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Uh-Oh, I’m Estrogen Dominant


I hear it from women all too often. “Uh-oh, Joette! I found out I’m estrogen dominant!”

Well, that sounds quite ominous, but in truth, estrogen dominance is not a true conventional diagnosis. It’s an explanation of the diagnosis.

We’re not going to treat “estrogen dominance” because we don’t treat the dominance of any one hormone or another. So, we don’t need to know the explanation; we need to know the conventional diagnosis and the symptoms.

The true diagnosis is no great mystery. It hits every woman around the ages of, say, 42-60. It’s menopause — the symptoms being hot flashes, weight gain and lowered libido.

These kinds of hormonal fluctuations — while natural with age, of course — can be exacerbated by anything that tinkers with one’s endocrine system (e.g., pesticide exposure, plastics in water bottles and food containers, birth control pills or thyroid issues).

But the only reason I mention those potential “causes” is to urge women (and their daughters) to stay away from those influences. But it’s not essential that we really, truly know what stimulated the shift.



So, what can we do if a sufferer feels like menopause is a rollercoaster? What if they can’t soar through menopause because symptoms are burying them — holding them down? They don’t need a test. Instead, in Practical Homeopathy®, we use the symptoms to help us make the most informed medicine choice.

I’ve written many times about Sepia 200 — generally utilized every three days — as our primary medicine to consider for menopausal symptoms.

However, today, I want to point out another excellent choice for hormonal fluctuations that belongs in every well-curated homeopathy kit: Ammonium carbonicum 200C, employed every seven to ten days. It’s even worth consideration for perimenopausal symptoms as well!

So, there are two good choices to consider, but only pick one or the other. Ammonium carb would be appropriate for more generalized menopausal conditions, while Sepia more specifically covers hormonal headaches, vaginal pain and low libido. But, as always, I suggest you study both medicines thoroughly in a materia medica.

However, Ammonium carb doesn’t work quickly. It could take months to observe improvements. But often, many women report, “My symptoms are not nearly as bad as they used to be.”

And that’s what we’re going for, right?

If you have concerns about women’s health issues, I suggest you learn more about my course, Feminopathy: How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy. A simple blog post doesn’t allow me enough time to discuss thoroughly the potential that homeopathy has been shown to offer. But taking a deep dive into a course on women’s issues could be, as they say, just what the doctor ordered. (And wouldn’t that be one order from a doctor we would be happy to act upon?)

Get off the menopausal rollercoaster and pass on the good news of homeopathy, my friends.


P.S. Spurred by comments on the recent blog Dogs Days, I have added additional information to the post for new readers. However, for those of you who may not have reread the post since its initial publication, let me add my addendum here:

Remember that Pulsatilla is a medicine and should not be given indefinitely. We generally use a medicine for a few weeks and then reassess.

We reassess by looking at what symptoms and conditions remain, if there's been an improvement and, if so, to what extent. According to our findings, we either halt the medicine (because its job is done) or carry on because there's still plenty more work to be completed.

One of the most important ways to determine if a medicine has done its work is to halt the medicine and see if the suffering returns. If it does return, we can either begin utilizing the medicine again — less frequently (such as every other day instead of twice daily) — or carry on for another few weeks while always observing.

The same principle applies to pooches or people.

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9/3/23 Uh-Oh, I’m Estrogen Dominant



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