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The Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

August 28th, 2022  |  3 Comments

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Joette Calabrese


Will you look at that? The summer has flown by, and we’re heading straight toward Labor Day! And you know what that means for the majority of our children? Yep, school is just about to start.

If you’re homeschooling this year, (and even if you're not, I might add), you’re probably knee-deep in decisions about your curriculum. So, here I am — Joette Calabrese, former homeschooling mom — ready to help!

Personally, I found that teaching homeopathy to my children as part of their homeschool studies was highly effective for combining many different topics into one fun, practical curriculum.

By studying homeopathy, they were exposed to a bit of math, a tad of history, some chemistry, zoology, biology and botany, and even a dash of civics, law and Latin!

But most importantly, not only did they learn practical lessons and develop hands-on homeopathic skills, but they developed self-reliance along the way. I can think of nothing more valuable than a curriculum that builds self-sufficiency, competence and confidence. Can you?

My boys are all adults now, independent and entirely self-sufficient. My oldest is a captain for a major airline. My middle son runs a property management company, and my youngest has full responsibility for maintaining our company’s computers and system-wide servers.

I want to help you achieve the same thing for your kids. So, I created The Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy: Become a Revolutionary, Independent Thinker with Practical Homeopathy®.

I designed this course to engage and inspire young minds in a way that kids find both captivating and fun. It’s rich in graphics and will teach your adolescent or teen the basics of homeopathy in a hands-on, inspiring way.

  • It’s 13 weeks of engaging, recorded lessons for your child to watch.
  • You’ll also get printable handouts of the webinar slides to use for taking notes during class.
  • There will be homework assignments and activities in the form of worksheets, recommended reading, supplemental videos to watch, quizzes, and hands-on projects.

Check out my syllabus to learn more.

However, now more than ever, our job is to teach our children how to think. Not how to follow, but how to think. So, as I developed this curriculum, basic subject-matter education was not my only motivation. I also wanted to help reinforce the vital life lessons YOU are already instilling in your child: self-sufficiency, competence and confidence.

When raising our children to be critical thinkers, I know of nothing more effective than teaching them Practical Homeopathy®.

For a sneak peek into just a few topics this curriculum covers, click here to download the infographic my team created especially for children. You’ll notice that the infographic focuses on homeopathy for pets! Kids adore animals, dogs, cats, chickens, bunnies, pigs, ferrets, whatever! So, in this course, I often use animals as examples in my teaching.

Plus, I teach them how to deal with everyday issues that might arise in their own lives. For instance, let’s say you're working in the garden and you get stung by a bee. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if they knew precisely what to do homeopathically without asking?

Well, right in Lesson Eight, I teach that the best medicine for insect bites and stings is Ledum palustre in a 30 or 200, generally taken every few hours depending on severity (and, of course, discontinued when very much better).

Your children will learn the basics of homeopathy plus remedies for acute situations they and their pets might face.

So, as you contemplate your homeschool curriculum or design an after-school activity for your children to enjoy, I urge you to consider The Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy.

Together we can cultivate the next generation to be a flourishing tribe of independent thinkers, ready to challenge common public opinion and forge their own paths.

What better gift can a parent give their child than self-assuredness? They’ll carry it with them long after we are gone — and, no doubt, they’ll pass along the good news of homeopathy to their children and their children’s children.

THAT’S the kind of generational wealth we should move heaven and earth to foster!


Joette Calabrese



P.S. Don’t just take my word for it; Moms have written in with unsolicited testimonials to say they love my curriculum:

“Thank-you for creating this wonderful course. It is such a blessing to have someone else with similar values to teach our children (apart from just me Mum, and Dad.) Love how Joette always portrays intelligence and grace, yet with a sense of joyful fun. Even Joette’s lovely hair maintains absolute grace while travelling through Outer Space – wow!” — Laura T., Noblesville TN

“To Whom It May Concern, please pass on the message that my 10 year old daughter just sat next to me and told me, ‘Mom, you know why I love Joette? Bc she is so funny and she loves animals.’ I don’t watch these videos, but my daughter clearly loves the delivery. She says she doesn’t understand everything, but she knows she will be able to watch them when she is older. Thank you to Joette.” — Abby S., Dallas TX

P.P.S. And remember — all of my Mighties (Joette’s Mighty Members) qualify for a 10% discount on course purchases. If you need assistance getting your discount, email contact@practicalhomeopathy.com for more information.


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Joette laughingI am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

Call today and learn how homeopathy might just be the missing piece in your health strategy.

Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase.

The Author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy”

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Joette,
    I was wondering, since as you said, your son is a captain for a major airline and knowing how you raised him, how did he navigate the vaccine issue with everything that’s gone on the last couple years?

  2. Arianna says:

    How old does the child need to be to take this course? My (homeschooled) 6-years-old loves homeopathy and animals, and he says he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. I think this will be absolutely right up his alley. Although, I don’t think he is ready yet to take full advantage of this course yet. So, I was wondering, how old are the kids taking it? Thank you very much!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      No matter the age, you may refer to it time and again so even if your son misses bits and pieces, he’ll be able to return to it in a year and fill in the blanks.

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