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Halloween: Fraught with Fright?

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

October 31st, 2022  |  3 Comments

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Joette Calabrese

A casual walk around the community has suddenly become a scary event! Evil clowns, ghosts, goblins, skeletons, witches, spiders! What the heck? There goes the neighborhood!

Oh, wait. It’s Halloween!

Although not my cup of tea, some people get a kick out of Halloween and its trappings. Yet, understandably, a horror movie or a haunted house can be too much for youngsters. Unfortunately, we often can’t anticipate something will be too much before a fright has already set in!

Perhaps, folks should add homeopathic medicines to their bag of trick-or-treat staples.

In my experience, either Aconitum napellus 200 or Stramonium 200 is excellent for calming the residual shock that comes after witnessing something deeply frightening.

But as you know, homeopathy is not a supplement. Some people find it hard to get their head around that, but we’re not supplementing something the body is missing. Instead, we are “correcting” an issue with a medicine.

So, let’s say a ghost pops out of nowhere, resulting in a little jump and scream. That would certainly not require a medicine. But what if someone gets caught up in something extremely disturbing to them (reacting in an inconsolable fit of tears, fleeing the scene or other equally panicked reaction), and it develops into a real issue? Then we might consider employing a homeopathic upon the first evidence that it’s become a pathological event.

And as I always teach, again, given that homeopathics are not supplements, we stop the medicine when very much better.

So, how would we know when to cease utilizing a medicine for fright? It’s simple. We’d stop when one no longer feels frightened, and calm or normalcy is restored.

Indeed, this isn’t complicated. Properly utilizing homeopathy is common sense based on observation. We use it when needed; we stop when it’s not. That’s it!

And for the record, today’s lesson on fright applies year-round, not just around Halloween.

Witnessing a car accident can be frightening. Watching the news of war atrocities can trigger a lasting fear response. Narrowly averting a severe injury (such as almost drowning) can put the body in panic mode. These may be calls for the use of Aconitum napellus.

Stramonium is generally reserved for a deep fright that causes a neurological response: nightmares, violent thoughts, inability to break from night terrors.

So, when my kids were younger and walked into the library where the scary images were plastered all over the kids’ book section, I had confidence. But, if genuine, intense fear had set in, causing a disproportionate reaction resulting in nightmares or such homeopathy had the answer.

The world likes to throw us curve balls. But homeopathy can keep us on a level playing field.

My advice to you?  Get skilled up.

And as always, pass on the good news of homeopathy! 



Joette Calabrese




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3 thoughts on “Halloween: Fraught with Fright?”

  1. Rach says:

    Thanks for this post! I have a 4-yo daughter who has been struggling for months with a recurring nightmare, wakes up crying but is only half awake, sometimes wets the bed or “sleepwalks” during this episode, and has no recollection of it the next morning (although she can describe/draw pictures of the recurring dream.) May take a look at Stramonium to see if that would be a good fit! Thanks for the info 🙂

    1. Crystal says:

      Will you share what helps? That’d be wonderful!

  2. MamaBear says:

    Joette, thank you for addressing this very real aspect of this so-called holiday. As mothers, not only can we be armed with homeopathy to provide the reset to our minds and nervous systems for fear, shock or fright from gruesome displays, we also have the option to advise our children to shut their eyes (if we have the advantage of seeing these things before they do! Be on guard!) We are protectors of our children and that includes their minds! Every September through October, my kids are well-prepared to obey my prompts as we drive through neighborhoods or walk through stores and happen upon these awful things. And lest you think they are huffing and rolling their eyes as they grudgingly comply with mommy-dearest’s silly commands, you’d be mistaken. Mine aren’t the kind of kids who are peeking through their fingers to see what “she won’t let us look at”. They have sensitive minds and are genuinely grateful our family does our best to avoid seeing such things. “Why would somebody decorate with that? Who thinks that is fun to look at?” They ask me. I honestly don’t have an answer for them. Beats me why anyone thinks those things are entertaining to view. (I could go on and on this topic—so much fits into the category, but I digress!)
    We also as mothers (and fathers, grandparents and other caregivers!), have the option to speak up with moxie when appropriate, right? Let’s get some guts! (Pun intended, ha!) I have on more than one occasion spoken to the store manager, library staff and the like, about using better discretion when it comes to decorating. Fuzzy spiders, black cats and jack-o-lanterns are one thing, but severed heads, gory rotten bodies with slimy eyeballs rolling out and bloody axes plunged into people are quite something else! It is akin to viewing the remains of a war battlefield days later (and who would willingly allow their child to wander through that disgusting mess?! For fun?!?! Look at it! Stare at it! Have a great time! Whee!) Genuine PTSD, anyone? Let’s wise up, moms! Very young minds, no matter what we tell them, cannot process the difference between real and pretend. I’ve tried this when watching movies with them–believe me, they DON’T get it and will continually ask, “Is that pretend or real, Mom?” regarding something, that to my adult mind, is very obviously REAL or very obviously FAKE. I’m often stunned they still don’t see the difference. They cannot differentiate until much older! (I’m sure I have some child psychology study agreeing with me here!) This time of year, these are horrible images children, AND adults shouldn’t be putting in our minds. Fun? I don’t think so. Disgusting and evil. Call it what it is. And use homeopathy if you don’t catch it in time before your kids (or you!) lay eyes on it. And also share it with other moms when they tell you their kids have been having night terrors the first week of November. Grateful for you, Joette!!!

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