The Alphabet Soup of Viruses. Now, It’s RSV.

Joette Calabrese


We’re certainly getting educated in the alphabet soup of virus names these days. For example, RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is all over the news as it circulates among school children.

Now, before we all clutch our pearls, let me say that RSV is nothing new. It’s an established seasonal illness, which generally makes the rounds every year, along with colds and the flu.

We can’t freak out every time a group of letters makes the front page. Viruses have lived alongside humans since the beginning of time.

Viruses aren’t the end of the world!

Viruses are a natural part of the world.

But believe it or not, often, the most challenging part of homeopathy is trying to figure out what remedy to use for a cold or flu.

Why? Well, there are several reasons.

First and foremost, at the onset of a viral infection, we usually don’t know what we’re dealing with. All we know is, “I don’t feel well.” Many viruses present in a similar manner, and we can’t discern one from another until they ripen.

Also, the same virus may present differently in different people, often giving us no unifying thread to establish a clear-cut homeopathic remedy for each specific virus.

And there can be many unique variants — many variations on a theme, even within a single virus. (Years ago, folks didn’t even know the term “variant.” But post-2020, it’s hard to go through a single day without hearing the word.)

And lastly, viruses evolve. A sufferer may first notice fatigue and weakness, then experience a sore throat, then a fever, then vomiting, then a cough, then lung congestion, and on and on. So, choosing the most effective homeopathic medicine depends on the symptoms in the current moment of the illness’s evolution.

Consequently, it can be a bit frustrating because most people actually come to homeopathy thinking they want to take care of their family’s colds and flu! When they’re unsuccessful (because of these complex factors), they get discouraged and stop studying homeopathy altogether. But oddly, more sobering conditions (such as UTIs or otitis media) are sometimes easier to address because they’re more straightforward.

To address respiratory infections that have gone a bit further, we consider not simply the name of the disease but rather the symptoms as they present.

Case in point: Laurie knew that it was inevitable that someone in her family would get a cold or flu, so she owned all the most effective homeopathic medicines and knew how to use them (or knew where to look to refresh her memory).

Good going, Laurie.

So, when Laurie’s first grader came home from school with the onset of a respiratory virus, Laurie carefully observed as it evolved. For the initial weakness and other evolving symptoms, she kept Homeopaths Get the Flu Too, Ya Know printed by her daughter’s bedside. (Many respiratory illness symptoms were also covered in Ferocious Flu Fears.) When wheezing or asthma-like symptoms developed, Laurie re-read Four Homeopathic Medicines for Asthma. If pneumonia had resulted, Laurie was prepared with No More Pneumonia: Homeopathy and Pneumonia.

Do you see how this works?

Laurie stayed on top of the symptoms by addressing them with homeopathy — no matter what the viral strain’s alphabet soup name was. And that made her daughter’s condition more manageable and less severe.

But when confronted by a cold, flu or any respiratory virus, my mainstays are a common Banerji Protocol and speed. I have averted many viruses with Aconitum napellus 200 mixed with Bryonia alba 30, taken at the first inkling that a virus is taking over my system. Not later or before bed. Not the next day. I’m talking IMMEDIATELY at the first sign that I’m feeling an illness coming on. (And repeating every few hours — depending on the severity of the illness — until very much better or until the presenting symptoms require a different medicine.)

And not uncommonly, I and my family get sick less and less often as the years go by, by virtue of such knowledge. 

That’s why I recommend that anyone susceptible to viruses (and that means everyone) carries Aconite 200 and Bryonia 30 in their pocket or purse. Don’t leave home without it!

So, things would have been different when Laurie picked up her daughter from school and heard that first little, “Mommy, my throat hurts.” Armed with Aconite 200 and Bryonia 30 in her purse, Laurie could have pulled the car over and administered this powerful homeopathic protocol immediately — at that moment — not waiting for later that night when they got home.

And who knows? Perhaps the virus wouldn’t have settled in so fully. Minimizing a viral condition before it gets severe is much easier than waiting until the virus fully blooms and the hospital is required. Once in the hospital, we lose all control. So, this is about prevention — keeping the virus from going that far. We endeavor to keep it at what is considered a perfectly acceptable level in all children’s lives — to get a cold or flu every year and recover without difficulty.

So, I bet Laurie will have Aconite 200 and Bryonia 30 with her next time. How do I know? Because Laurie wants to be the kind of mom I admire — a honey badger mom — resilient, tenacious, thick-skinned, undeterred, and ferocious when need be!

To help facilitate honey badger moms, I’ll soon teach my Mighty Members a homeopathic medicine that may be considered if the respiratory virus becomes fully established.

In addition, I’ve spent the last several weeks discussing homeopathic alternatives to antibiotics in my Facebook Live events. However, I have the freedom and time to teach with much more detail in my course, The Antibiotic Alternative. And believe me when I say that honey-badger moms shouldn’t be without that particular course!

Until then, I suggest our viral mantra be “Preparedness, swiftness and knowledge.” Utilizing that strategy, we can generally reduce our families’ respiratory suffering, be it a cold, flu, RSV or even one of the “C-word” variants. And that’s powerful!

(Plus, a little homemade chicken alphabet soup couldn’t hurt! Just don’t get bogged down by all the letters.)

Pass on the good news of homeopathy!


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11/27/22 The Alphabet Soup of Viruses. Now, It’s RSV.


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