Stop Stressing About Toxins

Joette Calabrese

Stunned beyond belief


It’s always something.

We can never just peacefully go through our day without the media trying to convince us that the bogeyman is right around the corner, waiting to pounce.

A current topic popular with the fearmongers is toxicity. The recommended processes for detoxing promise better physical and mental health, improved memory, healthier skin, and maybe even the winning lottery numbers.

Okay, that last one is tongue-in-cheek. But the big business of health care sure does ensure detoxing will cure all manner of ills and make life better.

Will it? Well, I can assure you that most of the current detoxing programs will effectively reduce the weight and thickness of your wallet.

My friends, I don’t worry about toxins because I have homeopathy. I discussed this at length in Podcast 70 – Rethinking Detox. (My podcasts are available wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can simply click on the title’s link to listen on my website.)

But this month, as I relaunch my course, “Rethinking Detox with Practical Homeopathy®: How to Stop Stressing About Toxins and Fearlessly Achieve Health the Simple Way,” I am reminded that many people are overwrought about toxins because they are still stuck in a conventional medical mindset. They think taking a product designed to detox their bodies will treat their symptoms. However, what they really want is something that goes deeper.

Indeed, what they really want is homeopathy. They may not know it yet, but going deeper is what homeopathy does best.

A homeopathic medicine, chosen by the symptoms presenting, will go beyond the surface symptoms to uproot the toxic component, if there is one. If an individual were exposed to a chemical or a toxic drug, the usual course of action in conventional detox might be chelation therapy to detox the liver.

But in homeopathy, we don’t think that way. We use homeopathic medicines that correspond to the pathological symptoms presenting at the moment. These symptoms may represent underlying conditions we understand, or they may not. It doesn’t matter. Homeopathy often goes beyond our analysis — beyond what we may initially think.

You see, homeopathy doesn’t manipulate. It's incredibly gentle and polite because it’s derived from plant, animal, and naturally occurring substances. Mother Nature “gets” it. We don’t have to tie ourselves into pretzels to comply with the detox procedures of conventional or naturopathic paradigms.

Homeopathy is cleaner and simpler. It’s a different mindset altogether.

I’m reminded of the ornate eating utensils used in Europe over the centuries. A different fork or spoon is designed for every course and almost every type of food. These elaborate utensils are generally made from precious metals and artistically crafted with engravings, ornamentation, inlays … you name it.

Meanwhile, the folks in Asia utilize simple, elegant chopsticks.

Neither is necessarily wrong, at least on the face of it. They’re just different mindsets. Similarly, homeopathy is a different mindset from the complexities of conventional or naturopathic medicine. It’s simply elegant.

For example, the homeopathic medicine Chelidonium majus is a liver-specific medicine. However, do we need to know that the liver is toxic before we utilize Chelidonium? No, we don’t.

For instance, we may consider Chelidonium 6, twice daily until very much better, to address coughs (especially spasmodic, rattling coughs with difficult expectoration). When properly utilized, the Chelidonium will also address any potential underlying liver condition, should there be one. Mother Nature will know precisely what to do when we gently nudge her with homeopathic medicine.

Now, if there were a diagnosed pathology of the liver — say, fatty liver disease — then Chelidonium might be a worthwhile consideration. The sufferer would turn to their materia medica and read, read, read on the rubrics that Chelidonium has historically remedied to determine if it’s a tight fit for the whole of their condition.

However, as I often say, a blog post cannot contain all the information needed to make the best choice of medicine. That’s why I wrote my course, Rethinking Detox with Practical Homeopathy®.” Click on that link to read about my client, Margaret, and her failed attempts at detoxing. Then, celebrate her success after utilizing homeopathy. It’s truly gobsmacking!

While on that website, you can also learn what this valuable 15-hour course covers. I discuss ailments stemming from:

  • Mold
  • Mercury, lead and other metals
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Pesticides, glyphosate
  • Foods and food additives
  • Air and water pollution
  • Radiation and radon
  • EMF, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and computer and device radiation
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • And much, much more.

Coco Chanel may have had fashion in mind when she said these words, but I think they can also apply to homeopathic medicines: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Indeed, elegant simplicity is a keynote of all homeopathic medicines – from Arsenicum album to Zincum metallicum. There’s no need to stress about toxins because we have an arsenal of homeopathic medicines that can uproot the underlying cause of any conditions that arise.

Pass on the stress-free news of homeopathy!



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2/18/24 Stop Stressing About Toxins


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