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Stop It! How to Antidote a Bad Drug Reaction



So often, my clients report that they have taken a drug and subsequently experienced mild, to even serious, side effects that linger beyond their expectations. (more…)

The Wrong Question Begets the Wrong Answer: Ear Pain, Teeth Pain and Homeopathy


Here’s a little exchange I recently had with a student of mine.

QUESTION: Based on what I have learned from your webinars, I  used Chamomilla 200C with great success on my granddaughter. She had a really bad ear infection and within an hour (and after two doses), she fell into peaceful sleep. This was after nearly two days of screaming and crying and a history of this, which had been treated repeatedly with antibiotics. It’s been nearly a year and she’s not had another incident since. This is pretty significant, given she had practically lived on antibiotics for the last year or so for repeated infections.

However, around that last incident, my daughter was curious about the remedy and asked her pediatrician about it. After he scribbled down the script for yet another round of antibiotics and a brief discussion about surgery as the next step, he looked up chamomile on the net and declared that it is dangerous because it is a blood thinner. What’s up with that? (more…)

Terror in the Night



The very words send chills down my spine!

Only one of our children suffered from this frightening condition, and that was enough.

Night terrors terrorize not just the child but the entire family.

Consider Helen’s story.

It was around the beginning of cold and flu season, and along with a cold came the first night of terrorizing, earsplitting screams.

Those 30 minutes felt like 30 hours. (more…)

Is the FDA Stepping on Our Toes?


In late April 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a two-day public hearing to gather information about the consumer use of homeopathic products.

I already know what you're thinking …

“Uh-oh. What does this mean for us?”

But before you let worry set in, let me tell you that I see this as an opportunity to provide the FDA with our own feedback based on our personal successes with homeopathy.

The best way to bring someone around to a new way of thinking is through respect and rationality.

The hearing in April focused solely on FDA regulations and labeling requirements for over-the-counter homeopathic medicines.

It did NOT, however, include any discussion regarding the efficacy of homeopathy, the ability of individuals to practice homeopathy, or the removal of homeopathic remedies from the retail market. (more…)

What to Expect When Using Homeopathy: Part 2


Originally, I planned this to be a two-part series, but I discovered that it required more. My goal is to give you as much on this subject as possible; hence this is Part 2 of a three-part series.

Last week in Part 1, I wrote about the kind of results one should look for when using homeopathy to address acute situations, such as fever, otitis media, sore throat, bee stings, etc.

Acute problems are relatively straightforward compared with what to expect when dealing with chronic conditions.

Nonetheless, when using homeopathy for chronics, there are also signs along the road that we can look for to reassure us that we are on the correct path or to redirect us if we are on the wrong path. (more…)

Royal Pains

Prince Harry

Prince Harry's vitality may be the direct result of the medical decisions his family has made for generations.


Prince Charles made news in the UK in early May because of his support of homeopathy. The prince had a private meeting with UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to lobby for National Health Service funding for alternative medicines, including homeopathy.

Opponents of alternative medicine had urged the prince to stay out of the debate and were aggravated by his continual attempts to influence Hunt, who shares the prince’s appreciation for alternative medicines.

But the prince has strong opinions on the subject. Both he and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, are strong proponents of homeopathy and have attributed their good health to its use. In fact, the queen is patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. (Yes, they still have homeopathic hospitals in England!) (more…)

Homeopathic Remedies for Fainting


Let’s add to our arsenal of homeopathic remedies for simple first aid. Today, we’ll look at fainting.

Fainting is a unique way for the body to display stress. Frightening experiences and other emotional times in one’s life are nearly always met with a physical component. Fainting occurs when the heart suddenly fails in its normal action. It most often afflicts women and the “faint-hearted.” The causes for fainting spells are often varied. (more…)

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