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The body aches I was experiencing yesterday and today were so intense that it was hard to find a comfortable position. Not even sitting in the hot tub relieved the tremendous aches. I dissolved a capful of the homeopathic remedy in pure water and took a small sip.

I was so sick I could barely keep my head up and went to bed. When I woke up about an hour late, the pains in my low back and hip were 85% gone! Even though I am a true believer in homeopathic remedies, I was truly amazed. So I took another sip of the remedy. Although I still have some residual pain, the pain has subsided about 90% since I started the remedy, two sips ago!
Joette always hits it right on the nose!

Donna Jamison, Kingston, NY

I have to share this: My daughter began to not feel well with a fever and extreme tiredness. She went to lie down and looked real pale and threw up. I gave her Nux vomica, but there was no change. Joette's newsletter with info on Gelsemium had just come. I read it and the symptoms matched, so I gave Gelsemium to her. In 10 – 15 minutes, she sat with us eating, laughing and playing. Her eyes were brighter, she was up and around and her face had color. This is incredible!

Cathy Mahley, Houston

We are all healthy, especially Rowan, who is no longer getting sick every month like she was last winter. Pulsatilla works!…….. And I wouldn't be where I am today with my health if I hadn't been able to talk with Joette time and again. Joette is always generous with sharing her knowledge because she wants others to have it too.

Anna Grettenberg, Boston, Massachusetts

My 12 year old son accidentally slammed his 6 year old brother's hand with a car door. After determining that nothing was broken, my only mainstream choice of medicine would have been Motrin. Instead, I gave him Hypericum. Within ten minutes, he was asking for food. Within an hour, he was back to his old self and playing.

Karen Sagun, full time home schooling mom, Cheektowaga, NY

Joette's comforting word and wisdom helped me through a very difficult time. I wouldn't have made it through a frightening infection without her.

Janet Blair, Concord, NY

Joette's homeopathic care is the sole reason my kidney stones are no longer a problem. The first bout landed me in the hospital doubled over in excruciating pain. They gave me very strong IV medication that knocked me out.

Once I woke up, I was told there was nothing they could do and I would have to strain and “pass” the stone. Painstakingly, I did what I was told and finally passed a small black speck that was smaller than a sesame seed. About a year later, I felt another one coming one.

This time I recognized the symptoms in advance, before I landed in the ER. My wife called Joette and she instituted a program combining nutrition with homeopathic remedies. Miraculously, the stone dissolved and I was symptom free in less than two days. That was about six years ago. Since then I have not had to face the agonizing pain or the grueling trip to the emergency room again and have been symptom free every since.

Paul Jaimison, professional firefighter, Kingston, NY

Alli was more sick than I had ever seen her. She had a high fever and was listless and weak. I had tried several remedies and was getting confused and worried.

This was when I called Joette. We carefully walked through Alli's symptoms and I decided to give her Nux vomica due to the fact that the holidays had just passed and I thought her condition could have been brought on by the excitement and over indulgence the season usually brings.

The Nux vomica relieved Alli's tummy ache and her vomiting ceased, but it didn't change her overall state. It was the third day of Alli's being sick and I remembered a comment Joette had made in our conversation the night before, “Gelsemium often follows Nux vomica”.

When Alli didn't respond further to the Nux, I quickly started with Gelsemium. With one dose, the headache was gone, two and more sleep and the fever came down. By the next day, Alli was once again her old self. We had found the right remedy and just like that, the sickness was gone and this time it didn't come back.

Deb Ritchie, Native Offerings Organic Farm, East Otto, NY

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