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What Time Is It??

Spring forward, fall back.

Or, wait … is it … no, that’s right. Isn’t it?

It’s that confusing time of year again when we realize time is even more relative than Albert Einstein thought.

I went to bed last night at my usual time and mysteriously lost an hour overnight. That darn missing hour will be gone all summer until it sneaks back up on me in November, and then the whole readjustment process starts all over again.

My head certainly understands this, but sometimes, my body does not — and, I know I’m not alone.

All over the United States (except in Hawaii and Arizona where they obviously have more entertaining things to do than change clocks twice a year), people will be battling the after-effects of this week’s time change.

Those effects can present as fatigue, sleeping too little, sleeping too much, irritability or just plain ol’ frustration at trying to figure out how to reset that one impossible clock we all seem to have.

A friend of mine had so much trouble changing the clock on her car stereo during the last time change, that she just gave up — and settled with it being an hour fast. (At least now it will be correct again!)

When I’m just not feeling up to snuff after the time change, the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica 30 helps with it all (except for that clock on the car stereo).

I take it twice a day for only a few days until I’m feeling more adjusted to the new time. If my symptoms are really severe, then I consider Nux vomica 200, as an SOS.

Without subjecting you to an entire history lesson, the current iteration of Daylight Saving Time began in the early years of WWI as an effort to conserve fuel by reducing the consumption of artificial light.

What it effectively did was set up a tradition to tinker with our collective circadian rhythms — our body clocks — twice a year.

But, we can’t place all the blame on the mandated time changes.

We do the same thing to ourselves when we travel. We hop on a plane, fly across the globe, and immediately expect our bodies to synchronize with whatever is going on in that distant time zone.

Well, naturally, that is too much to expect!

Jet lag is simply a symptom of body clock disruption … certainly another time to utilize Nux vomica. I’ve also used Arnica montana as well, as detailed in my 2013 blog post, “No Jet Lag on My Trip to India.”

However, Boiron has once again made it super convenient for those of us who travel with their product Jet Lag Relief®. (You have to admit the name is pretty easy to remember.) This combination remedy supplies Nux vomica, Arnica, and also Cocculus indicus for jet-lag-induced queasiness. If you think those remedies sound familiar, you’d be correct! I described them in a blog post six years ago: “Flying High … with No Jet Lag.” But, it sure is convenient to have them packaged together in one handy Boiron box.

I would take the remedy as Boiron suggests: the day before traveling, on the way to the airport, then after arrival as needed — until I felt synchronized and adjusted to the new time zone.

Wouldn’t our great-grandparents be amazed?

To them, it would indeed seem like the “future.” So, isn’t it ironic a medicine that has been in use for over 200 years can encourage our bodies to stabilize in these modern times?

Now if only we had an easy fix for that annoying clock on the car stereo.


P.S. Don’t forget about my Facebook Live events. I endeavor to hold one every Monday night at 8 pm EST. Be sure you’ve changed your clocks so you don’t miss it!! But, don’t worry if you can’t attend live; we have them stored in our video section so you can view them no matter what time your body is on.


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