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Podcast 110 – Moms with Moxie: Eavesdrop on Study Group Friends

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

February 28th, 2021  |  17 Comments

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Joette Calabrese


 04:09    Gateway to Homeopathy Study Group

14:08    Secret Santa

17:24    Study group stories

33:56    Favorite Remedy




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Kate:  This is the Practical Homeopathy® Podcast Episode Number 110.


Joette:  Joette Calabrese here, folks. I’m happy that you’ve joined me for my podcast today. You’re in for a treat. From my virtual classroom, I’m privileged to see how homeopathy is transforming lives all over the globe. Their successes inspire me. They’re glorious and powerful, and I can’t keep their triumphs a secret. I want you to hear the excitement my students experience, too. So, you can be inspired by their unique stories.


With the help from Kate, my reporter, I bring you a podcast series I call, “Moms with Moxie.” Sometimes we even interview “Dads with Audacity” or “Teens with Tenacity.” See how regular mothers and others — average folks who love healing those around them — have gone from freaking to fabulous by simply applying what they’ve learned using what I call Practical Homeopathy®.


Kate:  Welcome back to the Practical Homeopathy® podcast. Today's podcast is going to be a bit different because we have not only one Mom with Moxie with us but actually four Moms with Moxie.


I met all of these special ladies that I now consider friends in the Gateway to Homeopathy study groups over the years. So, we wanted to have them on the podcast to give you a little insight into the Gateway study groups, and to hear from each of them about their experience with homeopathy.


I know you'll enjoy listening to them as they share from their hearts today. I'd like to start by welcoming Michelle, Michele, Hillary and Tina to the podcast today. I'm so excited to have you guys all here joining me today.


Michelle:  Hey, Kate.


Tina:  Hello.


Hillary:  Hey, Kate.


Michele:  Hey, Kate.


Kate:  Let's take a minute before we dive in. I want to introduce you to each of these ladies. I'm going to start with Michele (the Michele with one L not two). Michele and I have been meeting together on these study groups for quite a long time. I feel like you're one of my best friends, and we've never actually met in person, which is really interesting. But we talk every day. It all started with the study groups. With that, Michele, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Michele:  Well, I'm from Chico, California. Kate and I live quite away from each other. We just connected so much with these study groups. I'm a mom of five boys and a husband. We have a little grocery store in Chico. I am just having so much fun with Kate leading these study groups now and meeting these women from all over the world and just making great friends.


Kate:  Michele, you're actually on another podcast. I interviewed you on Podcast 93. If people want to hear more from you, they can listen to that podcast.


Michele:  Yes.


Kate:  Great. Now let's go to the Michelle with two Ls.


Michelle:  Hi Kate. Good to see you.


Kate:  Good to see you, too.


Michelle:  I’m from Chicago. I'm a chiropractor and a certified functional medicine practitioner. I am a mother of two teenagers. I have a husband who's also in practice with me.


Kate:  Great, thank you. Great to see you here today.


Michelle:  Thank you.


Kate:  Let's go to Tina.


Tina:  Thanks for having me. I really appreciate this. I'm Tina from Bangor, Maine. I have three children, a husband and a couple of businesses. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned.


Kate:  Yay! All right. Last, but not least, Hillary.


Hillary:  Hello. I'm Hillary. I live in Washington State. I've been using homeopathy for about three years, and I love it. I'm just glad to be here.


Gateway to Homeopathy Study Group


Kate:  Let's get started by talking about the place where we all met. That is the Gateway to Homeopathy study groups.


For those of you who may not be familiar, Joette has a Gateway to Homeopathy study guide, I and II. We all met there. There are so many stories, right, about these Gateway to Homeopathy groups.


Most of you have joined us for more than one of the study groups. You just keep coming back and coming back. I know you feel the same way that I do that every time I go through one of these study groups that I continue to learn. Something new stands out to me, and I'm reminded of something that I had forgotten, or some new information comes out in our conversations.


The best part, honestly, is the friendships and the support that we've developed through these study groups. I want to hear from you now about your take on the study groups and why you like them?


Hillary:  Hi, this is Hillary. I'm going to go first. I loved taking the Gateway classes so much that I took both the first and second class three times. You meet new people, and you get to hear other people's success stories, and that is so fun and encouraging.


But I will say there was an element for me where I was really nervous, because I hadn't been on the Zoom call before and participating made me nervous, but it was such a good experience. I just want to encourage anybody out there to just try it.


Kate:  Hillary, you had talked about, really, you expressed a great hesitation in joining the study group, because even coming on and seeing these new people — you didn't know them. So, what made you decide to do it even though you had that fear? Or what do you want to say to people who might be hesitant to join a study group?


Hillary:  Well, I think you get so much out of it. I pushed myself a little bit to talk. Then you get used to it! You get used to it, and you kind of forget about “this is uncomfortable,” and you just enjoy the people, and you enjoy learning so much.


Even through all of that, I made some really great friends. And I'm in a study group now with some of these people that I met. It's just such a great experience.


Kate:  When you say study group, you mean that you guys are now going through a course together? Is that what you're talking about?


Hillary:  I have done that. I mean, we have a study group that is over Signal. We text each other when we have questions, when we have something that we want to share that is a success, or if we just need some support, we can text each other.


Kate:  Yes. You guys got together, and you said, “Let's join up on Signal. Then we can still continue our conversations, even though our formal study group has ended.”


Hillary:  Yep, that's right.


Kate:  Yeah. I love those Signal groups. They're a really great way to stay in touch.


Michelle, you have an interesting story also about when you first joined a study group.


Michelle:  I came to homeopathy probably about a year ago. Because I'm in private practice, I come across a lot of different cases. And I started doing biofeedback several years ago.


While I was doing biofeedback, these patients … the results would come up with these names of things that I had never heard of before. The patient is asking me, “Well, what is that?”


Like, “I don't know. I just know that it balances you.”


This happens so often that I'm, like, I better figure out what these are, and these were homeopathic remedies. I went on the internet, and I was looking for at-home homeopathy guides or courses. I did try a few I found some from England. But then through that learning, I figured out who Joette was.


So, I called Joette's office and I said, “Do you have a practitioner’s course that I can do?” I was talking to one of her staff, and she says, “We don't have that yet. But we do have these study groups. It's called Gateway to Homeopathy; I think you should join one of those.”


I said, “Yes, but I'm a physician. Are there going to be other physicians on there?”


She says, “No, seriously, just join the Gateway study group. You won't be disappointed. You really need to do it.”


So, I went on to the Facebook page and immediately found Kate and Michele's study group that was starting the next week!!


I'm, like, “Okay, we follow energy all the time; energy has intention. So, I am going to sign up for your study group.” Joined the study group, and I haven't looked back since. It was such a remarkable way for me to learn something that was so foreign to me. I needed to open my mind to a whole other realm of healing, and I don't think I could have done that any other way.


Meeting all these ladies from across the US was an absolute blessing. Like you, too, Hillary, I'm on the Signal group as well. I bring cases to all these gals, and I'll say, “Okay, I got this new patient who has X, Y and Z. What are you thinking? This is what I'm thinking.”


Everyone chimes in. Before you know it, I have a great protocol that I can try with my patients. It's just been remarkable. It really has transformed my practice just in one year.


Kate:  That's a great story, Michelle. I love it. It's been amazing getting to know you, and I'm so glad that you did take that leap and joined our study group. Thank you for sharing about your experience.


Michelle:  Thank you.


Michele:  I can jump in a little bit and add to what Michelle said. Michelle, when we met at our group — actually, all of us, I think were in the same group at one time or another. But we took it one step further, which was so exciting. I was talking to Joette about this the other day that we've gone from being a Gateway study group to, “Hey, what course should we do next together?”


Michelle:  Yes. Yes.


Michele:  We actually did the Allergic course during the winter last year. We just met every other week, early in the morning. I think there ended up being like 15 of us.


Now there's, like, 35 of us that are going to do Good Gut, Bad Gut next.


It's been so exciting to see these groups, getting to know all of you people from all over the world, literally. We have one gal in New Zealand who meets us on the next day. Here it’s Tuesday; it's Wednesday at noon at her place.


But it's been really neat to be able to meet and to work with you and to work with all these women from all over the world. And men! We had a couple of guys with their wives join us this year. One was a nurse; I think he was an RN. Then the other one was a pharmacist. They happen to be in Kate and I’s group together. It was our first men. It was just the neatest experience working with husbands and wives, and then all these other people from all over the place and get their input.


Really, these groups have been incredible for my growth and my learning in homeopathy. I got started going to the groups looking for … I was looking for a group, and I couldn't get enough people together locally. So, I found … I think Joette might have told me about the Facebook page. So, I found Kate had a group, and I got connected with her. Then she said, “Well, you can keep coming back. Once you go to the first one, you don't have to pay again.”


So, I kept coming back over and over and over again. Then Kate and I just grew this amazing friendship. I could honestly say she's one of my best friends that I've never met. We talk every day. I mean, if a day goes by, and I don't hear Kate’s voice, I'm like, “Whoa, I wonder what's going on?”


These groups have been just wonderful for everything. At the beginning of the year, when things started getting shut down, Kate and I started meeting with people on the side and just doing Zoom groups to talk about, “Hey, how do we handle a virus? Let's go through this together and support each other. Let's pray together and lift each other up.”


We have made some incredible, incredible friendships through these Gateway groups. I am so grateful to Joette for starting this. It's just been a wonderful journey.


Michele:  I will say it's actually been really encouraging to have this group through the whole shutdown — through the whole COVID thing. Because people in different states can say, “This is what's going on. What's going on with you guys?” “Hey, this is what I'm trying. This is what's working.”


It has been such a good support group because we can see people, whereas sometimes we can't. It's so nice to connect. It's been so nice.


Michelle:  Michele, to piggyback on what you said about the new courses that we're all taking, like the Allergy course — now we all want to do the Good Gut, Bad Gut, I feel like I wouldn't want to miss out on something. I'm, like, “Well, I got to do what they're doing even though I feel like I need to do the pain group because I'm a chiropractor. But I'm not, I'm going to do Good Gut, Bad Gut because that’s what everybody's doing, and I don't want to do it on my own!


Tina:  I just don't want to miss out on anything, any information.


Michelle:  That's how I am, Tina.


Tina:  Seeing everybody, where we’re so isolated right now. I get to see people who have become my friends, and it's just been amazing. It's a blessing for me.


Kate:  Tina, tell us about what we did this Christmas. Maybe you can share that story.


Secret Santa


Tina:  This Christmas, Michele had a great idea of doing Secret Santa. And us women are all over the United States. I mean, we've never met each other in person. We drew names through Michele, and she told us who we had. And we all sent out emails to say, “Oh, I like this; I like that.” Or “Send me anything! I don't care what you send me.”


It was the most fun I think I've ever had in a Secret Santa group. We got to eat together one night, open up all of our presents live in front of each other. It was just wonderful to share that experience with these women that we've never met in person — that I feel like are such dear friends to me now. Everybody was excited about their gifts and appreciative and thankful, and it was a wonderful experience.


Kate:  I don't know about you guys, but I think that was the gift that I most looked forward to opening.


Tina:  Us too, yes.


Hillary:  Yes, it was so much fun.


Tina:  I was so excited because I didn't even look at mine. Like I'm like, “Oh, the box was there, and I wanted to open it.”


Michelle:  What did you all receive?


Tina:  I ended up getting a salt lamp. It's wonderful because I keep it right in my office by my computer, and it purifies the air there. It's great.


Hillary:  I got a couple remedies, and I got an EMF protection bag to keep my remedies in.


Michele:  I got an EMF bag as well. It was so much fun. I think a bunch of us got EMF bags for our remedy.


Kate:  Yes. I got something that was hand stitched — my name on a blanket that keeps me warm when I'm on all these Zoom calls (because I live in Wisconsin, and its cold here in the winter), and a whole bunch of other things. It was very exciting.


Michelle, it's sad, but you weren't part of that. Because you weren't in our Signal group, right?


Michelle:  No, I wasn't. No. So, next year, guys.


Kate:  Yes. Next year.


Michelle:  Remember to add me.


Kate:  Yes.


Tina:  Oh definitely.


Kate:  Tina, I don't think we heard about your story, how you came to join the Gateway group?


Tina:  It’s kind of exciting for me because I heard one of Joette's podcast and it was actually Kate doing the podcast. Of course, I jumped right online and found the little section and under Joette’s website that said online study group. I didn't know anything about it. I just ordered the Gateway I book. I thought, “Oh, I can just do this by myself.”


Well, I couldn't, it was too hard.


So, I got on Facebook and literally found “The Kate” that did the podcast for Joette. I was just, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot. I started that, and I've done it three times with Kate and Michele — Gateway I and Gateway II. It's been invaluable for me, not only for the information, but the camaraderie that has developed. I would encourage anybody to do it.


Kate:  Awww. You're so sweet.


So, we've had some pretty interesting study group meetings. We have so many stories we could share, right girls? I mean, I feel like we've been going through life together. There's so much personal and homeopathy.


But Michele, I know, you wanted to share with us something that happened while we were actually on a study group. If you could share that now, that'd be great.


Study group stories


Michele:  Yes, we were on a study group once, and a gal (that was supposed to be there that night) her family had gotten in a car accident. I remember her calling from the hospital and asking what remedies to do. We stopped the meeting, and everybody was giving her wisdom and advice. I think we even might have prayed with her to help her through that.


That was just like one of the things that happened where it was during a meeting, somebody needed help that we were able to step in and help with. And that was just really a neat experience.


Kate:  I feel like that's happened more than once, hasn't it, Michele?


Michele:  Yeah, it has. It has — definitely.


Kate:  Yes, and it's kind of neat. Because I remember, they would go off the call for a bit, and they were in the ER. And then she would come back on and tell us how it's going.


Michele:  Right.


Kate:  We’d all talk about it.


Michele:  It was amazing, just to be able to support each other in that. That was really special, too.


Then another one was we had a gal, Heather. Joette did a blog about her. It's called, Look What You Could Do for Free, Folks. We watched her go from the beginning of treating her severe eczema — I've never seen anything like this — through her complete healing within that year. It was just such a blessing to be able to watch her and how she found that information on Joette's blog.


Kate:  Yes.


Michele:  That was really a special time, and then Tina had an incident with her husband when she was in the Gateway group.


Kate:  Yeah, Tina, tell us about that.


Tina:  Oh, my goodness. I was right in the middle actually of my Gateway II group. And my husband, on the jobsite, fell ten feet and crushed his urethra. That was like in March of this year [2020], and I was brand new to homeopathy. I mean, I just started learning about it in November the year before.


My husband didn't want me to come to the hospital because he was worried for me, and how I was feeling. So, if course, I immediately took Aconite at home — because that's what I had learned in the … through the support of the Gateway group. And he finally said I could come to the hospital. So, I did — immediately brought Arnica with me because we knew he was going to be having surgery right away to put a catheter in so his urethra would heal around this catheter.


The doctor was very clear with us that he wasn't sure if Dan would come through this and not have to have a super physical catheter the rest of his life. Or if he would have such a scar tissue in his urethra that they would have to do repeated surgeries forever for him.


And so, we were scared. But through the support of these Gateway groups — which I can't begin to express what a blessing and how invaluable they were to me — I ended up giving him the remedies that I learned.


In post-surgery, I gave him Arnica 200. I gave him Hypericum 200, for the pain. I gave him Nux vomica 30 for the effects of the anesthesia. He was nauseous and a little dizzy, so I gave him Phosphorus every three hours.


We only did the Nux vomica and the Phosphorus first day.


I gave him also starting that day, Staphysagria 200C, twice a day. We continued that for four weeks. We also gave him Thiosinaminum 30, twice a day for four weeks for scar tissue.


The most miracle thing that happened … we went back to get his catheter removed, which was actually another surgical procedure. We repeated everything we did before with homeopathy.


But the doctor came out, and he said, “I got to show you this. I got to show you the before and after. We did not expect Dan to heal like this.” He said, “He has complete blood flow. He has literally no scarring — because I have done this surgery for years, and I have never seen this happen.”


He said Dan's injury was the type that we usually see in car accidents where people get crushed in the pelvic region. And I knew what it was. I didn't say that to the doctor, of course, because we did slip him the homeopathy without the doctors knowing it. They're not real up on that. They'd be like, “What are you putting in your husband?”


So, for me, it was a miracle. It was the homeopathy miracle. And then being able to jump on and send a text to Kate or Michele, and just say, “Okay, what else can I do? Can you help me. Point me in the direction.” It was just a blessing all the way around. I can't begin to share with everybody how important homeopathy has been in my life.


Michele:  Tina was talking about surgeries, and I found at least three blogs on surgeries that I've used also. But the S is for Staphysagria was particular to the catheter issue that she had with her husband. Joette also has a blog called Surgery: Answering Your Questions. There's an older blog, Anticipating Surgery, Homeopathy Can Help. They're all wonderful, full of information.


Kate:  Let's hear some more of those stories.


Michelle:  I have some really cool ones that I'd like to share with you. I have quite a few patients on many different protocols, but just wanted to maybe share a couple with you guys that kind of stand out for me.


This one gal, she's in her 60s. She came to me — I've been working with her for years, actually, but she knows that I'm studying homeopathy. She had a slew of things that she wanted me to do — to come up with protocols. I do have three for her that I'd like to talk to you about.


The first one is depression. She's been on depressive medications for over 40-something years and wanted to get off of them. Over the past couple of years, through the help of her prescribing doctor, we've been able to get her off the medication and onto St. John's Wort, the herb, which was fantastic.


But learning in homeopathy, I wanted to now get her off St. John's Wort over to homeopathy and then hopefully never be on anything ever again.


So, she agreed to my protocol. The protocol was Aurum metallicum 200C, and we did every third day with Coffea cruda 200C, twice a day. We did that for probably eight weeks when she told me that she started itching terribly at night. I brought this to our Allergy group, I think, Michele, and said, “What do I do? Is this a proving, or is this her old skin issue coming up?” We tried to work through it.


I just saw this gal last week, and I took her off the Coffea cruda. Lo and behold, she got a lot better. I've now since added in Ignatia 200, twice a day — every day except for the day she takes Aurum metallicum. She said now she has never, ever felt better, even all the years just being on medications and everything else. Right now, I'm calling this a slam dunk. And hopefully, we can start to wean her off of the Aurum.


She also brought to me a long history of UTIs. Last year, she had three UTI infections. That was three rounds of antibiotics. When she brought it to me, we just happened to start talking about it in one of our groups. So, quickly looked it up and got her on Medorrhinum 200, twice a day, and her infection was already gone. Of course, she had antibiotics as well. But she continued that Medorrhinum for one month. This was back in August of last year, and she has yet to have the return of any UTI. She had them back-to-back-to-back in 2020.


Then she comes to me at the beginning of December and says, “Okay, all this stuff is working.” She says, “What can you do for my vertigo?”


I know she has chronic vertigo. I've helped her chiropractically with it. But it's like so much care that we decided, “You know what, you can let it ride out on your own over the past couple of years.”


But she brings it back to me and says, “Now what about vertigo? What can you do for that?”


I found a blog on Joette site called Vertigo as the World Spins, and it lists Tellurium 200C, every third day, and Conium maculatum. She said 3C would be better, but some countries can't get it. So, she usually says 6C. But I was able to find the 3C, on OHM … at twice a day.


So, the first four weeks or so, she told me there was no change. She's like, “I thought this was going to be a miracle.”


I'm, like, “Patience, child. Things are not always linear.” I said, “You have to hold out for eight weeks.” It's what we've been told right? Chronic conditions, you wait for eight weeks, and then you reassess.


So, when she came into my office last week for our reassess, it was eight weeks, and she has improved by 50%!


Kate:  Wow!


Michelle:  She, of course, is, like, “So what can I drop?” I'm like, “No, no, no, no, we're going to stay the course. I have been taught by Joette. I've been taught by Kate and Michele. We're going to stay the course.”


And she agreed. We're going to stay the course.


So super-excited that I'm getting all this success with her. And so, she's down to only one medication. When I started working with her with homeopathy a year ago, she was on four. She's now down to one. And I can't take her off them, remember. So, this is her going to her MD, and the MD is agreeing that she doesn't have to be on them.


Kate:  Yes, that’s awesome.


Michele:  Yes. That's so exciting.


Michelle:  I know. I love it.


Kate:  Yes.


Tina:  But not surprising.


Michelle:  I know, exactly.


Michele:  There's a blog. Joette has two about recurring UTIs and antibiotics stop the cycle. That's a good one for anyone who has …


Michelle:  That's the one. Yes, that's the one I looked up, Michele.


Michele:  Yes, that's a really good blog.


Michelle:  Then the one for depression was Homeopathy Can Spoil a Girl: (I loved the title of that one) Medicine for Depression. Yes, it was my first one when I was like, “Can I really do this for depression?” Like, just not knowing enough, you know?


So, I read that blog. And so, I mentioned it to my patient, and she says, “I am so willing. We've gone this far. Let's give this a go.”


Tina:  You know, I was in on that course, the Allergic Course when Michele brought it and was talking about it. Actually, I didn't hear the result. That is actually so cool to hear the result! It’s so cool.


Michelle:  Yes. Even the other day, she said, “Coffea was working so well. I'm sleeping so well.”


I'm like, “I know, maybe we can get back to it. But the itching through the night, which is a proving of Coffea … I think really happened. You know? So, we have to kind of follow it. But the Ignatia — the combo now of Ignatia on the alternate days of Aurum — she says right now is a slam dunk.


Kate:  That's a really interesting way to do that.


Michelle:  Well, I did talk about it with Michele, if I can do it. Some of us were like, “I don't know if you can do Ignatia and Aurum metallicum on the same day.” So, I decided just not to have it on the same day, and it’s working.


Michele:  Then I have used it on the same day for myself.


Michelle:  Okay.


Michele:  As needed.


Tina:  I love hearing other people's stories. Because as I learn homeopathy and love it, and I really want to share with other people. It's so nice because I get to learn, “Hey, that works.” “Hey, I'm going to try that.” “Oh, I'm going to tell somebody about that.”


I love that aspect of this.


Michelle:  Yes, I find people are really open to it, too. My patients know that I am a student. I am not a homeopath. The fact that they have enough trust — just because I'm learning and I'm trying — I'm amazed by that.


Kate:  Don't you guys agree that it's going to make our learning so much faster that when we do this with other people in a group because we do get to hear all those stories and learn from each other. Instead of just our own little world, it's magnified by all the people that we now know and their stories and their successes and so on.


Michele:  Absolutely.


Tina:  Once you have one little success. It doesn't matter how small. It's amazing what it does for you emotionally and for your family, or for whoever you're helping.


Michelle:  Confidence, right?


Tina:  The confidence, it's a new thing.


Michelle:  I have a cool one, guys. I think I talked to in the Allergy group because I brought it up, I think, in our first class — the first day we met for the Allergy course.


Hillary:  Was it about the kid?


Michelle:  Yes! It’s so funny how things come to you. So, I have this family that has been in our practice for probably 15 years. Her third child, I met when he was born about two years ago and gave him his first adjustment at … he was probably about eight weeks old.


So, she brings him into the office just for an adjustment, but she starts mentioning all his allergies. He has horrible allergies. He's horribly sick all the time. He's in the hospital every one-to-two months getting different things done for an old RSV case that he had. He has horrible allergies to dust, mold, peanuts, and to dog. He has horrible eczema, horrible asthma, this poor little thing is just a mess.


She says, “Do you know if you could do anything for all of these things?” I said, “Well, wouldn’t you just know, I’m in an Allergy course right now.” I said, “Write everything out for me — single thing you can think about your son from the moment he was born until now and any little idiosyncrasies he has about his personality and everything else. Give it to me, and then I'll bring it to my group, and we’ll figure it out.”


And so, she did. She wrote it all out. I came up with my plan. I presented it to the group. And we went back and forth on a few things. I didn't know if I should do Calc carb 30 or Calc carb 200 with him. I had read a couple of different things and eventually settled in on the 200. It's working beautifully.


One week later, the mother comes back just for a one-week follow-up and she says, “You know that one that you gave me just the one dose one day?” She's talking about Camphora. She says, “The change in my child in one day was phenomenal.” He wasn't speaking. He started saying like, “Mama and Dada” within 24 hours of taking Camphora.


That just sent chills through my body. I couldn't believe it.


She says since he started on the protocol, in one week, all his eczema cleared up. Four weeks after that, she said she had missed a couple of doses for the eczema, and the eczema started appearing. So, she took pictures for me. She got back on the remedies … ‘cause just trying to get into the groove of when to take things, the timing of things. So, she took before and after pictures for me: no eczema — eczema — no eczema.


Incredible. Incredible! And he's sleeping through the night; he doesn't have problems sleeping anymore.


The response has been incredible. We're just a little bit post-eight weeks right now. Even her husband who was a huge skeptic, she said he can't deny what this has done. His son is starting to speak.


Hillary:  Amazing.


Kate:  You hear so many of those stories of chilling transformation. It's so amazing. I never get tired of hearing these.


Michelle:  Yes, I still have skepticism in my heart, too. Like you just wonder, “Really? Can this really do this?” And when you see it!!


How many times I've heard, “Can Camphora really do what I think it just did.” I'm like, “Yep!”


Favorite Remedy


Kate:  Yes, incredible. What I'd like to do to end this podcast today is I'd love for you girls to share with me your favorite remedy? I don't know. Didn’t we have a name for it, Michele?


Michele:  Fan favorite or something.


Michelle:  “The Fan favorite.”


Kate:  Yes. Share with me your fan favorite remedy, if you would? Tina, do you want to go first?


Tina:  We were discussing to have a … share our fan favorites, our favorite remedy. Mine changes time to time.


But right now, I'm using Coffea cruda 200 at night for insomnia. I’m like Michelle, sometimes think, “Is this really going to work?”


When you're awake at midnight, and you're laying there, and you go, “Uh, I'm going to try it.” Then in five minutes, you don't remember anything. So right now, Coffea cruda 200 for insomnia is definitely my favorite.


Kate:  Oh, good.


Tina:  It’s my friend.


Kate:  Maybe we should call them our “favorite remedy friends.”


Tina:  Yes.


Kate:  Alright, Hillary.


Hillary:  Well, currently, my fan favorite is Arnica. I've gotten to the point where if there's anything wrong, I'm going to try Arnica first because I've had so much success — with headaches, with anxiety, with this feeling off in my head, that it has just helped every one of those. That's my go-to these days.


But I will say I also really loved Arsenicum in the past. Aconite. Those at different times have also been my favorites.


Kate:  Yeah, and for those of you who want to learn something interesting, I would encourage you to open up Materia Medica or go online and search “materia medica.” Search for Arnica and read all about it. Because Arnica — we think of it for injuries and accidents, but it has such a wide array of use.


Like you said, I feel like it's probably one of my favorites as well right now.


Look Arnica up and read all about it. You'll be surprised at what you find.


Okay, Michele, with one L.


Michele:  Well, my favorite friend remedy is Ignatia amara. With the trying times in the world today, we have it out kind of all over the counter and all over the house. If you ever need it, it's ready to go.


Kate:  You have a little funny story about Ignatia, too, because you recently bought it from Helios.


Michele:  I bought a monster-sized bottle, lifetime supply of Ignatia from Helios Pharmacy in England.


Kate:  If this was visual, you would be able to see this gigantic bottle. Yeah, didn’t you compare it to like the size of a pop can?


Michele:  Yes, I think it's a little bit smaller than like maybe like a 10-ounce soda pop can. I didn't really know when I bought it. I did not know that English measurements are different than ours. But I tell you what, I'm going to be able to pass that down to my kids for their kids, if I don't use it all myself.


Tina:  Maybe not.


Kate:  Alright, Michelle, let's finish up with you.


Michelle:  My favorite at the moment is Nux vomica 30 because it almost saved me $700 in vet bills — almost.


Kate:  Tell us. What happened?


Michelle:  Well, my dog ate some undesirables out of my daughter's trash can in her bathroom. Started to think that he was impacted, and so I did some Arsenicum album, which tended to work.


Then on this particular morning, it dawned on me, “What if it's the toxins from what he ate?” I gave him Nux vomica. I headed off to work. My husband took him to the emergency vet. He spent the whole day there. My bill was $700. The vet said, “I really don't know what was wrong with your dog. He was so wonderful in the office today, but he's not impacted. So, you know, nothing's wrong with your dog.”


Nux vomica almost saved me $700. I honestly believe it turned him around in half an hour before I left for work. He was back to his normal self.


Kate:  Didn't you say before that if you just would have waited a little bit longer?


Michelle:  Yes. If I didn't have to work that day, and it was my husband's day to go to work, I think I would have saved us the $700 — because I don't think I would have brought him in.


Kate:  Yes. Well, ladies, thank you so much for your time today.


Michele:  Wait, Kate. What's your favorite remedy?


Kate:  Oh, gosh, that is so hard.


Michele:  What are you currently taking?


Kate:  A lot of things. Well, okay, I think my favorite right now is probably Arnica. It's not necessarily the one. I'm taking some things for gallbladder because I recently had my gallbladder act up. Really, honestly a couple of doses of the homeopathic medicines for gallbladder, and that was feeling better. I'm so thankful because for those who've had gallbladder issues, it can be pretty painful. Mine wasn't super-severe, but definitely painful.

But besides the gallbladder, I'm like Hillary, I love Arnica. I'm just learning so many new uses for Arnica. I feel like that's probably my favorite.


My favorite time to use it is when I'm exhausted. You have that feeling of just being so tired. You can't go on, but you have to work, or something is happening in the evening. I take Arnica, usually it's in the 200 potency. It just turns me around. My head is clear. My eyes are no longer tired and fatigued. I just have that extra boost of energy for the next three or four hours, and I can continue to work.


It's probably not the smart thing to do. I probably should go to bed, but when you have to have that energy, and you're just feeling exhausted … that's my favorite right now. Yes.


Tina:  But once again, isn't this awesome? “Like I never would have thought of Arnica for that.


Michele:  Me either.


Kate:  Yes, Joette shared that with me.


Hillary:  One more way to learn.


Tina:  Yes.


Kate:  Yes. Ladies, we’re going to finish up this podcast. But I just want to say thank you for taking the time and sharing all this information with us. I look forward to seeing you guys in more of the Gateways and the Signal groups, in other study groups. Thank you and let’s do this again.


Michelle:  Sure, any time, Kate.


Michele:  Thanks for having me.


Hillary:  Thank you, Kate.


Tina:  Yes, thank you.



Joette:  As I hope you know by now, on my blog, podcasts and Facebook Live, I offer as many protocols for simple conditions as I can — for free, without affiliates or advertising.


But let me be clear. When it comes to more complex conditions, it’s key that you learn how to use these medicines properly. I want you to be well-trained. So, I save discussions of the more involved methods for my courses in which I walk students through each method with step-by-step training.


In these podcasts, I focus on those students of mine who have already tunneled in and learned how to take care of themselves, family, friends, and pets, and even livestock using homeopathic medicine. Many of these students began their education by participating in one of my Gateway to Homeopathy study groups. And now, after taking one or more of my courses, they’re well-trained to use my specific brand of homeopathy.


I hope listening to this podcast has inspired you to follow in their footsteps. With the proper training, you, too, can nurture and protect the health of your family and loved ones with Practical Homeopathy®.


Kate:  You just listened to a podcast from PracticalHomeopathy.com where nationally certified homeopath, public speaker, and author, Joette Calabrese shares her passion for helping families stay strong through homeopathy. Joette’s podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play, Blueberry, Pandora, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.


Thank you for listening to this podcast with Joette Calabrese. To learn more and find out if homeopathy is a good fit for your health strategy, visit PracticalHomeopathy.com.


These Moms with Moxie podcasts are designed to be inspirational, not specifically educational. No Remedy Card is provided.


Joette laughingI am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

Call today and learn how homeopathy might just be the missing piece in your health strategy.

Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase.

The Author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


17 thoughts on “Podcast 110 – Moms with Moxie: Eavesdrop on Study Group Friends”

  1. Jacques G Dostie says:

    I have a problem with one of your REMEDY CARDS instructions! For the following condition; TINNITUS, MENIERES & VERTIGO with the following remedies; TELLURIUM METALLICUM 200c & CONIUM MACULATUM 6c. Finally; the details/directions gives the dosage of each specific day (eg. every 3 days & twice weekly) BUT NOT the # of dosages for each of those aforementioned days? PLEASE HELP. PS. You have helped me many times in the past & you are greatly appreciated by me.

  2. barb says:

    years ago, you said to mix 1 dose of arnica 6x with 1/4 cup of water (for blood thinner). is it one sip/day or to sip the whole 1/4 cup in one day?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      One sip or about a TBSPN = a dose.

  3. Regina says:

    Joette I’ve seen on here where you say that if people have had their gallbladder removed that a lot of times cancer can follow. I’ve been searching and I also found out that just having gallstones as well can do the same. My husband had to have his gallbladder removed because gallstones had gotten out and were traveling toward the pancreas and causing a blockage. It was a very serious situation. I also have one LARGE gallstone that looks like it may block the bile duct soon. I m terrified of having it removed. If it has to be removed and since my husband’s had to be removed is there a protocol that we can use to help protect our body from getting cancer because of these situations?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      First, make absolutely certain that the surgery is warranted. That is, get a 2nd opinion, even a 3rd, consider using homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. before agreeing to surgery. If indeed it’s imminent, don’t assume that you’ll be struck by disease as a result.

      Generally, we don’t use homeopathy for the potential of a disease. We use it for the presenting condition.

  4. Catherine says:

    How did she know the itching was a proving symptom of coffea?
    I searched in many different materia medica, and both remedies ( aurum and coffea) have itching symptoms but aurum seems to have more itching than coffea.

  5. Catharine says:

    The closest itching symptom I could found was in Hering’s Guiding symptoms of the materia medica. it’s listed under Aurum metallicum, Skin; “ Violent itching, first in soles of feet and then over whole body from evening till midnight.”

    I’m just trying to learn as much as I can learn from everyone so could you please point out which materia medica list this itching symptom under Coffea?
    Thank You!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      I taught her to use it because it’s a protocol that I learned in Kolkata at the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation. Our materia medicas are not complete. An in-depth clinic practice fills in the holes nicely.

      1. Catharine says:

        I understand it’s a protocol but my question is How did she know the itching symptom was proving of coffea and NOT the proving of Aurum?

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

          Itching isn’t a characteristic of Aurum; it’s a characteristic of Coffea.

  6. Catherine says:

    She clearly said that the itching is a proving symptoms of coffea but I’m unable to find that proving symptom anywhere under coffea so I’m asking where did she find that information and which materia medica has that itching symptom?

    “ Michelle: Yes. Even the other day, she said, “Coffea was working so well. I’m sleeping so well.”

    I’m like, “I know, maybe we can get back to it. But the itching through the night, which is a proving of Coffea … I think really happened. You know? So, we have to kind of follow it. ”

  7. Catherine says:

    I have taken 3 of your courses in the past but I don’t remember you saying to look for the CHARACTERISTIC”’ of the remedy if you think you are proving. I always thought I need to look for the’ SYMPTOM in the material medica to see if there any similar symptoms are listed. And I have heard you telling us to go to the materia medica ( James Tyler Kent)and look for THE SYMPTOM if you think you are proving the remedy. I’m very confused now. Please help

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      Symptoms of a medicine are characteristics.
      Perhaps you thought that by my use of the word “characteristics” that I meant personality.
      But I did not.

  8. Catherine says:

    No I didn’t think of the word “characteristic” as a personality because Banerji protocols do not consider the mental and emotional state.

    My question is very simple. All I’m asking you is;
    Where and which materia medica list this lady’s proving symptom “ itching through the night” under Coffea.
    Yes, coffea has some itching skin symptoms but it does not seem to have ( or not even similar to this symptom) the symptom ‘itching through the night.’
    This was the reason the lady was off from coffea, and was switch to iIgnatia?

    I’ll be forever grateful if you can point out which materia medica I should look for? Thank you and sorry for taking up your time.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      It was the Drs. Banerji who noted that since Coffea acts for wakefulness as well as itchy skin that it might indeed act for itchy skin at night. And so a protocol was born.
      Welcome to the world of what and how I teach homeopathy. These are the nuggets that are not found in the materia medica nor the repertory. They’re discovered clinically and it’s where the gold lies…in the protocols derived from the clinical experience over a century.

  9. linda says:

    Thank you!

  10. Neena says:

    Heartwarming stories! I am so glad I joined Gateway 1 and now am onto Gateway 2.

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