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Learn Homeopathy, Laugh and Maybe Win

Nux Vomica

Want to learn more about how to use homeopathy to care for yourself and your family?

Do you find it difficult to resist cute animal pictures?

Well then, you’re in luck!


Something From Nothing


You know how when you don’t have enough money to pay for a new outfit, you find a way to make your own or scour the consignment shops instead? Or how you’d never entertain the idea of buying a pie for a potluck gathering, but you would instead pick apples from the neighbor’s backyard tree and make your own? And how in the end, the product was far superior to what you could buy retail?

Having the ability to make something from nothing or next to nothing is one of my favorite things in life to do. And I’ll bet it is yours, too. But there is something else that plays into this. Your new skirt, made from fabric found in the remnant bin, is different from anything anyone else is wearing. YOUR pie used butter or lard instead of commercial vegetable oil … and the house smelled of baked apples all day. What could be better?

And that’s independence. That’s self-reliance; it is pride.

And that, my friends, is the making of excellence.


Here’s an Opportunity You Won’t Want to Miss

In just a few short days, I will be leaving for the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 14th Annual Weston A. Price FoundationConference, Wise Traditions 2013, held November 8-11 in Atlanta, Georgia. I can’t wait!

This year’s theme is “Curing the Incurable: Holistic Therapies for Chronic Disease,” and the conference has gathered some of the best minds in the country to speak on diverse topics such as raw milk safety, Chinese medicine, magnetism, cheesemaking, raising your own livestock and poultry and just about anything you want to know about nutrition and traditional diets.

And the conference fee includes five delicious gourmet meals that incorporate the principles of these healthy diets! Where else could you find that?


Don’t Accept Less in Your Quest for Genuine Health


2013-10-29 13.55.56My husband and I recently contracted to have some work done to the outside of our house. Winter is just around the corner, and several places on the roof needed repair.

The contractor came that first day, sun shining, full crew and eager to start, but they did not finish. After that first day, they never returned, despite the fact that the job was incomplete. We paid them a large portion of the agreement at the end of that first day and haven’t seen them since. Paying without completion of work was probably the problem, but that’s the subject of another story.

As I write this, it’s day 18 (but who’s counting?) after the project began, and the last little bit that will complete the roof repair remains elusively incomplete. I am beginning to accept that the work may never get done. I’m already past the stage of being angry with the contractor. I’ve begun to creep into the “oh-well-I-guess-I-have-to-learn-to-live-with-it-as-it-is” stage.


Good Gut, Bad Gut: Most Common Questions

Joette passing the torch

Good Gut, Bad Gut: FAQ

“Read the Science. Raise Your Hand. Ask Your Questions. Learn the Facts”

Many of you have asked very good questions, so I know you are learning the facts.



1) I can’t see my insides … how do I know if my gut is good or bad?

 he relationship between digestion and overall health is much more far-reaching than simply experiencing frank gastrointestinal symptoms. Various mental and physical ailments, such as ADD and autoimmune diseases, have been observed to have their origins in poor digestive health. The way you might know if an illness is related to the gut is if there are chronic problems that began after a gastrointestinal event, even years previous. Also,  if foods seem to be bothersome, even if the symptoms present in remote areas such as on the skin, the respiratory tract or neurologically, it can potentially mean the gut is disturbed and is worth investigation. (more…)

Double, Double, Boil and Trouble: Treat Boils and Cystic Abscesses with Homeopathy

boils and cystsInfected cysts and boils are essentially the same in that the infection is what calls our attention to the problem.

Hot, red, swollen, tender and screaming for attention.

Get to the dermatologist! No, to the surgeon! No, to ye olde witches! They know about boils and warts and all things yucky, right?

Stop! These kinds of infections can be addressed with a no-knife and no-toadstool protocol I learned in Calcutta beside the team of homeopathic physicians. (more…)

I Want That: Confident Mothering

Confident MotheringI don’t consider myself a jealous person. I usually find inspiration in those who have achieved or have more than I, but with that said, allow me to confess a moment of desire that altered my life.

About 27 years ago, having recently discovered homeopathy, I sat engaged in an appointment with my homeopath.

Her seven-year-old daughter knocked at the door of the consulting room and peeped in. She was pale and perspiring, and in a feeble little voice, she breathed, “I’m sick. My stomach hurts.”

My homeopath went to her cabinet, tucked into the corner of this office, where she had a stash of a hundred homeopathic remedies from which she dispensed the little pills. She plucked a remedy from the lot, opened the bottle, released the pills into the cap and tossed them into her daughter’s opened mouth.

She had complete confidence in her ability to address her child’s needs. (more…)

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