When Tooth Extraction Is Unavoidable


Our first choice is to avoid tooth extractions. That’s a no-brainer!

Indeed, our goal is to retain all our teeth through good diet and homeopathic support when needed.

(See my article, Homeopathy for Home Dental Care, written for Weston A. Price’s “Wise Traditions” in 2011, as well as Dental Health: Tooth Pain and last week’s article, Exquisite Tooth Pain.)

But sometimes, despite our best efforts, the unthinkable happens. We must part ways with a beloved tooth. (However, if it were me, I would certainly make sure I had received a confirmatory second or even third opinion — preferably from a biological dentist.)

To that end, I was recently asked about specific homeopathic medicines for consideration when an extraction occurs.

Extractions are a surgical procedure. So, one might strongly consider following the surgical protocols I have written about previously in Anticipating Surgery? Homeopathy Can Help and Surgery: Answering Your Questions.

Another consideration for the extraction would be diluted Calendula officinalis mother tincture (MT). Placing 5-10 drops of Calendula MT in a few ounces of water creates a mouth rinse that has been shown to soothe the pain, control bleeding and help with wound healing. Generally, this dilution is gently swished about the mouth and then spit out or swallowed.

So, Calendula should be added to our list as another must-have homeopathic for a well-curated kit. I’ve discussed this useful medicine before in several blog posts. In the 200th potency, Calendula can help with the pain amputees experience of phantom limbs.

However, topically, Calendula has been clinically shown to be an antiseptic of sorts. I consider it one of My Top 5 Sizzling Summer Remedies for the minor cuts and abrasions that kids inevitably get from playing outside.

It also has a history of success with preventing infection in instances of surgical incisions. (You might remember my post, Don’t Look if You’re Squeamish.)

Besides homeopathic Calendula in pillule form, Boiron offers several topical Calendula first-aid products (cream, ointment or gel) that are convenient and well-regarded. So, there are many forms of Calendula, each of which deserves a place in our homeopathy inventories!

My friends, we hear much in the media about building generational wealth. But what could be more important than building generational HEALTH?

I’ve said this so many times, but it bears repeating. Learning homeopathy can keep you relevant in your children’s and grandchildren’s lives. By passing your homeopathy knowledge on to them, you further ensure that even their children and grandchildren will enjoy self-reliance in health care matters through Practical Homeopathy®. Imagine … your great-great grandchildren could be born into a world of health autonomy with the same gentle, efficacious, safe homeopathic medicines that have successfully weathered the test of time.

Now, that is generational health.

But don’t simply take my word for it! To illustrate my point, I want to share (with permission, of course) a non-solicited testimonial that I recently received from a proud grandmother.

“I love helping people with homeopathy. I cannot begin to say what it has meant and still means to my family. My children and grandchildren love it also. My 11-year-old granddaughter burst into my office a couple of weeks ago and said, ‘Mamaw, I need Hypericum quickly!’

“My first thought was maybe there was a smashed finger, but I was wrong. One of the young ladies at a church function was having ‘shooting' pains in her back, and she was so distressed. There were lots of tears flowing!

“[My granddaughter] said, ‘I know Hypericum is good for shooting pains!’ Well, needless to say, I was impressed.

“It turns out that this lady was under a lot of stress. Her grandmother in another state was dying. So, I encouraged [my granddaughter] to calm down and take a minute so we could look at it.

“I showed her in the repertory how that Nat Mur is good for grief, and it also is used for shooting pains. [My granddaughter] took some Nat Mur to this lady, and within 5 minutes, there was a smile on both of their faces!

“Now, I can't imagine anything that could make a grandmother happier than to see her children use homeopathy to help others! [My granddaughter] said, ‘I knew we could help her!’

— Janie S.

Is that not powerful? After reading stories like that, time and again I’m convinced of homeopathy’s powerful future — and the future of humanity.

Janie and her granddaughter are a perfect illustration of creating generational health. If you haven’t already, won’t you join us in our movement?

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Build generational health by taking that first step through the Gateway!

And don’t forget to pass on the good news of homeopathy!




**Lightly edited for clarity and privacy.

8/6/23 When Tooth Extraction Is Unavoidable


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