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Travis, the Teenager, Loves Homeopathy

“Sweet!” crowed Travis, the 16-year-old, as he rose up with renewed strength.

Travis the teenager loves homeopathyJust hours ago, Travis had been suffering from a 103-degree fever, pounding headache and relentless nausea. After three doses of Belladonna 30C and a much-needed nap, this pale, emotional child was made whole.

Since it was Saturday night, this meant he would be able to go to his school dance.

His parents had no reservations. (more…)

Vertigo, Meniere’s and Tinnitus: Homeopathy Can Offer a Quieting Method

Vertigo, Tinnitus, Meniere’s

I recently posted about how to relieve travel sickness quickly

Today I am going to address vertigo and tinnitus, which sometimes share similar aspects of motion sickness.

However, these maladies can be even more debilitating when associated with a chronic condition.

While travel sickness is due to movement, vertigo and tinnitus can often accompany nausea, making it a double whammy.

Some describe the feeling as existing in a factory of constant noise, being intoxicated or having a bad case of “the spins.”

Infections, fevers, seemingly unrelated illness, movement, inner ear issues, exposure to loud noises, eye problems or even a major stress can lead to a bout of vertigo and long-term tinnitus. (more…)

Be the Healer in Your Home with Homeopathy

As parents, our greatest responsibility is to nourish and protect our children. We must defend them like mother lionesses. Let me point out that “mother” is a term I use for anyone who has loving charge over another. The same holds true for the “mothers” of friends or pets. 

Here are my strategies to become the healer in your home with homeopathy:

healer in home with the help of homeopathy

1. Always protect your thinking. When you’re told that the only way to address an ear infection or fever is with an antibiotic, learn enough homeopathy not only to prove otherwise to yourself but to offer the same success to others.


Sixteen Reasons to Choose Homeopathy

2013-04-30 20.46.58

This is our best kit.

Homeopathy is fast becoming the medicine of choice for families who are sick and tired of being dependent on drugs that often cause more problems than the original sufferings.

Ok, ok, I’ll admit, Darvon works. Indeed, it kills pain, but after having been prescribed for 50+ years, it was banned from the marketplace for causing deaths in people who innocently took it for their pain. And what was the cause of death? It was cardiac arrest in those who had no previous nor family history of such. Quite a price to pay for something that could easily have been resolved with the use of a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy such as Belladonna, Arnica or Hypericum. If only those folks and their families knew before they filled the prescription. (more…)

Morning Sickness Ruining Your Pregnancy? Choose One of These Homeopathic Remedies

toilet2Forget the mornings … sometimes this awful sensation can last all day! However, not with homeopathy. Unlike many modern medical methods, homeopathy has no side effects or detriments to the baby. In fact, one of the best times to use homeopathy is during pregnancy.

Choose a Remedy

Choose one of the remedies below that most closely fits the symptoms at hand, and for most moms, if the remedy is taken twice daily for 1-10 days, there’s often a nice shift. That’s how we know it’s time to stop using the remedy. If the symptoms return, then it’s time to resume its use.


Looking for Proof That Homeopathy Is Effective? We’ve Got It!

sam Hahnemann 2_HW-PC_Jan-17-1632-2013

Father of Homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

You probably can relate to this situation I experienced early in my homeopathy journey. I knew the power of homeopathy based on the amazing cures that I had experienced in my own life and the lives of others, including my pets and livestock. Still, I sometimes found myself at a loss when a well-meaning friend or relative asserted that homeopathy has no scientific proof or research to back it up.

Quite the contrary is actually true. Homeopathy has a rich history of research behind it. In fact, its discoverer, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, was a methodical scientist in his exploration of the principle that “like cures like.” Unfortunately for his family, in the very beginning, some of his research consisted of conducting “provings” on them and documenting their symptoms. I’m sure it made for lively dinner conversation. What symptoms am I going to develop this week? (more…)

Get Back in the Game: Hernias and Homeopathy

“I thought hernias could only be eliminated with surgery! You mean your hernia is gone from taking homeopathic remedies?”

Marcus was unconvinced.

Yet his squash partner, David, was indeed better.

And he had to admit, the bump was gone when only last week their game had been canceled because of it.

Even David’s doctor acknowledged the recovery. But not after re-reading the chart. (more…)

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