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Emergency Remedy Series: Bites Makes Me Itchy. You Too?


Buster the Bad Office Dog here.

You know me. I’m usually lying around Mom’s office — listening. (You never know when someone might say, “Snack!”)

Well, this week I overheard Mom saying bites would be the next subject in her Emergency Remedy Series.

Mom’s been so busy, though, with her clients, her Facebook Live events every Monday night, her Study Group live question-and-answer sessions, plus conducting her current live class on Rethinking Detox. So, I thought I would try to help.

With her notes right here on her desk, I decided to sit at her computer and write out my thoughts. I mean, who knows more about bites than ME!?!?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t bite people! No, no. That’s not what I mean. Where humans are concerned, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

No, I used to be on the receiving end of bites all the time. In fact, I used to be a flea magnet. It’s like I had a target on my little furry self. No matter where I went, or what I did, they found me!

But this blog post isn’t about me.

Fleas bite people, too! Did you know that? In fact, people get bitten by mosquitoes, ants, no-see-ums and all manner of annoying, little creatures. Sure makes me glad I’m not a human.

For any bites resulting in itching and hives, Mom now often chooses Arsenicum album 200, especially when the itching is accompanied by a sense of frenzy. You know what I mean: feeling like you can’t quite scratch it well enough to satisfy the itch — and you might just lose your mind! Mom has had great success with Arsenicum 200 taken every few hours, depending on severity, tapering off as symptoms improve.

For wasps, bees or painful bites, the best Emergency Remedy is Ledum palustre 200. In fact, Mom says the first thought after any kind of bite — from a dog, a bat or even a rat — should be Ledum 200. It’s also generally taken every few hours, depending on severity, and as with other remedies, Ledum is discontinued when the injury site is feeling very much better.

In the instance of an animal bite (say a raccoon or a squirrel bite) when possible infection is a big concern, Mom also uses a Banerji Protocol: Hypericum perforatum 200 taken with Arsenicum 200. She calls it HyperArs for short.

(I love it when Mom uses short names. When she uses my full name, I know I’m in trouble!)

Lastly, here in Mom’s notes, she mentions Apis mellifica 200 as an Emergency Remedy for bites causing, um, “edematous swelling.”

Good grief! Edematous swelling? I don’t know what those big words mean, but it sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Luckily, Mom goes into more detail about Apis and its uses in one of her Facebook Live events found here. I bet she explains it so thoroughly even I would understand! (You really should watch her video to learn more.)

Mom is so smart. She always knows exactly what remedy to use. I’m lucky. Because of her (and homeopathy, of course), I never worry about emergencies!

In fact, when we used to live out in the country on beautiful farmland, I would roam with no fear. It was my world! When other animals came onto my property without checking with me first, I’ll admit I would get a wee bit protective. Just a bit.

Okay, okay … I’d go after them with a vengeance.

(Well, at least I barked a lot.)

I’ve gone after possums, raccoons, you name it. But one day, I cornered a squirrel in our chicken coop! I had him right where I wanted him. But apparently, that hit a raw nerve with my parents. Dad ran over and snatched me up into his arms, and boy, was Mom mad! She shook her finger at me.

I’ve seen my share of the old “finger-shake” before. But this time, she shook it so hard, I thought her finger was going to fall off.

Then she started yelling. “Bad Buster! Bad! That squirrel could’ve bitten you!”

I wanted to say, “What’s the big deal, Mom? I know you have a remedy for everything … even for animal bites. With a little homeopathy, I would have been fine!”

But the look on her face led me to believe it wasn’t the time for me to argue with her. (Besides, she doesn’t seem to understand what I say. It’s almost like she doesn’t speak dog.)

However, just between you and me — you can live without fear, too! Keep learning from Mom’s Emergency Remedy Series, and you’ll be ready for anything. Emergencies happen to everyone. So, as Mom says, pass on the good news of homeopathy to your friends and family so they’re well-prepared, too (especially if they like to chase squirrels).

P.S. Here are the links to my entire Emergency Remedy Series for your convenience. Don’t forget: if you order from Boiron’s website, you can receive 20% off your order by using the coupon code: joette.
(And just so you know … I do not partake in any affiliate programs. I am not being compensated for sending you this information. It's for your convenience only.)
Aconitum napellus (Shocking events)
Arnica montana (Fatigue)
Rhus toxicodendron (Delayed onset neck pain and headache)
Pyrogenium (Sepsis)
Ledum, Apis, Arsenicum album (Bites and itching)
Aconitum napellus (Eye injuries)
Hypericum perforatum (Injury to nerve-rich areas)
Arsenicum album (Food poisoning)
Cold Calm® (Colds)


P.P.S. You may remember, I’ve written two blogs in the past about my experiences with fleas: Fleas: A Homeopathic Solution and Buster and The Battle of the Fleas. In those posts, I shared some of the remedies Mom has used to relieve my suffering. I’m probably going to get in trouble for this, but I overheard Mom is working on her own solution for fleas. So, stay tuned for announcements in the future!


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