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We switched from conventional medicine to homeopathy in January 2007. We started going to our homeopath, Joette, for allergies for our children and me.

At that time, my home was in chaos. We have one son who had been diagnosed with ADHD, another in the category of ADD, our daughter had urinary reflux, another son had severe peanut allergy, another son, constant constipation.

My best description of the feelings I had after beginning with homeopathy that January was hope. Even my 4 year old son with the milk allergy stated on the drive home after his first appointment with Joette, “I feel hope, too, Mom!”

And the hope wasn't misplaced. Each of us has had dramatic and steady improvement since that time so that most of us have not had to return for follow-up visits.

Karen Sagan, full time home schooling mom, Cheektowaga, NY

After being in bed for 10 days, sicker than I've been in my life, I dragged myself to a clinic at school in Boston. My mom was so scared and worried and I was too weak to think.

The doctors said I had mono and that I should expect to be ill for at least a few more weeks, maybe even months, and that relapses many months later are common.

They said no medicine would help me, so I had to just wait with “enforced bed rest” to get better. Nothing could be worse for someone with my life.

That's when my mom called our homeopath, Joette Calabrese. I started the homeopathic remedy, Gelsemium 30. The very next day, I felt better by 50%! It was unbelievable!

By two days, I was back in school feeling better than I did before I got mono! That was two years ago and I never had the predicted relapse, even though I went on with my life in full swing.

Donny Williams, college student, Boston

After eighteen months of coping with breast cancer and conventional treatment, a PET scan found two problem areas in my lung. Faced with a very invasive lung biopsy, I was discouraged and overwhelmed.

Through the recommendation of a friend, I sought out a homeopathic educational consult with Joette. Within three weeks of using homeopathy, another PET scan found one of the problem areas in the lung had decreased in size. Three months later, a PET scan indicated the other area of concern was “totally unremarkable.”

Quite amazing, considering my conventional doctor said there was nothing they could give me that would help.

Homeopathy worked silently, deeply and swiftly, to bring my body back to health. The experience left me with a feeling of awed astonishment at the wonder of this extraordinary medicine. I am so thankful to have found homeopathy and so thankful to Joettte for her expert insight and inspiration.

Judy, Springville, NY

We rescued our dog, Katie, from a home that could no longer care for her. She came with her own set of problems that we had to battle one at a time. The most difficult was when Katie continuously urinated on our living room rug almost daily. We took her to the vet who said she had a urinary tract infection and put her on antibiotics. The antibiotics did nothing; Katie continued to mess on the carpet almost daily. We patiently continued the vet's recommendation, with no improvement in Katie's condition. We took her back to the vet who then informed us that it had progressed to a kidney infection. But how could this be, wasn't she on antibiotics? He gave us more antibiotics, stronger this time. Katie stayed the same; there was no change. I was not about to give up, so I called Joette, knowing that she had helped my husband with his health problems the previous year. We took Katie off the antibiotic; after all, it was doing nothing anyway. She suggested a remedy, and we gave it to Katie. Within 3 days, Katie's problems were over. She has not messed on the carpet since. That was 4 years ago.

Donna Jamison, Kingston, NY

With homeopathy, Victor is much improved today. Happy in spirit. Croup much subsided. Fever gone.

Katherine Mohney, Financial Professional, Smith Barney, Buffalo, NY

Springtime had lamentably become a species of torture for me until Joette came along. Where other medicines danced around the problem, homeopathy went to the root cause. Once again I am enjoying my favorite time of year allergy free.

Norman Fulkerson, American Society for Tradition, Family and Property, Springrove, PA

Early one morning, I went out to my barn to collect one of my ailing feline friends in much need of dental work. As I picked him up, he bumped his mouth, causing him great pain. He proceeded to embed his teeth into my wrist. I did not wish to loosen him; catching him again would not be an option. So, with Thatcher hanging from my arm, I headed to the house. Moments before I reached the house, he let go. I went in the house, cleaned up, and went to work. As the morning progressed, my arm began throbbing. By lunch, I was beginning to show signs of a fever and nausea. I returned home, began soaking my arm in hot water with Celtic salt and Calendula tincture.

I put a call into Joette and she reminded me of what she had taught us in class so and I took Hypericum 200C on the hour and Ledum 200c on the half hour. I continued soaking my arm, taking my remedies and sleeping lots.

After the third day, the symptoms began to lessen. I backed off the remedies to a couple of times a day as well as soaking my arm. Each day everything looked better and better. At the end of a few months, the scars were mostly invisible. Now there are none.

Infection gone, wound healed. Homeopathy Works!!!!

Lee Basil, Colden, NY

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