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Podcast 9 – The Worst Kind of Pollution


In this podcast, we cover:

0:45 Joette as an anti-pesticide activist

2:32 Medicines: The worst kind of pollution

7:52 Don’t rely on your doctors to tell you the harmful effects of medicines

11:05 Transitioning from conventional medicines to homeopathy

Today's podcast is about pollution, but not the first kind that comes to mind. Years ago, I was an anti-pesticide activist. I met with local hospitals and school boards in my community and got them to stop spraying dangerous pesticides on their lawns and school grounds. We are all too familiar with that kind of pollution, and the ability of grass roots activism to create positive change.

This podcast, I want to talk about one that may be much more important than the sprayed kind.

It actually might be the most vicious, as its overuse has become the number one killer in the U.S. today. Remarkably, we not only willingly accept this kind of pollution, we agree to it, so it’s not enforced like taxes. Instead, the public is convinced to respect it enough to pay for it! It’s even bold-facedly standing in your medicine cabinet every morning. (more…)

Podcast 8 – Stopping and Changing Direction

Sleeping child with his toy bear.

In this podcast, we cover:

1:09 Conditions that take longer to treat

2:11 Antimonium crud mixed with Arsenicum album for itchy eczema

7:41 Petroleum for eczema that’s worse in the winter

9:22 Use camphor in between the wrong protocol and the new protocol

10:16 Coffea helps with sleep

12:08 Food intolerance, the root problem

Herein I finish the three-part series What to Expect When Using Homeopathy.

In my previous two podcasts (and blogs) I covered acute illness, general guidelines for selecting dosage and chronic illness, what to watch for (the three magic markers) to determine whether the remedy was well chosen.

Now in Part 3, I cover what to do if you recognize that the remedy is not the best selection for the case. (more…)

Podcast 7 – Treating Chronic Illness


In this podcast, we cover:

1:01 Length of time needed to treat a chronic condition

5:00 Take copious notes

8:58 Homeopathic remedies for vomiting

10:13 Take note of the improvements

16:21 Joette’s magic markers of improvement

“Being able to take responsibility for your family’s care in such a meaningful and committed way is the substance that makes for a life well lived.”

This week’s podcast is about starting and using homeopathy for your family’s chronic conditions. (more…)

Podcast 6 – The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

In this podcast, we cover:

0:54 Open your doors to homeopathy

4:17 What to expect with homeopathy

10:19 The harmful effects of using antibiotics

13:44 What dosage to use and how to know if treatment is working

26:08 Get started with homeopathy

The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started – Mark Twain

This week’s podcast is about starting and using homeopathy for your family’s acute illnesses.

  • I list the 5 main goals we expect to accomplish when treating an acute illness.

  • Where homeopathy surpasses modern medicine and in contrast often makes modern medicine look outdated.

  • General guidelines for selecting dosage.

  • The 3 criteria that need to be met to know if the selected remedy is working. (This is a writer downer.)

  • Why it is important to improve your observational skills and why it will happen naturally as you study and use homeopathy.

  • A little hint on how to keep your family’s records. This took me years to refine. (more…)

Podcast 5 – What Can Homeopathy Do For You and Your Baby?

In this podcast, we cover:

1:08 Homeopathy is universal

5:06 Benefits of homeopathy

10:36 Remedy for colic

16:10 Happiness that homeopathy brings

20:59 Organizing one’s life

This week’s podcast should have been titled: “What can homeopathy do for you and your baby (and other ages too)? Plus 3 benefits that you can take to the bank.”

This is the take-away.

  • I tell my story of raising my three boys so you can hear my practical advice and use it.

  • How I used Chamomilla for teething instead of Tylenol and avoided the dangerous side effects.

  • What one of my nursing babies received when he had a bout of colic because I ate too much garlic.

  • How knowing some homeopathy made me happy, had me leap frogging instead of ladder climbing when it came to curing my family’s ills and gave me confidence as a new young mother.

Don’t be dissuaded. Like a good piano teacher, my methods and the Banerji Protocols can have you treating your family’s ills in no time. (more…)

Podcast 4 – You Can Treat Your Family’s Chronic Illnesses

In this podcast, we cover:

0:56 Acute versus chronic condition

7:02 Otoscope for diagnosing ear infections

12:20 Examples of chronic conditions

20:30 The use of remedies after antibiotics

25:55 Protocol for all

Can you treat only acute illnesses or are families able to root out chronic problems too?

Here’s the upshot of this week’s blog:

  • Is it safe for moms to treat their family’s chronic illnesses? (If you’ve been following my blog, you actually already know the answer.)

  • Learn my little secrets on how to avoid drugs

  • If nothing else, at least have this essential remedy on hand

  • What I mean when I say that when you know some homeopathy, it is life changing.

Forget what this administration is touting. Homeopathy is the affordable health care. (more…)

Podcast 3 – Joette Offers Her Favorite Tips and a Dose of Mothering Inspiration

 In this podcast, we cover:

0:59 Curing and caring for our family

6:28 A wonderful legacy

9:01 A cure for any sickness of all ages

16:35 Treating colds

19:56 Remedies worth having all the time

24:28 Essence of motherhood

I’ll supply the inspiration; you the perspiration. But I promise that the benefits to you and your family will be significant. Let me give you several more reasons and tips you can use today in this week’s podcast.

I believe knowing how to cure your family is the epitome of womanhood. It is the essence of who we are. It is what we do best. And when you learn how to do this, it is what I call parental exceptionalism.

I’ve been teaching moms for almost 27 years, so I get a lot of folks coming back to me saying, “Holy cow, I cannot believe what this has done for my child.”

Once you learn this easy homeopathy, it will become second nature to you.

Become the extraordinary parent, in a class of your own, the kind of parenting that gives you a legacy.


And here are a couple of my favorite remedies every family should have in their medicine cabinet:

Arnica montana 200


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