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Bad, Stinky Dog: Homeopathy Fixes It

Is your hound Baskerville-ish? You know, red eyes, threatening small towns with his menacing canine stench, growling at the UPS guy?Buster the Office Dog

Meet Buster, the bad office dog. He’s my dog and he stays with the staff and me all day in our office. Sometimes he’s good, but sometimes he lives up to his moniker.

Every August he becomes more menacing than usual. Needy, whiny, his eyes inflamed, droopy and watery, especially after a bowl of raw milk, which is part of his diet all year. This is when he goes into a scratching frenzy, and he takes on an odor that is instantly noticeable on walking past him. Whoa Buster, that’s awful!

And each year I treat him with Sulphur 200C, one dose every other day for about a week, then repeat it two weeks later. It always clears up his odor and behavior within the second week of treatment, and then he’s a more acceptable member of the office team. His eyes and skin clear up as well.


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