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Homeopathy Hints from Holstein

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

April 21st, 2024  |  24 Comments

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joette Calabrese

Hi. I’m Holstein.

What? You were expecting a cow? Well, that’s speciesism right there. Do I look like a cow?

Nope, I’m a Fox Terrier, and Joette told me I’m cute as a button. So there.

(Harumph. Cow, indeed.)

Well, anyway … I heard that a very smart dog named Buster used to write blog posts about homeopathy. We all miss Buster very much. But between you and me, I say, anything poodles can do, I can do better. So, let me tell you a little story about how homeopathy saved my life.

I mean, don’t get me wrong … I wasn’t dying of a disease or anything. I was just annoying my owner so much that I was worried he might give me away to a local farmer, which all of us pets know is human-speak for something else entirely. (At least, we think so; we’ve never seen anyone come back from the farm.)

Look, it all started with a ball. Oh my gosh. Have you ever played with a ball? It’s AMAZING! You can run and fetch it, bring it back to your human, and, by sheer force of will, you can make them throw it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Homeopathy Hints from Holstein INTERNAL

Okay, maybe I took it too far. Joette’s son (whom I live with) said I was “neurotic.” At first, I thought that meant adorable and fun to play with, but I’m pretty sure I got that wrong.

Turns out, he thought I was out-of-my-mind nuts. Yep, I overheard a very hurtful phone call between him and his mom, Joette, where I learned that apparently, dogs are supposed to stop playing with the ball eventually … or at least take a break. I guess we’re not supposed to keep asking our humans to “throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball.”

I say, if you didn’t want us to enjoy playing with the ball, then why did you throw it in the first place? Humans. I’ll never understand them.

Sure, if I was alone, I could rest. But if there was a human nearby, I’d get so excited. I’d want to play! Like, a LOT. Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball. Throw the ball, already!

At any rate, Joette recommended a homeopathic medicine that would make me less of this “neurotic” thing. So, her son put some delicious little pellets of Coffea cruda 200 in my mouth, and he rubbed my little face and throat (which was quite enjoyable) until the pellets melted.

No kidding. Within 10 minutes, I was calm. I didn’t feel that weird compulsion to play with the ball. I just kind of took a break and lay beside my people. It was nice. Joette’s son put his hand on me and said, “Hey, Holstein isn’t vibrating!”

I guess I just had a problem relaxing. I had been a little, well … wound up. When my human would try to hold me (to keep me from annoying our houseguests), I would just scream to get back down. I couldn’t be still. They couldn’t lock me in my room because I’d create such a fuss that they’d worry I was going to tear the room apart. The back of the door now resembles a Jackson Pollock.

All I really wanted was to get back to my ball. Geez. You’d think they’d understand that.

But that Coffea 200 sure calmed me down. I overheard that it also helps humans with their nervousness and overactive thoughts. I think Joette wrote about it once in her blog post, Anxiety: When the Elevator Flies to the Top.

Look, I still like playing with the ball. But now, I can also be a little more in control of myself. I’ve heard them say I’m more fun to be around. (Weird … because I thought throwing the ball to me all day, every day would have been fun for them. But I guess not.)

I just wanted to let you know about this clever Coffea cruda 200 stuff. Maybe you have a four-legged friend who could use a little of it? Or heck, maybe you know a two-legged friend who needs it, too.

Either way, I highly recommend it. (And the face-rubbing part. Don’t forget the face-rubbing part.)

That’s it for me. I think I’ll go lie down a bit and maybe take a nap. This new, calmer life I’m leading definitely has its perks!





P.S. Joette, here. If other mental or emotional conditions interest you, download a free infographic containing the names of a few commonly employed homeopathic medicines for this category of conditions. My course, Mindful Homeopathy: Practical Protocols for Mental and Emotional Conditions, provides more in-depth information that may be just what your family needs.

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4-21-24 Homeopathy Hints from Holstein


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24 thoughts on “Homeopathy Hints from Holstein”

  1. Lina says:

    I do miss adorable Buster, but Holstein is just as cute! Love Love Love this post!

  2. Mary says:

    Darling! Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

  3. Vickey says:

    I wonder if this could be useful for a 60 Lb mix breed who always wants to go if the truck moves, but then whines, barks, pants, and shakes through the whole trip unless you have food.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      I can’t make a decision for you but if you read up on the remedy Coffea in a materia medica, you might indeed find that it fits.

  4. Mary Marseglia says:

    You are a great homeopath but I’m a great certified dog behaviorist, trainer, pet nutritionist for 43 yrs now. I’m also CCH as well but not as long nor as educated as you

    Your fox terrier is do called hyper based on vaccines you have given!? The so called food you are feeding if it’s any type of kibble as they are all loaded with horrible sugars!! Really they are loaded with starches tfat turn to sugar should be eating a Proper Complete Species Appropriate Raw diet primarily from Herbivore Ungulate animals never pork and very little to no poultry

    But most important if this is a puppy or young adult? Heck even adult but the other 2 are more active is you or your son are NOT doing enough with the dog!

    They require a balanced Structured daily walk. Depending on energy, his sounds like high energy, minimum 45-60 mins minimum for high energy 2x per day

    Plus Structured play time. Structured walk means not in front of you sniffing abd pulling all around but by your side , either side doesn’t matter, or even a little behind you. You are to be the Pack LEADER and No tfat is not foolishly debunked as on social media they require an actual Leader you can walk structured for 20 mins then teach Ok or whatever you want, so you allow walking and sniffing around while you stand there. If you want to walk giving him the ok to walk and sniff around, they are not allowed to pull. You do that for about 10 mins then back into structured walk for about 20 mins. Give another Ok break if freedom walking sniffing for 10 mins then back into structured walk

    Walking structured walk is one if the very best methods for bonding abd showing You are the Leader of the pack. Your pack abd everybody must do sane routine or you screw the dog up

    On structured play that means you start the play time and you end it

    Patience and consistency. Although I love homeopathy and agree with your choice of remedy first thing is first. Doing what is necessary for the dog not human convenience and most fox terriers are high energy

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      Good information, Mary.
      Holstein’s owner will appreciate it.

  5. Judith says:

    Great topic Joette! Over the past week, I had a homoepathic experience I was eager to share and maybe this is one place. A vet in CT, sadly passed away a few years ago, sent me the homeopathic remedy he had used successfully for years to treat Lyme in animals but also found it worked when the owners used it was the following – whenever you find a tick attached, give one pellet of Ledum 30c. For cases of Lyme, take one Ledum 1M three times a day for three days. We did this for our dog who had symptoms of Lyme and he was markedly improved each day and is now back to his energetic self. We also give Ledum 30C to our horses whenever we remove a tick. God bless you! Judith

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      My protocol is similar: Ledum 200, 2D for a week.

  6. Melissaq says:

    Cutest guest blogger ever! Thanks, Holstein. Thanks, Joette, for sharing this little gem of a remedy to help with the “all gas, no brakes, no steering” pet or human! You rock!

  7. Megan says:

    Your timing is always impeccable. This morning I was thinking about my dogs flea problem and thinking about Busters article on fleas and it made me realize there would be no more of his articles and sad for your loss. Then this arrives in my inbox this morning and brightens my day. What valuable lessons we learn from our dear little pets and Busters memory lives on through those articles💜and cute dogs help us remember remedies better! Thank you, Joette!

  8. Ro Noe says:

    Now if I only knew of a homeopathic remedy for a dog that jumps up from a calm lie down and starts running and barking at anything every 15 minutes. I call it barking at ghosts.

    1. Traci says:

      maybe there are ghosts and other things humans are not aware of….
      wi fi and emf s cause a lot of problems most are not aware of as well. 🙂

  9. Janet Deacon says:

    Delighted to see this, Holstein! I’ve missed (your uncle??) Buster’s blogs, but I can see that his gift has been passed down to you! You even have the same excellent sense of humor! Looking forward to more ‘homeopathy from the canine perspective’! 😉

  10. Ashley says:

    This is such a fun and informative post. Our beagle likes to lick his bed incessantly, so I will have to try this. Thank you for the intro to Holstein! I surely miss Buster, but this put a smile on my face. Holstein is a lucky dog!

  11. Karen Kite says:

    Your writing, your creativity, your smarts, your everything is GREAT. You are definitely the greatest fun to read and quite a teacher. Like the others in your fan club, I do the absolute best for my pets over the years.

    I am an equine sports massage therapist, going on 30 years, so have learned a lot from my thousands of horse friends (and all critter friends). Right now, I have just one kitty – an incredible, beautiful 14 1/2 years old. Big Boy gets massages daily. He DEMANDS them now. I also use homeopathic animal drops off and on. And, I have discovered an incredible animal chiropractor for him. One lucky dude he is. His only problem now is, like Holstein and the terrier clan is that he is super high energy now – puts kittens to shame at times, and has become super sound sensitive – can hear a stone talk – lol – he almost jumps out of his skin when he hears “something” ….. and his one ear is bothering him… any ideas? Would the coffee cruda help for starters? Pilling a cat is a project… I have rubbed homeopathic drops in his ears… all ideas welcome! Hugs to you! Karen in Pennsylvania.

  12. lynn sapp says:

    When I clicked on the link to bring me to this article, I DID anticipate the guest blogger , Holstein, would be a black and white cow …
    and so it was a double surprise to see the photo and not only is he a dog but he’s the twin of mine ! I called my husband in to the computer to come see the image and we both agree that our fellow is a candidate too for Coffea . So he’s had his first dose this afternoon and I hope it will help tone him down a bit too ( he’s one year old and while not a ball-fanatic, he’s quite intense about other things !) And I’ve taken the comment with training advice by Mary very much to heart and will step up my routines/structured walking / play times, etc.
    Hope to hear more from Holstein in the future as I too miss your dear Buster .

  13. lynn sapp says:

    by ‘twin’, I meant our fellow, Scout, really is the spitting image of Holstein – right down to the black leather ‘Buddy Belt’ dog harness that Holstein is wearing. And has the same terrier tendencies , which can wear a human out .

  14. Linda Santini says:

    I love your new guest writer, Joette. Holstein is adorable! Buster was a cutie and a good writer, too. Very sad that he’s gone. I’ve taken Coffea cruda 30c myself which worked well for those nights when I had insomnia and an early flight to catch the next morning, although it takes about 45 minutes to work (for me). I even gave a dose of the 30c to a family member who had taken meth. I didn’t know about the meth at the time – I thought he was just more high strung than usual. But in about 45 min. he felt asleep. I wrote a book about our awful experiences with conventional mental health care (hint: it’s quackery) and drug abuse. It’s “Goodbye, Quacks – Hello, Homeopathy!” (in both ebook and paperback) if anyone is interested. My loved one is fine now, thanks to homeopathy.

  15. Joy McCallister says:

    Hey Holstein! My four legged friend is wonderful until we have company then she thinks she has to bark at them the whole time they’re visiting. Otherwise she’s very quiet & lays around. We have to just put her in another room due to her no stop barking. Which is terrible because we’d love to show her off. Any suggestions on a homeopathic medicine that would help her?

  16. Lois Linn says:

    What a fun post! My first homeopathic success was over 40 years ago, when I was first studying homeopathy from an older woman in my little town. My husband made fun of my “woo woo” pills until I gave our Labrador Retreiver one dose of Aconite 30x and the eye infection/allergy he had had for a year disappeared in 10 minutes! That made a believer out of him and we have used homeopathy successfully for all the years since. Thanks to Joette, we discovered the Banerji Protocols, and now have my husband on their protocol for his Glioblastoma. He refused standard of care and put his trust in homeopathy, and he is doing so much better! It’s amazing how powerful homeopathy is! Thank you, Joette, for spreading the word.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      What an inspiring story, Lois!

      Thanks for sharing it.

  17. christine says:

    I gave my anxious dog Pacino some Coffea before bed when he was pacing and I was stunned at how calm he was – absolutely amazing. He slept perfect all night and was so rested in the morning. He thanked me! <3

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      I’ve never known Hostein to tell a lie.

  18. Tiariana says:

    Nice 🙂 i actually have a cat with this similar problem! He used to have kinda insane adhd combined with uti, these two always came n want together. He was prescribed some remedies by a classical homeopath.. and things have improved a lot.. but i see that he s still got times when the coffea may be of great help!

    Thank you so much for this article!

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