The Emotional Toll of Business Reversals


It’s an end-of-the-year tradition. No, not mistletoe. No, not twinkling lights. It’s business reversals. Indeed, many corporations announce their layoffs in December. Many businesses choose the end of the year to close their doors. End-of-the-year accounting often brings clarity to the viability of a business, and often, the news is not good.

A layoff or business reversal can often cause grief and depression. Not long ago, we discussed a homeopathic for — among other things — apathy arising from humiliation over a job loss (see: For Veterans: A Thank You and a Homeopathic Medicine).

But this is slightly different.

In this case, these are movers and shakers — business leaders — who don’t react with their tails between their legs. These folks are generally powerful, robust and confident — the types that others can count on. But when their confidence is shaken, they can slip into a depression. So, their mental condition is triggered less by humiliation and more by a sense of loss.

Aurum metallicum 200 is a profound homeopathic medicine historically utilized for depression from loss, a premier medicine especially for men in this state. (I’ll also share a different kind of loss that Aurum met has been shown to address with my Mighty Members in their next extra blog post — which we call our weekly “Memo to Mighty Members” — coming this Thursday.)

Years ago, I had a client — let’s call him Arthur — who owned a large accounting firm that was, unfortunately, failing. Arthur took his responsibility to his clients and the industry very seriously. He was committed to the business, his employees and, of course, his family. It was shaping up to be an incredible loss.

He originally came to me for sinusitis and never said anything about depression over his business reversal. However, as we met for his consultation, I noticed the signs. I finally asked, “Are you okay?”

He quickly responded, “Yes, I am.” (Movers and shakers are generally stoic and won’t readily admit to what they consider an imperfection.)

But I pressed the issue and asked if what he might be feeling from his business problems could be described as despair.

“Yeah. I guess that’s the word.”

Ahhh! That’s the information I needed. Aurum metallicum has also been shown to be effective for those with sinus issues (nasal obstructions, sinus headaches and runny nose) and this type of depression. So, this medicine suited Arthur perfectly.

However, this is a good teaching moment. Should Aurum met be considered for every case of sinusitis? No. To address sinus problems alone, I would most likely consider a different medicine. There are many other homeopathics worthy of consideration, depending on the presenting conditions.

However, given Arthur’s gender, sinus issues and his despair from his business reversal, we now had our three-legged stool to make a tighter decision: Aurum metallicum 200, every three days until very much better. Then halt. If the condition returns, then the medicine may be restarted until very much better once again.

The key to success with homeopathy is focusing a tight lens on what is most important in each sufferer. And the only way to learn how to do that effectively is with experience — experience taking cases and taking courses.

A blog post can only teach the main points of a condition and not the nuances that can elevate one’s practice of homeopathy to the level we all aspire to achieve. So, if depression from loss is a significant problem — or any other similar condition — I suggest checking out my course, Mindful Homeopathy: Practical Protocols for Mental and Emotional Conditions. Education is everything, especially when dealing with these more nuanced conditions of the mind.

And pass on the good news of homeopathy!




P.S. I’ve written about Aurum metallicum several times before, so here is a quick shortlist of some of the major topics linked to the blog post in which they’re covered:

Erectile dysfunction

Loss of libido or low sperm count

Depression, anxiety attacks and chronic fatigue

Depression accompanying the flu
Postpartum depression



But remember, you’ll learn much more from the full Mindful Homeopathy course than from a few blog posts. (And Mighty Members qualify for a 10% discount on course purchases.)




1/14/24 The Emotional Toll of Business Reversals


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