs. I found that very fascinating, and I wanted to know how she did it. I wanted to know everything that she knew. But once the summit was over, I forgot all about homeopathy and Joette, and, you know, life just always seems to get in the way.


But then, several years later, I heard Joette again at another summit. This time, I decided to explore her website. I came across her blogs.


That first day, Kate, I was like, Alice in Wonderland. It was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I loved reading her blogs; those short, succinct stories. I loved her writing style. The meat of those articles was always a protocol.


She made homeopathy look so simple. It was like one condition, one remedy, exactly how to use it, what potency, what frequency. I couldn't believe it was that simple because my understanding of homeopathy was that it's a very complex medicine — just like any other form of medicine.


That was for the first time where I actually wondered if homeopathy could help me. I had been suffering from chronic gut issues at that time. I had this neck and shoulder problem for like almost two decades. I had some herniated discs in my cervical spine. I had used chiropractic for a year. I had tried acupuncture and none of that could help me. I'm not saying those modalities don't help, but they were not able to help me at least at that point in time. So, I wondered if homeopathy would be my answer.


As I explored her website more, I came across some of the courses that she offers, and I decided to buy the Good Gut, Bad Gut course. But since I had no one to study with, and I wasn't really motivated at that time, I never went through the course, and it just sat with me.


But as I kept exploring further, I found out about her Gateway courses. Those things really are interesting because you study in a group setting, and it was very inexpensive. So, I decided to buy Gateway I.


That was it! After that, there's been no looking back. I've done her Gateway courses several times. I have done several of her big courses since then. I'm just on a roll. I just can't wait for her Academy next. I'm absolutely in awe of this wonderful medicine.


My only regret is that I didn't find it soon enough. I've known about it all my life. But I guess it took Joette to convince me. Actually, you don't need anyone to convince you, I think. Once you start using these remedies and see how gobsmacking they are, they just become a part of your life. I'm just thankful that I found homeopathy.


Kate:  That's quite the journey that you've had. I find it fascinating because you've come from such in-depth training in medicine and to now … I feel like you're saying that now you finally feel equipped to handle what might come your way in your family and those around you with homeopathy. Which is so exciting, isn't it?


Rachna:  Right. Conventional medicine has its place; don't get me wrong. It's great for diagnostics and trauma care. But besides that, it has no answers for chronic issues. You just get put on a pill for the rest of your life, and that's it. And then you keep dealing with the side effects of those pills.


Homeopathy has given me that freedom. I just find it so liberating because I have absolutely no faith in conventional medicine anymore. It's been like a 360 degree turn for me in my life. I've been able to help my family, my friends, some neighbors with what I've learned in the last year.


Kate:  You just mentioned helping your family and helping friends and other people that you've come into contact with. I'm just going to sit back and let you share with the listeners, your experiences, if you wouldn't mind.


Experiences with Homeopathy


Rachna:  Sure. I'm very excited to share this with the listeners. Well, I'll start with my family. They're my guinea pigs, and I'm grateful to them for letting me experiment on them. I have used homeopathy successfully on my immediate family, some friends and neighbors. I don't have any pets, and I don't have a very large family, but whoever I have around me, I just cannot stop talking about homeopathy. So, everyone in my circle knows how passionate I am about this.


Like I mentioned before, I have a set of twins, and they were born at 31 weeks. They were premature. They had to be in the NICU for several weeks before they could come home.


Second day of life, they were both given prophylactic antibiotics. They were never really sick babies. They were just preemies. But they were given antibiotics prophylactically to prevent infection. I mean, who does that right?


But anyways, I think that completely decimated their gut flora. One of them has always had issues with allergies, and the other one had a predisposition for gut issues. Even though I've tried so hard and tried everything in my strength to give them the best food, always buy organic, and cook everything from scratch — despite all these things, they've had their share of health struggles.


With homeopathy, I've been able to help both of them. With one of them who has always had allergies, he suffered with perennial allergies. We have done so much to alleviate that. Several years ago, we removed carpet from our whole house and got wooden floors installed. We have a really high-quality air purifier in his room. I've had the home tested — the house tested for mold. I've had him tested for mycotoxins. He was even seeing a naturopathic physician, and she was able to help him quite a bit. But there were still gaps in his healing.


Then, I found homeopathy, and I started taking some of Joette’s big courses. One of them was the Allergic?! course. What I learned in that course … I tried some of the protocols. From there, I tried Calc carb as a baseline remedy and some symptom-specific remedies such as Arsenicum or Allium cepa, depending on the symptoms.


With this, I've seen a huge improvement in the symptoms. His symptoms had basically plateaued and weren’t getting any better. But with this, I just see amazing improvement. So, I'm so happy about that.


Another thing where I've been able to help him is he started to develop hives especially after eating strawberries. That's one of his favorite fruits. I noticed that every time he would eat strawberries, he would get hives. Again, I had learned in the Allergic?! course about Apis. So, I treated him Apis. I believe I gave it to him just a couple of times — I think just twice — and I have yet to see it again. It seems to have been uprooted with just two doses of Apis.


I don't think anything in conventional medicine could do that. This is just amazing.


I have also used homeopathy for certain acute issues in both my children. I've used some protocols from the Gateway courses such as Aconite/Bryonia, Hepar sulph, some combination remedies from Boiron such as ColdCalm and RhinAllergy. They've been lifesavers for my kids. I usually see super-quick results with these remedies. My children have not had to miss a single day at school.


I also used Chamomilla successfully in one of my kids who would always have earaches while flying. That seems to have gone away with the Chamomilla.


I have another story where my twins … You know, they love each other; they're like two peas in a pod. But they also fight a lot. One time, one of them hit the other one real bad in the eye. He had like bloodshot eyes, and he was screaming with pain. I was doing the Gateway I course, and I had just come across Joette’s First Aid chart. I opened it up and I looked it up, and there it was: eye injuries.


I immediately used Aconite and Hypericum for him and a combination of cell salts such as Ferrum phos, Calc sulph and Nat mur. Believe it or not Kate, I saw great results within a day. I love this — that I don't have to run to the doctor's office for every little thing. In fact, even big things now, so I just depend completely on homeopathy.


In fact, with my other child, I’ve successfully resolved his issues through the one with the gut issues. He's always suffered from chronic constipation. It has been so distressing for him and for us as a family because we've had to take him to the urgent care several times for an enema because he wouldn't go to the bathroom for fear of pain. He would just get so backed up, and he would cry and get so bloated. Every time we would take him to the urgent care, they would give him the enema and then send us off to the pediatrician. Next day, we will go to the pediatrician, and he would just tell us to take Miralax every day.


I'm a very bad patient myself. I don't like to use drugs, and I don't like to use it for my kids as well. So, I was never comfortable giving him Miralax every single day — as much as the pediatrician tried to convince me that it has no side effects. At that point, I had bought the Good Gut, Bad Gut course but not studied it. But I wanted to tackle his issues with homeopathy. I just sat down and went through that course from beginning until the end. I'd probably try a few protocols from there and see if they'd help him.


At this point, he had also started to have not just the constipation and the abdominal pain, but also regurgitation of food. He would eat and then belch and then the food would come in his mouth. It was just kind of very unnerving.


I realized that it was worse with fatty foods. I use a lot of coconut milk in my cooking. Every time I would use that, I would notice that his regurgitation would get worse. So, I tried some protocols from the Good Gut, Bad Gut course such as Nux vomica, Arsenicum, Chelidonium.


I was hoping that Nux would help with this constipation, but it didn't. It definitely helped with other issues, but it didn't help with his constipation. I used LycoPlum for that. After I gave the remedies for a few months, all his issues were resolved. So, I'm very thankful for that.


Kate:  I just want to jump in for one second and clarify something that you said because you mentioned LycoPlum, and it's a protocol. It's two remedies that you use together, and it's Lycopodium and Plumbum.


Rachna:  It’s Plumbum, correct.


Kate:  Yes. I just wanted to clarify that that's what you were meaning when you said, “LycoPlum.”


Rachna:  Yes, absolutely. Yes, Lycopodium and Plumbum, both in the 200 potency — yes.


Now talking of Nux vomica, I've used Nux vomica very successfully with my workaholic, overachiever, Type A husband. This is literally brought back the man I married many years ago. I'm so thankful for this remedy.


I learned about it through one of Joette's Facebook Lives. She was actually talking about some other remedy. But at the end of it, she just happened to mention Nux in passing. At that point, I could never have imagined that this would prove to be such a miraculous remedy.


I've also used certain other protocols for my husband that I learned in the Mindful course, which has really helped him with his fatigue and insomnia, such as Aurum and Coffea. I just feel like these remedies are godsent. I treat them with a lot of respect. I've seen amazing results as a result of using them.


I have also successfully used remedy for my husband's head injury. In fact, head injury is something that has always made me nervous because one can never really gauge the extent of the injury because you don't see anything.


So, this one time, my husband was getting out of the car, and he hit the door of the car really hard on under his eye. It seemed like more of an eye injury. It didn't seem really bad; I didn't think it was a big deal. His eye was a little bit red. I gave him Aconite right away (couple of doses), and he went to bed.


But next morning, he woke up with this excruciating, throbbing headache. He could not function, but he still got ready to go to work and went halfway and came back. He wanted to go to sleep. He wanted to go to bed. That's very unlike him because he's such a workaholic. For him to miss work really means that he's really, really sick.


So, I immediately thought of Arnica, and maybe I should have started that the previous day. But I was very new to homeopathy. I started him with Arnica at that time, and I gave him several doses that they along with Belladonna for his headache. All he wanted to do was sleep. So, that kind of scared me. I wasn't sure if the remedies were working, and that's why he was sleeping (he wanted to sleep all the time), or it was because of the head injury.


By evening that day, his headache got a little bit better. So, I knew I was moving in the right direction.


The next day, he was actually able to go to work, which was great. I continued with the Arnica. I spaced it out, of course, it didn't give it as frequently as the previous day and stopped the Belladonna because his headache was a lot better.


Then by the third day, it was all gone. It was like he was a new person, like nothing had happened to him.


I just cannot say enough good things about homeopathy.


In fact, talking of Arnica, I've used that for myself, too. There was this one time where I was rushing out the door, and I hit the door on my head so bad. I really thought I was going to pass out. In fact, I had to go and lie down on the bed. And my kids were playing around; my husband was not at home at that time.


When they saw me like that, they kind of got scared. They came running to me. They tried to talk to me, but the pain was so much that I didn't respond, and they got more scared, I guess.


One of my sons immediately ran and got a bottle of Arnica and popped a few pills in my mouth. Within a few minutes, I got up. I had to take another few doses that day, and I was just fine.


But later when I asked him how did he even know to give me Arnica out of all the other remedies.


He was, like, “Because that's what you gave to daddy when he hit his head.”


Kate:  That’s so sweet.


Rachna:  Yes. You think, like, these kids are not paying attention, but they have their antennas up all the time. They're just like little sponges soaking everything up. I'm so proud of this little boy of mine. I call him “My Little Homeopath.” I truly hope that one day he grows up to be one.


I have some other stories where I've used it with my mom. My mom, of course, she has age-related issues. She has degenerative disc disease and several herniated discs in her cervical and lumbar spine. She was always in a lot of pain. It's obviously not fun to be in pain all the time. This was, like, really quite debilitating for her.


I had at that point, gone through Joette’s Pain course, and I decided to try one of the protocols from there:  Symphytum Calc phos. She saw such great results with that! She's a convert now. She's a believer, and she tells everyone about how her daughter uses homeopathy.


In fact, one time one of my cousins in India was talking to her, and my mom happened to mention about this to her. The next thing I knew, my cousin called me. She told me about her chronic sinus issues, and she's like, “Do you think you can help me with homeopathy?”


The first thing that came to mind was Sanguinaria which I had read about in the Gateway course. Then it also is discussed in the Allergic?! course. So, I told her to take that. I just wasn't sure if she actually bought the remedy, and she took it or not.


But five weeks later, she called me up. She's like, “What was it that you gave me?” I mean, she was so much better. She had had this for, like, literally all of her life. In five weeks, five weeks was all it took for her to just feel completely normal.


She was so thrilled with the results that now she wants to uproot her asthma with homeopathy, of course. I think I can help her since I've done the Allergic?! course, and I feel confident then I can help her with that.


Kate:  Wow.


Rachna:  Yes. Another remedy that has kind of been a lifesaver for me and my mom, my mother-in-law, a friend and a neighbor is Ignatia. I guess, especially, since with what's been going on in the world for the last nine or ten months, I've had my moments. It's not been easy for my mom or my mother-in-law because they both live by themselves in India. With all the fear mongering and being cooped up at home, it was not easy for them.


So, I told both of them to start taking Ignatia. I think it has really kept them functional all this while.


I have also used it for a neighbor who recently lost her mother, and another friend who lives here in the U.S. But her mom passed away in India, and because of the lockdown, she couldn't travel. I really felt like Ignatia would kind of help her get a closure on that.


Kate:  Right.


Rachna:  That was really, really, really helpful.


I have another story where I help a farmer at a Farmers’ Market. I go to this Farmers’ Market every Saturday, and I know most of the farmers there. I'm pretty friendly with all of them.


So, this one time, I was chatting with a farmer there. In the course of the conversation, she happened to mention how her daughter had been put on birth control pills and antibiotics for her acne. She was obviously very, very … you know … putting her 15-year-old on these heavy-duty pharmaceuticals.


As a friend, I kind of asked her if she was willing to give homeopathy a try. I explained to her how safe homeopathy is and, you know, how it doesn't have any side effects.


She was quite thrilled. She jumped at the idea. She decided to try it out. She heard of it before, but she'd never really used it. She immediately got the remedies that are recommended: Hepar sulph and Arsenicum for acne, which I'd learned in the Gateway course. It's only been a few weeks that she's been using it, and she's seeing great results.


The last time I met her, she was like, “When are you starting your practice? I have a ton of patients I can refer to you.”


Kate:  Awww.


Rachna:  So, yeah. I have a neighbor who had heard that I've been dabbling in homeopathy. She came up to me one time and told me how her acid reflux had been so bad and asked if I had anything in my toolbox that could help her.


I was just so glad that she came to me first to ask for homeopathy rather than trying everything else out and then coming to homeopathy. Just because of that, I was so excited I actually bought her a bottle of Nat phos — this humble little cell salt — and I gave it to her.


The very next day she came back to me and she was like, “What was it you gave me?” I mean just 24 hours literally, and she felt a lot of improvement using that.


This is something I had read about in Joette's blog. I think it's called David versus Goliath, where Joette talks about how she used it for her dad with his indigestion and acid reflux.


The same neighbor again came back to me complaining of charley horses. Another little humble cell salt came to the rescue. I told her to take Mag phos. She's seen amazing results with that as well.


I have also been able to help another neighbor, the one that I mentioned about who lost her mother a little while ago, and I had given her Ignatia. I was able to help her 94-year-old mother pass away peacefully at home with an end-of-life remedy, which is Arsenicum. I had learned about it from Joette through one of her courses, where she had talked about how she had helped her mother in the last few hours before she passed.


I will never know how much this remedy helped my neighbor's mom because she was nonverbal. But I was just glad that I could be part of that transition, and that the family trusted me enough to give me permission to even try that in her last days.


This family is from South America, so, they're a little bit more open to other modalities — you know, other treatment options. I was just grateful that they let me do that.


Kate:  Isn't that crazy how people from other countries are really more open to homeopathy than those of us in the United States?


Homeopathy Transformed My Life


Rachna:  Absolutely. That's, that's true. Yep, I agree.


Then, last but not the least, I would like to talk about how homeopathy has literally given me my life back — how it has completely transformed my life.


I suffered from terrible gut issues as a result of a surgery that I had several years ago. It was ironic that prior to that surgery, I was completely asymptomatic. But the doctors found a mass in my mesentery. It was an incidental finding.


So, they resected that mass, and along with that, they resected a foot and a half of my intestines.


It turned out to be benign! That was a silver lining, you know, that it turned out to be benign, but it just completely wrecked my gut.


For years, my gut was never normal. My diet was so restricted; I could only eat a few foods. I couldn't even ever think of eating out without getting sick. I could travel only if I took antibiotics prophylactically to prevent food poisoning. It was just no way to live.


My social life took a nosedive because people usually socialize over food and going out, and I had completely stopped going out. I would cook everything from scratch, and I had to know every ingredient that went into my food. I had to give up certain foods that I absolutely loved.


I forgot to mention that at that point, I had decided to become Joette’s client. It's been less than a year that I've been working with her, and I've seen amazing results.


You know, I always thought that my problems were “unique” — like most of us think. I wasn't sure how much homeopathy would help me. Not just with my gut but with my other chronic neck and shoulder problems that I had for almost two decades — because that was more of a structural issue, so I wasn't really sure what homeopathy could do. But I have seen excellent results in both these issues.


Prior to Joette, I see a naturopathic physician who was able to help me, but I would have to take this graveyard of supplements that I had, which I had to take every day. She had told me it's a chronic condition, and that I would just have to learn to manage my symptoms.


I had kind of come to terms with that. But I never really thought there was much hope. But after homeopathy, I have made huge strides. Homeopathy has given me wings. I see my symptoms just melting away.


Though I'm still a work in progress, I finally see hope at the end of the tunnel. I'm just so thankful that I've been able to expand my diet. I can eat all those foods that I craved for many, many years. This has just been so liberating for me.


Kate:  You know, it's funny because you were talking earlier about … you mentioned earlier how someone asked you when you were going to go into practice. It sounds like you have because you have all these people coming to you, asking for help. Then these remedies or these medicines help take care of this condition, and then, they come back to you again and again. It's pretty exciting, isn't it?


Rachna:  Right? This is what I've decided for my life for the rest of my life. This is what I want to do. I want to heal people. I think we have enough practitioners in our world today. We need more healers and people need to know about this healing, this beautiful, elegant, gentle medicine.


Kate:  Yes, I like the way that you put that: it's beautiful, healing, gentle medicine.


As we wrap up this podcast, is there any advice that you have for people who are just starting out using homeopathy? You've had a lot of experience now and taking courses and consulted with Joette and worked with friends and neighbors. Give us some of your wisdom.


Sharing Insights


Rachna:  Sure. I think in this pursuit of learning homeopathy, you have to start somewhere. I would start with the Gateway courses. I think that's a good foundation.


Once you have that foundation, that baseline established, you can build upon it with bigger courses.


I didn't do that. I bought the Good Gut, Bad Gut course first. But that was a mistake. I think I should have done the Gateway courses first. That's what I would advise others to do.


I would tell everyone to study, study, and then study some more. Read like your life depends on it. Stay focused. Pursue it with an undying passion. This will never fail you. I feel homeopathy is indispensable for us women because we're the caretakers in our family. We have no other choice but to learn if you want to avoid the medical system and do it on our own.


You'll be surprised how much you've accomplished in a year. In fact, I'm surprised how much I've accomplished in a year.


If you do plan to study, I would advise to do that in a group setting because that keeps you accountable — unless you're highly motivated, of course. That's what I did. Just find a group of like-minded women who are as passionate and as in love with homeopathy as you are. Just start. Meet once a week or every two weeks and study the big courses together — not just the Gateway courses, but also the big courses. It really helps you keep on track.


Also, I would say own your remedies. You can never have too many. Own as many as you can. It's an investment for life, especially since they don't have an expiration date. I just never feel guilty about buying remedies all the time. I feel like there's nothing worse if in the middle of the night, there's a problem, and you know exactly what to do — what remedy to use — but you don't have that remedy. There's just nothing worse than that, so just own your remedies.


I would just like to say in the current times that we live in, there's nothing more important than health autonomy and self-sufficiency, and homeopathy gives us both. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Joette. I cannot thank her enough for teaching these courses and these precious Banerji protocols. I'm just so grateful to her for passing on the torch and keeping our passion ignited one mother at a time.


Kate:  Well, I think you've said it all, Rachna. Thank you so much for taking the time, you've said it beautifully. We appreciate you sharing your newfound passion with us and all of your tips. It's been wonderful having you.


Rachna:  Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Kate. It was great fun chatting with you.


Joette:  As I hope you know by now, on my blog, podcasts and Facebook Live, I offer as many protocols for simple conditions as I can — for free, without affiliates or advertising.


But let me be clear. When it comes to more complex conditions, it’s key that you learn how to use these medicines properly. I want you to be well-trained. So, I save discussions of the more involved methods for my courses in which I walk students through each method with step-by-step training.


In these podcasts, I focus on those students of mine who have already tunneled in and learned how to take care of themselves, family, friends, and pets, and even livestock using homeopathic medicine. Many of these students began their education by participating in one of my Gateway to Homeopathy study groups. And now, after taking one or more of my courses, they’re well-trained to use my specific brand of homeopathy.


I hope listening to this podcast has inspired you to follow in their footsteps. With the proper training, you, too, can nurture and protect the health of your family and loved ones with Practical Homeopathy®.



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I am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

Call today and learn how homeopathy might just be the missing piece in your health strategy.

Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

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