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Early one morning, I went out to my barn to collect one of my ailing feline friends in much need of dental work. As I picked him up, he bumped his mouth, causing him great pain. He proceeded to embed his teeth into my wrist. I did not wish to loosen him; catching him again would not be an option. So, with Thatcher hanging from my arm, I headed to the house. Moments before I reached the house, he let go. I went in the house, cleaned up, and went to work. As the morning progressed, my arm began throbbing. By lunch, I was beginning to show signs of a fever and nausea. I returned home, began soaking my arm in hot water with Celtic salt and Calendula tincture.

I put a call into Joette and she reminded me of what she had taught us in class so and I took Hypericum 200C on the hour and Ledum 200c on the half hour. I continued soaking my arm, taking my remedies and sleeping lots.

After the third day, the symptoms began to lessen. I backed off the remedies to a couple of times a day as well as soaking my arm. Each day everything looked better and better. At the end of a few months, the scars were mostly invisible. Now there are none.

Infection gone, wound healed. Homeopathy Works!!!!

Lee Basil, Colden, NY

The Caulophylum 30 was very effective. Within the day of taking several doses for my stalled labor, I gave birth to our son, Ryan Joseph, without drugs, episiotomy or any medical intervention. Also, the Aconitum I took, brought my blood pressure to normal in short order days before and again minutes after delivery.

Joette's guidance and availability were key to this pregnancy and birth.

Natalie Batt, Fort Mead, MD

I am a terrible dental patient. I've had a lot of trauma associated with my teeth and this newest problem is just another chapter. I had a bad tooth that needed removal and a bone graft. This required 8 – 10 shots that never fully numbed the pain. I took codeine and Ibuprofen for the pain and then had relentless nausea instead. It wasn't until I called Joette and we discussed what she had taught us in class about Nux vomica 30 that the nausea was finally relieved. With a few doses of Hypericum 200 every hour, the pain was also relieved.

The dental procedures I've had through the years would've been markedly easier had I used these remedies from the onset, instead of conventional drugs.

Joette's teachings and homeopathy have changed my view of post dental work trauma. I still hate it, but at least it's manageable.

Jill Fabian, East Aurora, NY

During the summer, my daughter fell about 20 plus feet from the top of a playground slide flat onto the ground. I administered Arnica, but still called the doctor. I was instructed to watch her for a concussion. I gave her a higher potency of Arnica and she was her old self the next day.

Karen Sagun, full time home schooling mom, Cheektowaga, NY

Homeopathy has changed my life!” As a 30-year-old that was diagnosed with MS when I was 21, I struggled for 8 years with modern medicine.

Honestly, I was sicker when I was on the medicines that were prescribed. The constant needles and medications put me in bed for days. I was just fed up and knew it was time for me to take control of this beast.

I found homeopathic medicine and began working with Joette for only 6 months and since then have never felt better.

After taking only two remedies, my body responded in such a wonderful way. It's been over a year now and I don't even need to see Joette much anymore. I again have a clear mind and most importantly, I have charge of my life. Thank You, Joette. I feel so good, often I forget I was told I had such a serious and chronic disease!

K – New York

Things are going very well for me now. It looks like we are making major progress on my feet and urinary symptoms as well as other sundry health issues. BP late yesterday was 134/76 which is darn good for me. I still take 25 mg of hydrochlorothiazide (as per the doctor) and will continue taking it until I am confident of my new found health.

At this time I think I need more time on Aurum Met, Cephalandra and Syzygium. I have hit a rhythm and things are clicking. I would like to postpone our Feb. 4th appointment in favor of at least two more weeks on this routine.

Thank you, Jerry

Woohoo!! We rock! My physician told me that the results are good. The antibody ratios are now normal, indicating I do not have autoimmune thyroid disease! She explained that conventional medicine believes that hypothyroidism is a permanent condition.

Yet, she noted that the current test results show that I have successfully healed from hypothyroidism!

Then she added: ” Congratulations!”

Thank you, Joette.

L – New York

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