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Homeopathy is safe

It is harmless because the remedies are extremely diluted so that any toxic effects are antidoted or removed. Hence, they can be confidently administered to babies, the elderly and infirm. Even those who are very sensitive to other substances will have no ill effects when given a remedy at the correct potency. Homeopathic remedies have also been given to wildlife, livestock and pets and are considered the medicine of choice by millions. Judge for yourself. Consider learning more about this most efficacious method of nontoxic medicine.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy is not an insignificant medical therapy. It has been a part of the cloth of medicine in hospitals, clinics and practices throughout Europe, the US, South America and India for centuries. The tenants of homeopathy have been known since the time of ancient Greeks, but were not fully fleshed out until the late 1700’s. It is generally acknowledged that Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and scholar, was the man who systemized the method. Today, homeopathy is enjoying a predictable comeback as a result of the overall disappointment with conventional drugs.

Consider peering into the world of homeopathy for your and your family’s health care. You, too, may find the older, more stayed therapy is the best.

Homeopathy is…

Remember the old term “miracle drugs”? The first time we heard this was in reference to antibiotics. Unfortunately, the concept was taken to an extreme and every sniffle, cut, ear infection and UTI was considered an opportunity to throw the big guns at the immune system. Well, we know better now. It took half a century, but the populace is clamoring for better medicine and care. Consider, instead, homeopathy.

It has a proven track record of no side effects, not even those that might show up decades later. Just plain, good medicine with a reputation for curing the most stubborn illnesses.

homeopathy is…

Homeopathy does not mean home remedies. It’s actually a branch of medicine that was used in the US by physicians and is still used in major hospitals, clinics and by doctors throughout the world. The difference between conventional meds and homeopathic is in the way the substances are made pharmaceutically.

Conventional meds are left in their gross form while homeopathic remedies are highly diluted so that the toxic aspects of the substance are removed. This is why homeopathic remedies do not have side effects and conventional drugs of commerce do. Side effects or no side effects. You choose.

Homeopathy is…

Tired of the antibiotics? The pain relievers that only cause the problem to reemerge later? Try homeopathy, instead. It doesn’t bankrupt your health like drugs. Instead, it gets to the essence of the problem and often unearths it.

Homeopathy is…

Along with chiropractic, acupuncture and naturopathy, homeopathy is a holistic therapy. It does not mean home remedies, but is a specific medical paradigm that has been used by millions throughout the world. In fact, theVatican, the British Royal family and many U.S. presidents have not only used homeopathic physicians, but often call it their medicine of choice. Consider learning more. You might find it a capitol idea.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy is the real McCoy. It’s the medicine we all hoped we were getting all along. In other words, homeopathic remedies are not cover ups of symptoms. They actually go to the heart of the problem and often resolve it. And as if this isn’t enough, there are NO side effects. In fact the FDA has approved all the homeopathic remedies on the market since the 1940’s at the advent of the FDA and not one – not even one – has ever been removed from the market because of detrimental effects to the public.

That is a track record of astounding proportions when one considers that there are over 3,000 homeopathic remedies available. Effective and safe. Can we ask for more?

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